Oct 2, 2018:

7:43 AM Ticket #1488 (rangeTabLps) closed by bbross
duplicate: Closed as duplicate of #1489.
7:38 AM Tickets #1268,​1315,​1384,​1390,​1398,​1415,​1424,​1428,​1302,​1403 batch updated by bbross
fixed: fixed in v5 (2018/02)

Sep 18, 2018:

6:38 PM Ticket #1499 (Equation 8-47 in v5 spec was inadvertently changed from v4 spec) created by RyanLei
In the v5 spec, equation 8-47, for dcVal calculation, neighboring …

Sep 7, 2018:

4:26 AM Ticket #1498 (Typos in the Table 9-43) created by Haruhiko
The Table 9-43 in the current spec(N17728) is: palette_run_suffix …

Sep 6, 2018:

6:50 PM Ticket #1497 (bugs on handling tile parameters in parseCfg()) closed by ksuehring
invalid: There is no need to specify the last row or column, because the …
7:53 AM Ticket #1497 (bugs on handling tile parameters in parseCfg()) created by vulcano
==Summery== We found out that the Encoder config file parser could not …

Sep 4, 2018:

7:42 PM Ticket #1496 (Compiling error with SEI.cpp) closed by karlsharman
wontfix: The part of the code indicated uses c++11 features. Please use a c++11 …
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