Sep 10, 2014:

2:38 PM Ticket #59 (Memory issue - unnecessarily long variable type) closed by ksuehring
fixed: Several changes have been applied over time to reduce memory usage. …
2:27 PM WikiStart edited by ksuehring
9:41 AM Ticket #1321 (Overflow in cross component prediction) created by peterderivaz
In TComTrQuant.cpp:crossComponentPrediction the residuals are combined …

Sep 9, 2014:

4:30 PM Milestone HM-16.1 completed

Sep 8, 2014:

12:35 PM Ticket #1320 (Range of values in residual modification process) created by peterderivaz
I wonder if there should be some limit on the values generated by the …
11:05 AM Ticket #1298 (Output value clipping missing from HM RDOQ) closed by karlsharman
fixed: Fixed in merge with RExt.
11:02 AM Ticket #1318 (Residual modification process doesn't match the spec) closed by karlsharman

Sep 5, 2014:

5:15 PM Ticket #1319 (Superfluous condition on residualDpcm in intra blocks) created by jackh
In section of Q1005 v9, it says: The variable …
5:09 PM Ticket #1318 (Residual modification process doesn't match the spec) created by jackh
Line 1759 of TComTrQuant.cpp (function invRdpcmNxN) says: […] I …

Aug 28, 2014:

6:58 PM Ticket #1317 (WPP tool broken) created by kiranmisra
The wavefront parallel processing tool appears to be broken in …

Aug 26, 2014:

5:41 PM Ticket #1316 (C.2.2: minor editing issue) created by ksuehring
It seems the word "in" should be removed twice in the following …
5:31 PM Ticket #1315 (Inconsistent variable naming: CpbCnt) created by ksuehring
The variable name CpbCnt loses the "_minus1" when being initialized …
1:34 PM Ticket #1314 (HM Rate Control Bug) created by llzzyynjupt
Based on: jctvc-hm-84d6b158ca1f92cd06840a798b4b11ba22d0586b.zip HM …

Aug 20, 2014:

6:50 AM Ticket #1313 (intra_smoothing_disabled_flag use in the decoder) created by nithya
As per standard, for Main 4:2:2 10 profile, the …

Aug 19, 2014:

6:14 PM Milestone HM-16.0 completed

Aug 15, 2014:

11:31 AM Ticket #1308 (incorrect warning message) closed by libin
fixed: Fixed in r4081.

Aug 13, 2014:

11:34 AM Ticket #1312 (H.265 official spec, "Derivation process for collocated ...) created by vlad
Dear experts, I think that there might be a bug in official H265 …
5:44 AM Ticket #1311 (inconsistent cost calculation) created by libin
When checking intra prediction direction, hadamard transform is not …

Aug 12, 2014:

11:34 AM Ticket #1310 (Compilation errors when _SUMMARY_OUT_ is defined) closed by karlsharman
fixed: Fixed in r4070.
11:23 AM Ticket #1307 (Sizes of m_ltRefPicPocLsbSps and m_usedByCurrPicLtSPSFlag are incorrect) closed by karlsharman
10:24 AM Ticket #1310 (Compilation errors when _SUMMARY_OUT_ is defined) created by jani.lainema
There are compilation errors with HM 15.0 + REext 8.0 when …
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