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#1490 [SEI] no parameter set before recovery point SEI associated with non-IRAP frame. new critical HM
#1495 decoder bug about HEVC encryption new critical HM
#1513 TAppEncoder crashing bug new critical HM SCC
#1153 Encoder crashes in field based coding with rate control new major HM
#1314 HM Rate Control Bug new major HM
#1346 wrong STSA decision new major HM
#1461 Decoder need to check if the DPB is overflowed assigned yaohualibin@… major HM SCC
#1472 Diff between specification and HM on palette coding new major HM SCC
#1484 HM crashes when a NALU with zero payload size new major HM SCC
#1485 HM cannot handle multiple appearance of current frame in the reference list new major HM SCC
#1486 Incorrect warning message new major HM SCC
#1487 Last decoded frame is not being outputted correctly new major HM SCC
#1503 Werror in the linux version of HM-16.14+SCM-8.3 new major HM
#1508 Shift-warnings with 64bit version of HM16.21 with high-bitdepth support when compiling with VS2019 new major HM RExt
#1096 Reference decoder treats IRAP pictures as trailing pictures, as regards RPS rules new minor HM
#1101 Multiple CVSs and skipped leading pictures crash the reference decoder new minor HM
#1109 Reference decoder doesn't take sps_max_latency_increase_plus1 into account when outputting pictures new minor HM
#1145 Field-coding - odd-number of fields per GOP and intra-only processing new minor HM
#1277 DPB size in HM new minor HM
#1287 Encoder: sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1 may be set too low new minor HM
#1300 Conflict in Lambda calculation when SATD is enabled. new minor Encoder Description
#1304 Unclear decoder DPB behaviour new minor HM
#1333 Leading pictures are sometimes skipped or not skipped incorrectly new minor HM
#1334 Reference decoder sometimes skips RADLs new minor HM
#1335 NoOutputOfPriorPicsFlag can be mishandled by reference decoder new minor HM
#1336 Incorrect NoOutputOfPriorPicsFlag flushing behaviour after EOS new minor HM
#1338 Adaptive QP Selection and multiple slices / slice segments new minor HM
#1339 calCostSliceI, rate control and multiple slices/slice segments new minor HM
#1383 Profile/Tier/Level checks needed at encoder new minor HM
#1393 Unnecessary condition checking when handling no output of prior picture new minor HM
#1437 typo in the spec in new minor SCC text
#1463 Illegal instructions on MS Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 new minor HM
#1464 local RPS usage in arrangeLongtermPicturesInRPS new minor HM
#1466 SEIs for skipped pictures assigned to non-skipped picture new minor HM-next HM
#1468 Console output error of nQP when LCU level rate control is on new minor HM
#1471 Mismatch between the description of FramesToBeEncoded default parameter and encoder behaviour new minor HM
#1475 Difference between HM and spec. on green metadata SEI new minor HM-16.15 HM
#1476 wrong index new minor HM
#1478 HM 16.15_SCM8.4 producing streams with incorrect PPS ID for some slices new minor HM SCC
#1491 duplicate invocation of arithmetic decoding process new minor Text
#1492 Trouble compiling with Visual Studio 2015 new minor HM
#1498 Typos in the Table 9-43 new minor v5 Text
#1500 typo in equation (8-69),(8-70) new minor v5 Text
#1501 HM 16.20 fails to build with gcc8 new minor HM
#1502 Using independent substreams for compressSlice I get x3 more bits per POC new minor HM
#1504 Small typos in profile_tier_level syntax in tabular form (7.3.3) new minor Text
#1505 Misleading bitstream requirement related to EOB NAL unit new minor Text
#1507 duplicate row entries for CU QP delta syntax elements in Table 9-48 new minor Text
#1510 Typo in command-line option new minor HM
#1511 decoder failed when two PPSs are coded and IBC is disabled in one PPS and enabled in another one new minor HM SCC
#1514 Problems with HM Software Manual new minor HM+SCC-8.0 HM
#1516 Typo in writing ContentColourVolume SEI new minor HM
#1517 HM outputs 40 frames for the test-vector NoOutPrior_A_Qualcomm_1.hevc new minor HM
#1518 windows build of HM crashes during encoding new minor HM
#1519 Fails to create correct cmake project new minor HM
#1520 Some smaller errors in the multiview spec new minor Text
#1521 qp clip in deblock new minor HM
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