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#include <TEncTop.h>

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Public Member Functions

TComList< TComPic * > * getListPic ()
TEncSearchgetPredSearch ()
TComTrQuantgetTrQuant ()
TComLoopFiltergetLoopFilter ()
TEncSampleAdaptiveOffsetgetSAO ()
TEncGOPgetGOPEncoder ()
TEncSlicegetSliceEncoder ()
TEncCugetCuEncoder ()
TEncEntropygetEntropyCoder ()
TEncCavlcgetCavlcCoder ()
TEncSbacgetSbacCoder ()
TComRdCostgetRdCost ()
TEncSbac *** getRDSbacCoder ()
TEncSbacgetRDGoOnSbacCoder ()
TEncRateCtrlgetRateCtrl ()
Void printSummary (Bool isField)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TEncCfg
 TEncCfg ()
virtual ~TEncCfg ()
Void setProfile (Profile::Name profile)
Void setLevel (Level::Tier tier, Level::Name level)
Void setFrameRate (Int i)
Void setFrameSkip (UInt i)
Void setTemporalSubsampleRatio (UInt i)
Void setSourceWidth (Int i)
Void setSourceHeight (Int i)
WindowgetConformanceWindow ()
Void setConformanceWindow (Int confLeft, Int confRight, Int confTop, Int confBottom)
Void setFramesToBeEncoded (Int i)
Bool getPrintMSEBasedSequencePSNR () const
Void setPrintMSEBasedSequencePSNR (Bool value)
Bool getPrintFrameMSE () const
Void setPrintFrameMSE (Bool value)
Bool getPrintSequenceMSE () const
Void setPrintSequenceMSE (Bool value)
Bool getPrintMSSSIM () const
Void setPrintMSSSIM (Bool value)
Bool getCabacZeroWordPaddingEnabled () const
Void setCabacZeroWordPaddingEnabled (Bool value)
Void setIntraPeriod (Int i)
Void setDecodingRefreshType (Int i)
Void setReWriteParamSetsFlag (Bool b)
Void setGOPSize (Int i)
Void setGopList (const GOPEntry GOPList[MAX_GOP])
Void setExtraRPSs (Int i)
const GOPEntrygetGOPEntry (Int i) const
Void setEncodedFlag (Int i, Bool value)
Void setMaxDecPicBuffering (UInt u, UInt tlayer)
Void setNumReorderPics (Int i, UInt tlayer)
Void setQP (Int i)
Void setIntraQPOffset (Int i)
Void setLambdaFromQPEnable (Bool b)
Void setPad (Int *iPad)
Int getMaxRefPicNum ()
Void setMaxRefPicNum (Int iMaxRefPicNum)
Int getMaxTempLayer ()
Void setMaxTempLayer (Int maxTempLayer)
Void setMaxCUWidth (UInt u)
Void setMaxCUHeight (UInt u)
Void setMaxTotalCUDepth (UInt u)
Void setLog2DiffMaxMinCodingBlockSize (UInt u)
Void setQuadtreeTULog2MaxSize (UInt u)
Void setQuadtreeTULog2MinSize (UInt u)
Void setQuadtreeTUMaxDepthInter (UInt u)
Void setQuadtreeTUMaxDepthIntra (UInt u)
Void setUseAMP (Bool b)
Void setLoopFilterDisable (Bool b)
Void setLoopFilterOffsetInPPS (Bool b)
Void setLoopFilterBetaOffset (Int i)
Void setLoopFilterTcOffset (Int i)
Void setDeblockingFilterMetric (Int i)
Void setDisableIntraPUsInInterSlices (Bool b)
Void setMotionEstimationSearchMethod (MESearchMethod e)
Void setSearchRange (Int i)
Void setBipredSearchRange (Int i)
Void setClipForBiPredMeEnabled (Bool b)
Void setFastMEAssumingSmootherMVEnabled (Bool b)
Void setMinSearchWindow (Int i)
Void setRestrictMESampling (Bool b)
Void setMaxDeltaQP (Int i)
Void setMaxCuDQPDepth (Int i)
Int getDiffCuChromaQpOffsetDepth () const
Void setDiffCuChromaQpOffsetDepth (Int value)
