Jul 18, 2013:

4:44 PM Ticket #1123 (Small memory leak in the decoder) created by dfsouza
Dear Experts, There is a small memory leak in the HM 11.0 decoder …

Jul 15, 2013:

12:20 PM Ticket #1122 (pic_output_flag and no_output_of_prior_pics_flag have no effect on the ...) created by jackh
The reference code does not seem to discard pictures with …

Jul 12, 2013:

5:42 PM Ticket #1121 (HighestTid should be used instead of t_id for bumping) created by rickard
C.5.2.2 specifies among other things that bumping shall continue until …
2:32 PM Ticket #1120 (check syntax elements to match profile and level requirements) created by PhuongNguyen
The spec requires limits for syntax elements in a given profile or …
2:09 AM Ticket #1119 (Incorrect DeltaPocMsbCycleLt Calculation in HM-11.0) created by bheng
When delta_poc_msb_cycle_lt[i] is not present, it is inferred to be …

Jul 9, 2013:

11:51 AM Ticket #1118 (initPattern uses wrong pixel offsets for boundary calculations, but ...) created by gordon
In TComPattern::initPattern, pcCU->getCUPelX() and Y are used in …

Jul 8, 2013:

5:55 PM Ticket #1117 (ljj) closed by davidf
9:33 AM Ticket #1117 (ljj) created by ljjly

Jul 5, 2013:

11:26 AM Ticket #1116 (Some conditions from section 8.3.1 missing in POC decoding routine) closed by ksuehring
duplicate: Closed as duplicate of #1106. That is already fixed in …
10:17 AM Ticket #1116 (Some conditions from section 8.3.1 missing in POC decoding routine) created by jackh
Section 8.3.1 of the spec states: Let prevTid0Pic be the previous …

Jul 3, 2013:

3:32 PM Ticket #1115 (Debug display of unsigned elements) created by peterderivaz
In Lib\TLibDecoder\SyntaxElementParser.cpp there are some useful …

Jul 1, 2013:

6:44 PM Ticket #1112 (WS cleanup) closed by ksuehring
4:27 PM Ticket #1114 (Question about log2_max_mv_length_horizontal) created by peterderivaz
In " Derivation process for motion vector components and …
3:01 PM Ticket #1113 (Incorrect handling of mismatch between reference pictures and ...) created by avoronov
There is the following code fragment in the file TEncTop.cpp near the …

Jun 28, 2013:

10:37 PM Ticket #1112 (WS cleanup) created by fredrikpihl
An enormous amount of trailing whitespace present in the codebase. …

Jun 26, 2013:

2:13 PM Ticket #1106 (Candidate for prevTid0Pic) closed by ksuehring
fixed: a fix has been committed in r3516

Jun 21, 2013:

2:41 AM Milestone RExt D2 completed

Jun 19, 2013:

12:42 PM Ticket #1111 (New encoder parameter: Disable Intra in Inter) created by engelhardt
For testdata generation it is sometimes usefull to disable all intra …
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