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#819 Mismatch between encoder and decoder with respect to hrd parameters defect minor HM-8.1 fixed
#821 Bug in HM8.2 defect major HM-8.1 fixed
#727 mismatch between the WD text and the HM software on derivation of spatial merging candidates defect minor HM-8.0 fixed
#798 algorithm of deciding block availability doesn't work well if in a dependent slice defect major HM-8.0 duplicate
#822 Wavefront crashed when input source only has one LCU column defect minor HM-8.0 fixed
#531 TComSampleAdaptiveOffset::m_uiSaoBitIncrease incorectly computed for bitDepth > 8 defect minor HM-6.0 fixed
#314 Code bug in function xFindDistortionFrame() enhancement minor HM-5.1 wontfix
#157 FIXED_ROUNDING_FRAME_MEMORY modifies output picture rather than reference picture davidf defect minor HM-3.0 fixed
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