Void setChromaCbQpOffset (Int i)
Void setChromaCrQpOffset (Int i)
Void setWCGChromaQpControl (const WCGChromaQPControl &ctrl)
const WCGChromaQPControlgetWCGChromaQPControl () const
Void setSliceChromaOffsetQpIntraOrPeriodic (UInt periodicity, Int sliceChromaQpOffsetIntraOrPeriodic[2])
Int getSliceChromaOffsetQpIntraOrPeriodic (Bool bIsCr) const
UInt getSliceChromaOffsetQpPeriodicity () const
Void setChromaFormatIdc (ChromaFormat cf)
ChromaFormat getChromaFormatIdc ()
Void setLumaLevelToDeltaQPControls (const LumaLevelToDeltaQPMapping &lumaLevelToDeltaQPMapping)
const LumaLevelToDeltaQPMappinggetLumaLevelToDeltaQPMapping () const
Void setUseAdaptQpSelect (Bool i)
Bool getUseAdaptQpSelect ()
Bool getExtendedPrecisionProcessingFlag () const
Void setExtendedPrecisionProcessingFlag (Bool value)
Bool getHighPrecisionOffsetsEnabledFlag () const
Void setHighPrecisionOffsetsEnabledFlag (Bool value)
Void setUseAdaptiveQP (Bool b)
Void setQPAdaptationRange (Int i)
Int getFrameRate ()
UInt getFrameSkip ()
UInt getTemporalSubsampleRatio ()
Int getSourceWidth ()
Int getSourceHeight ()
Int getFramesToBeEncoded ()
Void setLambdaModifier (UInt uiIndex, Double dValue)
Double getLambdaModifier (UInt uiIndex) const
Void setIntraLambdaModifier (const std::vector< Double > &dValue)
const std::vector< Double > & getIntraLambdaModifier () const
Void setIntraQpFactor (Double dValue)
Double getIntraQpFactor () const
UInt getIntraPeriod ()
UInt getDecodingRefreshType ()
Bool getReWriteParamSetsFlag ()
Int getGOPSize ()
Int getMaxDecPicBuffering (UInt tlayer)
Int getNumReorderPics (UInt tlayer)
Int getIntraQPOffset () const
Int getLambdaFromQPEnable () const
Int getPad (Int i)
Bool getAccessUnitDelimiter () const
Void setAccessUnitDelimiter (Bool val)
UInt getQuadtreeTULog2MaxSize () const
UInt getQuadtreeTULog2MinSize () const
UInt getQuadtreeTUMaxDepthInter () const
UInt getQuadtreeTUMaxDepthIntra () const
Bool getLoopFilterDisable ()
Bool getLoopFilterOffsetInPPS ()
Int getLoopFilterBetaOffset ()
Int getLoopFilterTcOffset ()
Int getDeblockingFilterMetric ()
Bool getDisableIntraPUsInInterSlices () const
MESearchMethod getMotionEstimationSearchMethod () const
Int getSearchRange () const
Bool getClipForBiPredMeEnabled () const
Bool getFastMEAssumingSmootherMVEnabled () const
Int getMinSearchWindow () const
Bool getRestrictMESampling () const
Int getMaxDeltaQP () const
Int getMaxCuDQPDepth () const
Bool getUseAdaptiveQP () const
Int getQPAdaptationRange () const
Void setBitDepth (const ChannelType chType, Int internalBitDepthForChannel)
Void setUseASR (Bool b)
Void setUseHADME (Bool b)
Void setUseRDOQ (Bool b)
Void setUseRDOQTS (Bool b)
Void setUseSelectiveRDOQ (Bool b)
Void setRDpenalty (UInt u)
Void setFastInterSearchMode (FastInterSearchMode m)
Void setUseEarlyCU (Bool b)
Void setUseFastDecisionForMerge (Bool b)
Void setUseCbfFastMode (Bool b)
Void setUseEarlySkipDetection (Bool b)
Void setUseConstrainedIntraPred (Bool b)
Void setFastUDIUseMPMEnabled (Bool b)
Void setFastMEForGenBLowDelayEnabled (Bool b)
Void setUseBLambdaForNonKeyLowDelayPictures (Bool b)
