Nov 18, 2011:

12:08 PM Ticket #226 (Encoder crashes on low QPs for LC case) created by kolya
./bin/TAppEncoderStaticd -c cfg/encoder_intra_loco.cfg -c cfg/per-seq …

Nov 17, 2011:

1:45 PM Ticket #225 (SliceMode 2 does not work in HM-4.1) created by rickard
SliceMode=2 is the slice mode that uses a byte threshold for breaking …

Nov 11, 2011:

1:48 AM Milestone HM-4.1 completed
1:38 AM Ticket #224 (Bug regarding the tiles parameter coding in PPS & SPS) created by shilin.xu
The implementation of the PPS and SPS syntax for tiles does not …

Nov 9, 2011:

4:37 PM WikiStart edited by davidf

Oct 30, 2011:

11:11 AM Ticket #223 (Wrong derivation of deblocking filter boundary for non-square ...) created by xzheng
At Line 391 @ TComLoopFilter.cpp, the value of parameter …
6:24 AM WikiStart edited by MacyWales
minor change (diff)

Oct 27, 2011:

2:42 PM Ticket #222 (Non-working code of early skip decision) created by wjhan
In the function xCompressCU in TEncCU.cpp: Fast early decision based …
9:24 AM Ticket #221 (Macro is missing in last position coding) created by secret9th
In TEncSbac::codeLastSignificantXY() and …

Oct 25, 2011:

2:48 AM Ticket #216 (Bug in Alpha bits of chroma from luma mode) closed by fbossen

Oct 23, 2011:

1:13 PM Ticket #220 (ALF variable is not correctly assign when STAR_CROSS_SHAPES_LUMA is ...) closed by chiayang_tsai
fixed: fixed in r1422

Oct 22, 2011:

7:43 PM WikiStart edited by fbossen

Oct 21, 2011:

6:12 AM WikiStart edited by MacyWales
minor edit (diff)

Oct 19, 2011:

1:44 PM Ticket #220 (ALF variable is not correctly assign when STAR_CROSS_SHAPES_LUMA is ...) created by chiayang_tsai
In Line 4826, TEncAdaptiveLoopFilter.cpp filtNo is assigned as a …
1:06 PM Ticket #172 (HM3.1 SAO and multiple SPS/PPS) closed by thomasd
fixed: Not applicable with later revisions to PPS/SPS handling.
12:30 PM Ticket #219 (Incorrect binarization of LastSignificantCoeffXY) created by thomasd
This should use TU binarization according to the WD, but codes 000...1 …
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