Dec 30, 2014:

11:12 PM Ticket #1361 (Extra profilePresentFlag conditions) created by Vadim
In the profile_tier_level structure, there are two extra …

Dec 17, 2014:

12:35 AM Ticket #1360 (no syntax reading in code) created by kolya
There is no reading of colour_plane_id in HM-dev reference s\w, which …

Dec 13, 2014:

7:01 AM Ticket #1359 (Pic Timing: cpb removal delay calculation causes conformance failures) created by abishop
As I understand it, calculating CPB removal times can have this …

Dec 12, 2014:

7:35 PM Ticket #1358 (pps_extension_flag misleading syntax) created by kolya
In JCTVC-Q1003 document there is pps_extension_flag if( …

Dec 9, 2014:

7:18 PM Ticket #1357 (no-call functions) created by kolya
TComOutputBitstream::insertAt TComDataCU::setCbfSubParts …
4:42 PM Ticket #1356 (duplicate reading of the same syntax) closed by ksuehring
2:23 PM Ticket #1356 (duplicate reading of the same syntax) created by kolya
TDecCAVLC.cpp @ 776 has: […]

Dec 8, 2014:

5:54 PM Ticket #1355 (CAVLC encoder decoder mismatch) closed by karlsharman
fixed: Fixed spelling mistake in debug trace string in r4244.

Dec 5, 2014:

9:12 PM Ticket #1355 (CAVLC encoder decoder mismatch) created by kolya
Read, never written: for(Int i=0; i<uiCode; i++) { UInt …
9:07 PM Ticket #1354 (right syntax elements naming in reference software) created by kolya
It is proposed to fix syntax naming in TDecCAVLC.cpp for it to match …
6:22 PM Ticket #1353 (HM vs WD mismatch) created by kolya
line 1347 of TDecCAVLC.cpp contains something that seems not to be in …

Dec 4, 2014:

11:41 AM Ticket #1013 (missing read_bits(1) when pcm_flag is decoded as 1) reopened by Parabola
I think this may still be an issue. In our parser, which is written …
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