Void setPCMInputBitDepthFlag (Bool b)
Void setPCMFilterDisableFlag (Bool b)
Void setUsePCM (Bool b)
Void setPCMBitDepth (const ChannelType chType, Int pcmBitDepthForChannel)
Void setPCMLog2MaxSize (UInt u)
Void setPCMLog2MinSize (UInt u)
Void setdQPs (Int *p)
Void setDeltaQpRD (UInt u)
Void setFastDeltaQp (Bool b)
Bool getUseASR ()
Bool getUseHADME ()
Bool getUseRDOQ ()
Bool getUseRDOQTS ()
Bool getUseSelectiveRDOQ ()
Int getRDpenalty ()
FastInterSearchMode getFastInterSearchMode () const
Bool getUseEarlyCU ()
Bool getUseFastDecisionForMerge ()
Bool getUseCbfFastMode ()
Bool getUseEarlySkipDetection ()
Bool getUseConstrainedIntraPred ()
Bool getFastUDIUseMPMEnabled ()
Bool getFastMEForGenBLowDelayEnabled ()
Bool getUseBLambdaForNonKeyLowDelayPictures ()
Bool getPCMInputBitDepthFlag ()
Bool getPCMFilterDisableFlag ()
Bool getUsePCM ()
UInt getPCMLog2MaxSize ()
UInt getPCMLog2MinSize ()
Bool getCrossComponentPredictionEnabledFlag () const
Void setCrossComponentPredictionEnabledFlag (const Bool value)
Bool getUseReconBasedCrossCPredictionEstimate () const
Void setUseReconBasedCrossCPredictionEstimate (const Bool value)
Void setLog2SaoOffsetScale (ChannelType type, UInt uiBitShift)
Bool getUseTransformSkip ()
Void setUseTransformSkip (Bool b)
Bool getTransformSkipRotationEnabledFlag () const
Void setTransformSkipRotationEnabledFlag (const Bool value)
Bool getTransformSkipContextEnabledFlag () const
Void setTransformSkipContextEnabledFlag (const Bool value)
Bool getPersistentRiceAdaptationEnabledFlag () const
Void setPersistentRiceAdaptationEnabledFlag (const Bool value)
Bool getCabacBypassAlignmentEnabledFlag () const
Void setCabacBypassAlignmentEnabledFlag (const Bool value)
Bool getRdpcmEnabledFlag (const RDPCMSignallingMode signallingMode) const
Void setRdpcmEnabledFlag (const RDPCMSignallingMode signallingMode, const Bool value)
Bool getUseTransformSkipFast ()
Void setUseTransformSkipFast (Bool b)
UInt getLog2MaxTransformSkipBlockSize () const
Void setLog2MaxTransformSkipBlockSize (UInt u)
Bool getIntraSmoothingDisabledFlag () const
Void setIntraSmoothingDisabledFlag (Bool bValue)
const IntgetdQPs () const
UInt getDeltaQpRD () const
Bool getFastDeltaQp () const
Void setSliceMode (SliceConstraint i)
Void setSliceArgument (Int i)
SliceConstraint getSliceMode () const
Int getSliceArgument ()
Void setSliceSegmentMode (SliceConstraint i)
Void setSliceSegmentArgument (Int i)
SliceConstraint getSliceSegmentMode () const
Int getSliceSegmentArgument ()
Void setLFCrossSliceBoundaryFlag (Bool bValue)
Bool getLFCrossSliceBoundaryFlag ()
Void setUseSAO (Bool bVal)
Bool getUseSAO ()
Void setTestSAODisableAtPictureLevel (Bool bVal)
Bool getTestSAODisableAtPictureLevel () const
Void setSaoEncodingRate (Double v)
Double getSaoEncodingRate () const
Void setSaoEncodingRateChroma (Double v)
Double getSaoEncodingRateChroma () const
Void setMaxNumOffsetsPerPic (Int iVal)
Int getMaxNumOffsetsPerPic ()
Void setSaoCtuBoundary (Bool val)
Bool getSaoCtuBoundary ()
Void setSaoResetEncoderStateAfterIRAP (Bool b)
