Nov 1, 2013:

8:40 AM Milestone HM-12.1 completed

Oct 31, 2013:

5:05 PM Ticket #1191 (Difference between the binaries obtained from release mode and debug mode.) created by pratyush
Hi, i was conducting some tests on HM12 codec and i used executables …
2:47 PM Ticket #1190 (Field decoding is not working fine) created by satish
Hi, In HM 11.0 version Field decoding output is visually not good. I …

Oct 30, 2013:

10:29 PM Ticket #1189 (wrong cross-reference) created by lizhang
The following subclause indices '' and '' in …

Oct 28, 2013:

9:26 AM Ticket #1188 (HM-12.0-dev cannot compile with VS 2013) closed by fbossen
fixed: Fixed in r3656
7:42 AM Ticket #1188 (HM-12.0-dev cannot compile with VS 2013) created by libin
#include <algorithm> in program_options_lite.cpp will solve the problem.

Oct 25, 2013:

10:02 AM Ticket #1187 (Bitstream conformance problem for IRAP pictures in HEVC version 1) created by jonatan
In C.4 one of the conditions for bitstream conformance states: "8. …

Oct 21, 2013:

7:37 PM Ticket #1186 (Use xCalcHADs2x2 in TComRdCost::calcHAD for sizes not multiple 8 / 4) created by UweErikMartin
The calculation function TComRdCost::calcHAD calls size-specific …

Oct 18, 2013:

3:30 PM Ticket #1185 (On the description to support high-bit depth video) created by teruhiko
In N1005_v3, the changes to support high-bit are missing. In N1005_v3, …

Oct 17, 2013:

3:49 PM Ticket #1184 (Errors in specification of inter_rdpcm_flag) created by peterderivaz
There seems to be some confusion with inter_rdpcm_flag and …
3:11 PM Ticket #1183 (Error in specification of refMatrixId) created by peterderivaz
In 7.4.5 Scaling list data semantics, equation 7-35 defines …
2:48 PM Ticket #1182 (Inconsistencies between spec and reference decoder for intra block copying) created by peterderivaz
When intra_bc_flag is 1, the specification says that CuPredMode is …
2:20 PM Ticket #1181 (Wrong NAL unit type name) closed by ksuehring

Oct 16, 2013:

8:40 PM Ticket #1181 (Wrong NAL unit type name) created by adarsh
The NAL unit type for sub-layer reference pictures of type TSA are …

Oct 15, 2013:

2:13 PM Ticket #1180 (Incorrect ordering of initialisation values for sig_coeff_flag) created by peterderivaz
Table 9-29 "Values of initValue for ctxIdx of sig_coeff_flag" has had …
12:50 PM Ticket #1179 (Inconsistent initialisation values for intra_bc_flag) created by peterderivaz
Table 9-33 Values of initValue for ctxIdx of intra_bc_flag has the …
12:41 PM Ticket #1178 (Use of cu_transquant_bypass_flag in controlling intra prediction) created by peterderivaz
In Specification of intra prediction mode in the range of …
12:34 PM Ticket #1177 (Incorrect equation when using transform_skip_rotation_enabled_flag) created by peterderivaz
In 8.6.2 Scaling and transformation process, equation 8-271 is used …
12:27 PM Ticket #1176 (Incorrect equation for xFracC and yFracC) created by peterderivaz
In xFracC and yFracC are defined in equations 8-198 and …
12:23 PM Ticket #1175 (Valid range for BvIntra) created by peterderivaz
In the semantics for mvd_sign_flag the range for BvIntra[x0][y0] is …

Oct 11, 2013:

3:28 AM Ticket #1174 (Improvement of HEVC ver.1 defect report) created by kchono
The HEVC ver.1 defect report (JCTVC-N1003) introduces the bug fix of …

Oct 10, 2013:

4:12 PM Ticket #1173 (Minor corrections to range extensions text) created by peterderivaz
1) In Coding Unit Syntax, "!intra_bc_flag" should be …

Oct 8, 2013:

5:31 PM Ticket #1172 (Encoding with IDR period fails) created by ksuehring
Encoding with IntraPeriod > -1 DecodingRefreshType: 2 fails when …

Oct 4, 2013:

3:17 PM Ticket #1166 (HM12.0 software does not follow encoder configuration for a specific ...) closed by bugdayci
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