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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#656 Access Invalid index of MinTbAddrZS bbross defect minor Text
#655 LCU bits limit in Annex A refers to Log2CtbSize instead of Log2CtbSizeY bbross defect trivial Text
#654 Several references to disable_deblocking_filter_flag bbross defect minor Text
#653 Missing statement in derivation of boundary filtering strength bbross defect minor Text
#652 8.7.1. General in In-loop filter bbross defect trivial Text
#651 Mismatch with text: cu_transquant_bypass_flag is decoded for PCM blocks defect minor HM-8.0 HM
#650 test bbross defect minor Encoder Description
#649 num_tile_columns_minus1, num_tile_rows_minus1 bbross defect minor Text
#648 Incorrect derivation process of ctxIdxInc for the syntax element significnat_coeff_flag bbross defect minor Text
#647 Condition on LongTermRefPic missing in spatial mvp derivation bbross defect trivial Text
#646 Incorrect interpretation of collocated_from_l0_flag. defect minor HM-8.1 HM
#645 Bit count for slice header with RPS_COUNTER defect minor HM
#644 Intialization of variables in TComPicSym defect minor HM-8.1 HM
#643 PUs are considered not available if in a different dependent slice (HM-7.2) defect minor HM
#642 entropy_coding_reset_flag undefined bbross defect minor Text
#641 part_mode PART_2NxN bin string issue bbross defect minor Text
#640 Fix of deltaU calculation when ADAPTIVE_QP_SELECTION is 0 defect minor HM-9.1 HM
#639 Vertical and horizontal modes in bbross defect minor Text
#638 Missing "cabac_zero_word" writing implementation in HM software defect minor HM-16.2 HM
#637 Typos in 9.3 CABAC parsing process for slice bbross task minor Text
#636 cRiceParam mismatch between HM7.1 and Draft I1003-d9 bbross defect minor HM-7.1 Text
#635 j0033 fix of wpp entrypoint offsets with slices defect minor HM-8.1 HM
#634 Derivation of intra luma mode predictors when neighbor is I_PCM. bbross enhancement minor D7 Text
#633 HM/WD mismatch. PPS num_ref_idx_l0_default_active_minus1 coding defect minor HM-7.2 HM
#632 derivation of significant_coeff_group_flag ctxIdxInc does not handle non-square CG bbross defect minor D8 Text
#631 missing value in ctxIdxMap bbross defect minor D8 Text
#630 transform_tree xBase and yBase should be previous x0C and y0C bbross defect minor D8 Text
#629 Change in semantics of entry_point_offset[ i ] to disallow putting no entry points in the presence of tiles/wpp bbross defect minor D8 Text
#628 IDR decoding crashes on reference picture handling defect minor HM
#627 Inferring split_transform_flag: mismatch between HM 7.1 and D9 (I1003) d9 Draft Text bbross defect minor D8 Text
#626 Text/HM mismatch of aps_id in slice header defect minor HM-8.0 HM
#625 Level 2 MaxBR and Max CPB Size not updated bbross defect trivial D8 Text
#624 prev_intra_pred_flag should be prev_intra_luma_pred_flag bbross defect trivial D8 Text
#623 LCU based SAO parameters still stored in APS structure defect minor HM-8.0 HM
#622 Typo in 8.3.2 Decoding process for reference picture set bbross defect minor Text
#621 semantics of aps_extension_flag bbross defect minor D7 Text
#620 decoder memory leak defect minor HM
#619 ctxIdxInc for cbf_cb and cbf_cr may overflow bbross defect minor Text
#618 Reference picture list size incorrect bbross defect minor Text
#617 Significance flag semantics for 8x2 / 2x8 coefficient groups bbross defect minor Text
#616 Output missing in 8.6.1, minor text corrections in 8.6.2 bbross defect trivial D8 Text
#615 Description of the routine alf_param() is missing bbross defect minor Text
#614 "mvd_l1_zero_flag" is used without definition bbross defect minor Text
#613 Description for transform_skip_enabled_flag is not present bbross defect minor Text
#612 Confusion in "6.4.5 Up-right diagonal scanning array initialization process" bbross defect minor Text
#611 Fix for dependent slices required defect minor HM
#610 log2_parallel_merge_level_minus2 configurability enhancement minor HM-7.2 HM
#609 significant_coeff_group_flag for 2x8 and 8x2 CGs bbross defect minor Text