Bool getSaoResetEncoderStateAfterIRAP () const
Void setLFCrossTileBoundaryFlag (Bool val)
Bool getLFCrossTileBoundaryFlag ()
Void setTileUniformSpacingFlag (Bool b)
Bool getTileUniformSpacingFlag ()
Void setNumColumnsMinus1 (Int i)
Int getNumColumnsMinus1 ()
Void setColumnWidth (const std::vector< Int > &columnWidth)
UInt getColumnWidth (UInt columnIdx)
Void setNumRowsMinus1 (Int i)
Int getNumRowsMinus1 ()
Void setRowHeight (const std::vector< Int > &rowHeight)
UInt getRowHeight (UInt rowIdx)
Void setEntropyCodingSyncEnabledFlag (Bool b)
Bool getEntropyCodingSyncEnabledFlag () const
Void setDecodedPictureHashSEIType (HashType m)
HashType getDecodedPictureHashSEIType () const
Void setBufferingPeriodSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getBufferingPeriodSEIEnabled () const
Void setPictureTimingSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getPictureTimingSEIEnabled () const
Void setRecoveryPointSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getRecoveryPointSEIEnabled () const
Void setToneMappingInfoSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getToneMappingInfoSEIEnabled ()
Void setTMISEIToneMapId (Int b)
Int getTMISEIToneMapId ()
Void setTMISEIToneMapCancelFlag (Bool b)
Bool getTMISEIToneMapCancelFlag ()
Void setTMISEIToneMapPersistenceFlag (Bool b)
Bool getTMISEIToneMapPersistenceFlag ()
Void setTMISEICodedDataBitDepth (Int b)
Int getTMISEICodedDataBitDepth ()
Void setTMISEITargetBitDepth (Int b)
Int getTMISEITargetBitDepth ()
Void setTMISEIModelID (Int b)
Int getTMISEIModelID ()
Void setTMISEIMinValue (Int b)
Int getTMISEIMinValue ()
Void setTMISEIMaxValue (Int b)
Int getTMISEIMaxValue ()
Void setTMISEISigmoidMidpoint (Int b)
Int getTMISEISigmoidMidpoint ()
Void setTMISEISigmoidWidth (Int b)
Int getTMISEISigmoidWidth ()
Void setTMISEIStartOfCodedInterva (Int *p)
IntgetTMISEIStartOfCodedInterva ()
Void setTMISEINumPivots (Int b)
Int getTMISEINumPivots ()
Void setTMISEICodedPivotValue (Int *p)
IntgetTMISEICodedPivotValue ()
Void setTMISEITargetPivotValue (Int *p)
IntgetTMISEITargetPivotValue ()
Void setTMISEICameraIsoSpeedIdc (Int b)
Int getTMISEICameraIsoSpeedIdc ()
Void setTMISEICameraIsoSpeedValue (Int b)
Int getTMISEICameraIsoSpeedValue ()
Void setTMISEIExposureIndexIdc (Int b)
Int getTMISEIExposurIndexIdc ()
Void setTMISEIExposureIndexValue (Int b)
Int getTMISEIExposurIndexValue ()
Void setTMISEIExposureCompensationValueSignFlag (Bool b)
Bool getTMISEIExposureCompensationValueSignFlag ()
Void setTMISEIExposureCompensationValueNumerator (Int b)
Int getTMISEIExposureCompensationValueNumerator ()
Void setTMISEIExposureCompensationValueDenomIdc (Int b)
Int getTMISEIExposureCompensationValueDenomIdc ()
Void setTMISEIRefScreenLuminanceWhite (Int b)
Int getTMISEIRefScreenLuminanceWhite ()
Void setTMISEIExtendedRangeWhiteLevel (Int b)
Int getTMISEIExtendedRangeWhiteLevel ()
Void setTMISEINominalBlackLevelLumaCodeValue (Int b)
Int getTMISEINominalBlackLevelLumaCodeValue ()
Void setTMISEINominalWhiteLevelLumaCodeValue (Int b)
Int getTMISEINominalWhiteLevelLumaCodeValue ()
