Dec 20, 2011:

7:51 PM Ticket #245 (Encoder results are compiler dependent) closed by davidf
fixed: Resolved by r1674/jctvc-hm
6:42 PM Ticket #245 (Encoder results are compiler dependent) created by davidf
With high-efficiency configurations, the encoder produces two …
5:03 PM Ticket #244 (decoder crash for low QP) created by libin
I tested HM-5.0rc1 using the following command line TAppEncoder -c …
5:22 AM Ticket #243 (Random Access Decoding using -s parameter in the decoder is broken) created by tktan
Random access decoding from an IDR or a CRA NAL unit type used to be …
5:15 AM Ticket #242 (ListCombination config parameter verification was disabled when the ...) created by tktan
This defect changes the meaning of the ListCombination parameter and …
12:06 AM Ticket #240 (Uninitialized GOPEntry at startup) closed by davidf
fixed: Fixed in r1673/jctvc-hm

Dec 19, 2011:

5:05 PM Ticket #239 (Bug in derivation of valMps in ContextModel::init(...)) closed by ksuehring
fixed: the patch has been applied in r1667
3:36 PM Ticket #241 (Assertion failure with --FramesToBeEncoded=1 on configurations with a ...) created by davidf
[…] jctvc-tmuc-enc-v0.3-1371-gb444223-heads-df-4.1-fixes: …
3:03 PM Ticket #240 (Uninitialized GOPEntry at startup) created by davidf
When using an MSVC Debug Build or running under valgrind, a crash is …

Dec 18, 2011:

10:59 AM Ticket #239 (Bug in derivation of valMps in ContextModel::init(...)) created by Heiner Kirchhoffer
In branch HM-4.1-dev-entropy-misc revision 1661, in …

Dec 17, 2011:

11:29 PM WikiStart edited by davidf
9:15 PM TicketGuidelines/NewTicketSummary created by davidf
10:37 AM Ticket #237 (When GOPSize=1, Decode mistake after IDR) created by chenm003
I am try the code in branch HM-4.1-dev. I found there some bug. In the …

Dec 16, 2011:

7:53 PM Ticket #236 (Tiles parameter naming convention change) created by shilin.xu
The most recent WD text change two tiles parameters from …
7:00 AM Ticket #235 (Encoding crash when QuadtreeTUMaxDepthInter=4 (related to NSQT)) created by Xiang Li
An encoding crash (release version) was observed at second frame on …

Dec 14, 2011:

9:57 PM Ticket #234 (BelowLeft LCU availability check when TileBoundaryIndependenceIdc = 0) created by shilin.xu
In the current HM implementaion, the BelowLeft neighbouring LCU is …
2:17 PM Ticket #233 ([WD4] Issue in specification of Intra_Angular prediction mode) created by tkunlin
The current WD4 does not describe the intra angular prediction …

Dec 13, 2011:

10:29 PM Ticket #232 (HM-4.1-dev-entropy (r1596) decoder crash) created by peisongc
HM-4.1-dev-entropy (r1596) decoder crashed when decoding a bitstream …

Dec 8, 2011:

2:08 PM Ticket #231 (N-pass ALF bug when STAR_CROSS_SHAPES is defined in HM-4.0) created by chiayang_tsai
When STAR_CROSS_SHAPES is defined, a bug is found when 2-pass ALF is …

Dec 6, 2011:

5:23 PM Ticket #228 (input arguments -o and -b seems not work for encoder) closed by davidf
invalid: All arguments are processed in the order they appear in the …
1:01 PM Ticket #230 (HM-4.1-dev crash when SBACRD set to zero) created by chenm003
When I turn off SBACRD, the HM will crash by pointer NULL.

Dec 2, 2011:

11:37 AM Ticket #229 (LFCrossSliceBoundaryFlag mistake between cfg_file and code) created by chenm003
In cfg file the LFCrossSliceBoundaryFlag was defined as "# 0:not …

Dec 1, 2011:

10:30 PM Ticket #228 (input arguments -o and -b seems not work for encoder) created by tung.nguyen
using version 4.1

Nov 30, 2011:

5:29 AM Ticket #227 (MAX_CU_DEPTH is 7) created by chenm003
In TComRom.h, there MAX_CU_DEPTH is 7, but I guess MAX_CU_DEPTH is 6 …

Nov 27, 2011:

11:32 AM Ticket #223 (Wrong derivation of deblocking filter boundary for non-square ...) closed by ksuehring
fixed: fixed in rev 1464 following the suggestion (HM-4.1-dev)
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