#608 compilation fails using g++-4.7.1: strict-aliasing warning defect minor HM-7.2 HM
#607 Decoder crashes on entropy slices defect minor HM
#606 Weighted prediction process needs major revision bbross defect major D7 Text
#605 Invalid Video Parameter Set ID defect minor HM-7.2 HM
#604 Release and debug mismatch in HM-7.1 defect minor HM
#603 Incorrect chroma offset in WP defect minor HM-7.2 HM
#602 Division by small number leads to WP overflow defect minor HM-7.2 HM
#601 semantics of temporal_id bbross defect minor D7 Text
#600 recovery_frame_cnt bbross defect minor D7 Text
#599 Long term reference pictures (LTRPs) and MSB cycle presence defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#598 Mismatch between WD and HM on end_of_slice_flag bbross defect minor D7 Text
#597 encoder-only fix for rdFactor calculation for HE10 settings defect major HM
#596 overflow in RDOQ for 14-bit coding defect minor HM
#595 14-bit offset issues defect major HM
#594 14-bit issues in Weighted Prediction bbross defect major D7 Text
#593 type mistake in decoder defect minor HM-8.1 HM
#592 Typo in " Sample adaptive offset parameter syntax" bbross defect minor D7 Text
#591 Issue of SAO edgeIdx derivation bbross defect minor D7 Text
#590 SAO code clean-up defect minor HM
#589 Seeing a discrepancy in SAO bandTable updation in JCTVC-I1003_d4.doc Chaitanya defect major WD6 Text
#588 Typo in pseudo codes in Binarization process for cu_qp_delta bbross defect minor D7 Text
#587 Transform specification in Subclause bbross enhancement minor D7 Text
#586 Matrix index xy or yx: swapped in Subclauses 8.6.3 and 8.6.4 bbross defect trivial D8 Text
#585 Mismatch between WD and HM on inter_pred_idc bbross defect minor D7 Text
#584 Mismatch between HM and Text for inter_pred_idc in the binarization and initialization process bbross defect minor Text
#583 mismatch between the WD text and the HM software on chroma deblocking bbross defect minor D7 Text
#582 Removal of now unused code related to old WPP FLUSH_ALIGN task minor HM
#581 Derivation pocess for luma intra prediction mode : undefined variable : candIntraPreModeN bbross defect minor Text
#580 unmatch over lossless coding defect critical HM-7.0 HM
#579 Decoder memory leak when decoding slices preventing 32-bit decodes of 1500 byte slices defect minor HM
#578 IDR period of 24 results in negative POCVal defect minor HM
#577 deblocker high-level syntax bug in HM-7.0-dev defect minor HM-7.1 HM
#576 Decoding CBF flag can use CNU context defect minor HM-13.0 HM
#575 Resolution check is wrong when CroppingMode = 1 defect minor HM
#574 ALF: addition and subtraction swapped for coef[2] and coef[4] defect minor HM-7.1 HM
#573 skip_flag context derivation issue defect minor HM-7.0 HM
#572 Subclause 0.7 text reference issue bbross defect trivial D7 Text
#571 wrong ME algorithm name given in configuration files defect minor HM-9.1 HM
#570 Text / HM mismatch: intra_chroma_pred_mode partially bypass-coded bbross defect minor D7 Text
#569 Minor textual enhancement / typo bbross enhancement trivial D7 Text
#568 Undefined variable nalUnitHeaderBytes used in NAL unit syntax bbross defect minor D7 Text
#567 sao_type_idx is never decoded bbross defect minor D7 Text
#566 Uninitialized LambdaModifier is used for large GOP sizes defect minor HM
#565 Divide by zero error on streams 3 or less LCUs in height or width when ALF is enabled defect minor HM-7.1 HM
#564 ALF slice filter flag does not look at APS flag defect minor HM-7.1 HM
#563 GolombDecode for ALF params does not match text ge(v) bbross defect minor D7 Text
#562 tc & beta offsets for deblocking defect minor HM
#561 Typo in slice_sao_interleaving_flag semantic bbross defect minor Text
#560 Intra transform skipping semantic issue with high bit-depth bbross defect minor D7 Text
#559 log2_min_coding_block_size_minus3 and log2_diff_max_min_coding_block_size range and semantic bbross defect minor Text
#558 Erorr in TileId[] derivation loop bbross defect minor D7 Text
#557 Annex C: reference to sub-clauses bbross defect minor D7 Text
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