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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1 GOP size issues defect major HM
#7 Early skip decision is not working wjhan defect major HM
#32 SIFO and MOMS filter incompatibilities (DPB memory) defect major HM
#81 AMVRES unification with GPB enhancement major HM
#91 Adaptive scanning and decoder speed defect major HM
#123 Bug when LCEC_CBP_YUV_ROOT macro is disabled defect major HM
#178 corrupted heap / assert failed for QuadtreeTULog2MinSize: 4 defect major HM
#188 HM-3.2 encoder/decoder mismatch (please see attached cfg file) defect major HM
#197 SAO defect: HM encoder crash for over-12bit encoding defect major HM
#230 HM-4.1-dev crash when SBACRD set to zero defect major HM
#499 Decoding transform subdiv flag at depth 0 uses CNU context defect major HM-6.2 HM
#743 Deblocking filter : neighboring information bbross technical change major Text
#1179 Inconsistent initialisation values for intra_bc_flag defect major RExt D7 RExt text
#1496 Compiling error with SEI.cpp defect major HM
#33 SIFO and MOMS filter incompatibilities (filter length) defect minor HM
#39 9 intra prediction mode fbossen enhancement minor HM
#42 parallel V2V (SymbolMode==3) broken in 0.7 defect minor 0.6 HM
#62 Configurability of TU across PU enhancement minor HM
#66 Tracing memory allocation enhancement minor HM
#89 Incompatibility between DIF and AMVRES defect minor HM
#94 AIS and UDI incompatibilities defect minor HM
#99 Incompatibility betwenn PU based Merging and PBIC defect minor HM
#132 Unconventional PSNR definition enhancement minor HM
#169 C++ typedef bug defect minor HM
#182 Redundant table definition enhancement minor HM
#184 HM3.2 Decoder crashing for QP=1 RA LC defect minor HM
#210 Bug related to CAVLC coding defect minor HM
#215 Decoding crashed with very low QP defect minor HM
#221 Macro is missing in last position coding defect minor HM-5.0 HM
#224 Bug regarding the tiles parameter coding in PPS & SPS ksuehring defect minor HM-5.2 HM
#226 Encoder crashes on low QPs for LC case defect minor HM
#231 N-pass ALF bug when STAR_CROSS_SHAPES is defined in HM-4.0 defect minor HM
#234 BelowLeft LCU availability check when TileBoundaryIndependenceIdc = 0 defect minor HM
#235 Encoding crash when QuadtreeTUMaxDepthInter=4 (related to NSQT) defect minor HM
#247 APS does not use the header trace file functionality enhancement minor HM-8.0 HM
#266 ZERO_MVD_EST fix defect minor HM-16.2 HM
#269 Inconsistent signalling of merge flags triggers asserts defect minor HM
#275 Issue on intra chroma scanIdx value defect minor HM
#278 Bugs of NSQT integration in deblocking filter defect minor HM
#298 Bug related to 1-pass / 2-pass ALF in HM5.1 (and HM 5.0) defect minor HM
#314 Code bug in function xFindDistortionFrame() enhancement minor HM-9.0 HM
#317 Bug in construction of mvp candidates defect minor HM
#342 inter prediction definition bbross defect minor D10 Text
#381 xParseSaoUnit() style issues defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#382 SAO: interpretation of array dimensions is overloaded enhancement minor HM
#395 on the usage of iCombinedCount defect minor HM
#400 Encoder Bug in HM-6.0 on ALFMaxNumFilter defect minor HM
#423 Syntax Elements ctxIdxTable is inconsistent with Syntax in Tablular form bbross defect minor D7 Text
#436 context initValue undefined for split_transform_flag when depth is equal to zero defect minor HM
#449 APS writing needs cleanup defect minor HM-8.0 HM
#475 Text/HM mismatch in alf_nb_pred_luma_flag defect minor HM
#551 False calculation of bits needed for tile_idx_minus_1 defect minor HM-7.2 HM
#554 Encoding/Decoding of tile_idx_minus_1 defect minor HM-8.0 HM
#626 Text/HM mismatch of aps_id in slice header defect minor HM-8.0 HM
#643 PUs are considered not available if in a different dependent slice (HM-7.2) defect minor HM
#680 HM does not use default scale of 16 for transform_skip TUs when scaling lists are present. defect minor HM
#732 Derivation process of boundary filtering strength bbross defect minor D7 Text
#801 class diagram defect minor HM-8.2 HM
#843 Luma and chroma motion vector cleanup bbross enhancement minor Text
#848 Inter prediction semantic bugs bbross defect minor Text
#854 Multi-slice QP setting in one frame is not supported by HM9.0 enhancement minor HM
#865 SEI writing inefficient ksuehring enhancement minor HM-16.4 HM
#923 SAO Skip Right weipu defect minor HM
#952 syntax function mvd_coding arguments are not used bbross defect minor D9 Text
#967 : redundant condition for codIOffset and codIRange bbross enhancement minor Text
#1045 Inconsistent tile definition with CTB and CTU defect minor D10 Text
#1067 mismatch between HEVC text and HM reference software defect minor HM-10.1 Text
#1112 WS cleanup enhancement minor HM
#1138 Usage of BitDepthC when ChromaArrayType is equal to 0 defect minor RExt D7 RExt text
#1140 Value of VUI matrix_coeffs when chroma_format_idc = 0 (monochrome) enhancement minor RExt D7 RExt text
#1167 TransformSkipFast needs to be disabled when transformSkipLog2MaxSize != 2 defect minor HM+RExt-4.2 HM RExt
#1195 Disabling RDO defect minor HM-12.1 HM
#1212 SAD and HAD called during Inter where pixel values may be out of range, negative or exceed upper limit karlsharman enhancement minor HM-16.5 HM
#1229 PSNR computation for Bit_Depths > 8 defect minor HM
#1258 Encoder Description + HM : Low PSNR value for Y compared to U and V task minor HM
#1263 Editorial enhancement on "escapeDataPresent = 1" in davidf enhancement minor RExt D7 RExt text
#1280 Missing argument defect minor HM
#1331 Unused local variable in TEncSlice::encodeSlice defect minor HM RExt
#1426 split_cu_flag specifies whether a coding quadtree is split into coding quadtrees. defect minor Text
#1448 offset_len_minus1 range enhancement minor Text
#170 uiPOC uninitialized defect trivial HM
#1081 Redundant condition in availability calculation enhancement trivial HM-10.1 Text
#1377 strange code enhancement trivial HM
#1409 TComScalingList improvement enhancement trivial HM
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