Void setTMISEIExtendedWhiteLevelLumaCodeValue (Int b)
Int getTMISEIExtendedWhiteLevelLumaCodeValue ()
Void setFramePackingArrangementSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getFramePackingArrangementSEIEnabled () const
Void setFramePackingArrangementSEIType (Int b)
Int getFramePackingArrangementSEIType ()
Void setFramePackingArrangementSEIId (Int b)
Int getFramePackingArrangementSEIId ()
Void setFramePackingArrangementSEIQuincunx (Int b)
Int getFramePackingArrangementSEIQuincunx ()
Void setFramePackingArrangementSEIInterpretation (Int b)
Int getFramePackingArrangementSEIInterpretation ()
Void setSegmentedRectFramePackingArrangementSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getSegmentedRectFramePackingArrangementSEIEnabled () const
Void setSegmentedRectFramePackingArrangementSEICancel (Int b)
Int getSegmentedRectFramePackingArrangementSEICancel ()
Void setSegmentedRectFramePackingArrangementSEIType (Int b)
Int getSegmentedRectFramePackingArrangementSEIType ()
Void setSegmentedRectFramePackingArrangementSEIPersistence (Int b)
Int getSegmentedRectFramePackingArrangementSEIPersistence ()
Void setDisplayOrientationSEIAngle (Int b)
Int getDisplayOrientationSEIAngle ()
Void setTemporalLevel0IndexSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getTemporalLevel0IndexSEIEnabled () const
Void setGradualDecodingRefreshInfoEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getGradualDecodingRefreshInfoEnabled () const
Void setNoDisplaySEITLayer (Int b)
Int getNoDisplaySEITLayer ()
Void setDecodingUnitInfoSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getDecodingUnitInfoSEIEnabled () const
Void setSOPDescriptionSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getSOPDescriptionSEIEnabled () const
Void setScalableNestingSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getScalableNestingSEIEnabled () const
Void setTMCTSSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getTMCTSSEIEnabled ()
Void setTMCTSSEITileConstraint (Bool b)
Bool getTMCTSSEITileConstraint ()
Void setTimeCodeSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getTimeCodeSEIEnabled ()
Void setNumberOfTimeSets (Int value)
Int getNumberOfTimesets ()
Void setTimeSet (TComSEITimeSet element, Int index)
TComSEITimeSetgetTimeSet (Int index)
const TComSEITimeSetgetTimeSet (Int index) const
Void setKneeSEIEnabled (Int b)
Bool getKneeSEIEnabled ()
Void setKneeFunctionInformationSEI (const TEncSEIKneeFunctionInformation &seiknee)
getKneeFunctionInformationSEI () const
Void setCcvSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getCcvSEIEnabled ()
Void setCcvSEICancelFlag (Bool b)
Bool getCcvSEICancelFlag ()
Void setCcvSEIPersistenceFlag (Bool b)
Bool getCcvSEIPersistenceFlag ()
Void setCcvSEIPrimariesPresentFlag (Bool b)
Bool getCcvSEIPrimariesPresentFlag ()
Void setCcvSEIMinLuminanceValuePresentFlag (Bool b)
Bool getCcvSEIMinLuminanceValuePresentFlag ()
Void setCcvSEIMaxLuminanceValuePresentFlag (Bool b)
Bool getCcvSEIMaxLuminanceValuePresentFlag ()
Void setCcvSEIAvgLuminanceValuePresentFlag (Bool b)
Bool getCcvSEIAvgLuminanceValuePresentFlag ()
