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#251 HM-5.0 referencing structure new enhancement minor
#659 "byte_alignment" presence condition in the slice_data syntax is not correct for tiles_enabled_flag=1 and entropy_coding_sync_enabled_flag=1 new bbross enhancement minor
#826 Monochrome support new bbross enhancement minor
#843 Luma and chroma motion vector cleanup new bbross enhancement minor
#958 POC difference 0 occurs in text of JCTVC-L0030-v3 new bbross enhancement minor
#967 : redundant condition for codIOffset and codIRange new bbross enhancement minor
#1046 Possible errors in semantics for scaling_list data new defect HM-10.1 minor
#1055 Typo in Section of v34 new defect D10 minor
#1067 mismatch between HEVC text and HM reference software new defect HM-10.1 minor
#1075 collocated_from_l0 vs collocated_from_l0_flag new defect WD6 minor
#1077 Log2MinIpcmCbSizeY range issue when MinCbLog2SizeY = 6 new defect D10 minor
#1086 Sum of the NumBytesInNalUnit equation for access unit n need correction new defect D10 minor
#1091 Description of Truncated Rice binarization new defect D10 minor
#1092 Typo in Binarization process for coeff_abs_level_remaining new defect D10 minor
#1096 Reference decoder treats IRAP pictures as trailing pictures, as regards RPS rules new defect minor
#1101 Multiple CVSs and skipped leading pictures crash the reference decoder new defect minor
#1109 Reference decoder doesn't take sps_max_latency_increase_plus1 into account when outputting pictures new defect minor
#1110 Clarification needed in SPS ordering information semantics new defect minor
#1114 Question about log2_max_mv_length_horizontal new enhancement minor
#1131 A typo in vui_num_ticks_poc_diff_one_minus1 semantics new defect minor
#1145 Field-coding - odd-number of fields per GOP and intra-only processing new defect minor
#1151 A typo in max_bits_per_min_cu_denom semantics new defect minor
#1158 Text bug in semantics for tone mapping information SEI new defect D10 minor
#1163 Undefined variable in Derivation process for collocated motion vectors new defect D10 minor
#1164 A close bracket in Equation (C-11) new defect minor
#1170 reserved value in Table E-4 new defect minor
#1174 Improvement of HEVC ver.1 defect report new enhancement D10 minor
#1189 wrong cross-reference new defect D10 minor
#1228 minor correction to Table 9-37 new defect D10 minor
#1268 Typographical errors (various sections) new defect minor
#1277 DPB size in HM new defect minor
#1286 Decoder: output order not checked new task minor
#1287 Encoder: sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1 may be set too low new defect minor
#1300 Conflict in Lambda calculation when SATD is enabled. new defect minor
#1304 Unclear decoder DPB behaviour new defect minor
#1305 Decoding process for chroma residual blocks, inconsistent for 444 new davidf defect HM-15.0 minor
#1309 Potential for reference pictures to be reactivated across a CVS boundary new defect D10 minor
#1315 Inconsistent variable naming: CpbCnt new defect minor
#1316 C.2.2: minor editing issue new defect minor
#1319 Superfluous condition on residualDpcm in intra blocks new defect RExt D7 minor
#1321 Overflow in cross component prediction assigned rajan_joshi defect minor
#1333 Leading pictures are sometimes skipped or not skipped incorrectly new defect minor
#1334 Reference decoder sometimes skips RADLs new defect minor
#1335 NoOutputOfPriorPicsFlag can be mishandled by reference decoder new defect minor
#1336 Incorrect NoOutputOfPriorPicsFlag flushing behaviour after EOS new defect minor
#1338 Adaptive QP Selection and multiple slices / slice segments new defect minor
#1339 calCostSliceI, rate control and multiple slices/slice segments new defect minor
#1363 Log2MaxTrafoSize is not defined new defect minor
#1367 Additional decoder verification checks for non-conforming streams new enhancement minor
#1372 IntraPredModeY is not set to be DC for palette and IntraBC mode assigned rajan_joshi defect HM+SCC-3.0 minor
#1375 minor fix for the spec new enhancement minor
#1383 Profile/Tier/Level checks needed at encoder new defect minor
#1384 orphaned symbol in the spec new enhancement minor
#1386 typo in spec new defect minor
#1388 SCC text error of act qp offset addition process in 8.6.1 and 8.6.2. new defect minor
#1390 Duplicated lines in new enhancement minor
#1393 Unnecessary condition checking when handling no output of prior picture new defect minor
#1395 collocated_ref_idx inference seems missing new defect minor
#1396 palette_transpose_flag inference to 0 is missed new defect minor
#1398 Typos in the Text new defect minor
#1402 Ambiguous semantic for constrained_intra_prediction_flag new defect minor
#1404 Input samples to INTRA_PLANAR (JCTVC_R1013_v6) new defect minor
#1413 Missing bitstream constraint in JCTVC-U1005-v2 specification new defect minor
#1415 tsShift calculation with extended_precision_processing_flag new defect minor
#1416 Two SEI messages missing in table D.1 new defect minor
#1424 nCS1L is not defined but used new defect minor
#1425 refIdxL10zeroCandm and mvL10zeroCandm has typo new defect minor
#1426 split_cu_flag specifies whether a coding quadtree is split into coding quadtrees. new defect minor
#1427 (8-155) and (8-157) do not seem to be used new defect minor
#1428 there seems to be a typo about anticlockwise_rotation new defect minor
#1431 pred_weight_table incorrectly uses RefPicList0 to decode luma_weight_l1_flag new defect minor
#1432 Error in Truncated Binary binarisation process. new defect minor
#1434 Contradictions in spec, and typos. assigned rajan_joshi defect minor
#1435 Inconsistent naming: residual_adaptive_colour_transform_flag assigned rajan_joshi defect minor
#1436 non-used variable "controlParaAct" new defect minor
#1437 typo in the spec in new defect minor
#1439 IRAP constraint for Main 4:4:4 Intra profile new defect minor
#1440 Wavefront+tiles new defect minor
#1441 Typos. new defect minor
#1445 CMake for HM new enhancement minor
#1448 offset_len_minus1 range new enhancement minor
#1451 not clear spelling new technical change minor
#1453 Rate control support for 16-picture GOP new enhancement minor
#1454 ambiguous formula new enhancement minor
#1455 Typo on transformSkip & rotateCoeffs new defect minor
#1456 Clarification on note related to repetition of SPS new defect minor
#1463 Illegal instructions on MS Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 new defect minor
#1464 local RPS usage in arrangeLongtermPicturesInRPS new defect minor
#1466 SEIs for skipped pictures assigned to non-skipped picture new defect HM-next minor
#1468 Console output error of nQP when LCU level rate control is on new defect minor
#1471 Mismatch between the description of FramesToBeEncoded default parameter and encoder behaviour new defect minor
#1475 Difference between HM and spec. on green metadata SEI new defect HM-16.15 minor
#1476 wrong index new defect minor
#1478 HM 16.15_SCM8.4 producing streams with incorrect PPS ID for some slices new defect minor
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