Void setCcvSEIPrimariesX (Double dValue, Int index)
Double getCcvSEIPrimariesX (Int index)
Void setCcvSEIPrimariesY (Double dValue, Int index)
Double getCcvSEIPrimariesY (Int index)
Void setCcvSEIMinLuminanceValue (Double dValue)
Double getCcvSEIMinLuminanceValue ()
Void setCcvSEIMaxLuminanceValue (Double dValue)
Double getCcvSEIMaxLuminanceValue ()
Void setCcvSEIAvgLuminanceValue (Double dValue)
Double getCcvSEIAvgLuminanceValue ()
Void setErpSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getErpSEIEnabled ()
Void setErpSEICancelFlag (Bool b)
Bool getErpSEICancelFlag ()
Void setErpSEIPersistenceFlag (Bool b)
Bool getErpSEIPersistenceFlag ()
Void setErpSEIGuardBandFlag (Bool b)
Bool getErpSEIGuardBandFlag ()
Void setErpSEIGuardBandType (UInt b)
UInt getErpSEIGuardBandType ()
Void setErpSEILeftGuardBandWidth (UInt b)
UInt getErpSEILeftGuardBandWidth ()
Void setErpSEIRightGuardBandWidth (UInt b)
UInt getErpSEIRightGuardBandWidth ()
Void setSphereRotationSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getSphereRotationSEIEnabled ()
Void setSphereRotationSEICancelFlag (Bool b)
Bool getSphereRotationSEICancelFlag ()
Void setSphereRotationSEIPersistenceFlag (Bool b)
Bool getSphereRotationSEIPersistenceFlag ()
Void setSphereRotationSEIYaw (Int b)
Int getSphereRotationSEIYaw ()
Void setSphereRotationSEIPitch (Int b)
Int getSphereRotationSEIPitch ()
Void setSphereRotationSEIRoll (Int b)
Int getSphereRotationSEIRoll ()
Void setOmniViewportSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getOmniViewportSEIEnabled ()
Void setOmniViewportSEIId (UInt b)
UInt getOmniViewportSEIId ()
Void setOmniViewportSEICancelFlag (Bool b)
Bool getOmniViewportSEICancelFlag ()
Void setOmniViewportSEIPersistenceFlag (Bool b)
Bool getOmniViewportSEIPersistenceFlag ()
Void setOmniViewportSEICntMinus1 (UInt b)
UInt getOmniViewportSEICntMinus1 ()
Void setOmniViewportSEIAzimuthCentre (const std::vector< Int > &vi)
Int getOmniViewportSEIAzimuthCentre (Int idx)
Void setOmniViewportSEIElevationCentre (const std::vector< Int > &vi)
Int getOmniViewportSEIElevationCentre (Int idx)
Void setOmniViewportSEITiltCentre (const std::vector< Int > &vi)
Int getOmniViewportSEITiltCentre (Int idx)
Void setOmniViewportSEIHorRange (const std::vector< UInt > &vi)
UInt getOmniViewportSEIHorRange (Int idx)
Void setOmniViewportSEIVerRange (const std::vector< UInt > &vi)
UInt getOmniViewportSEIVerRange (Int idx)
Void setCmpSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getCmpSEIEnabled ()
Void setCmpSEICmpCancelFlag (Bool b)
Bool getCmpSEICmpCancelFlag ()
Void setCmpSEICmpPersistenceFlag (Bool b)
Bool getCmpSEICmpPersistenceFlag ()
Void setRwpSEIEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getRwpSEIEnabled ()
Void setRwpSEIRwpCancelFlag (Bool b)
Bool getRwpSEIRwpCancelFlag ()
Void setRwpSEIRwpPersistenceFlag (Bool b)
Bool getRwpSEIRwpPersistenceFlag ()
Void setRwpSEIConstituentPictureMatchingFlag (Bool b)
Bool getRwpSEIConstituentPictureMatchingFlag ()
Void setRwpSEINumPackedRegions (Int value)
Int getRwpSEINumPackedRegions ()
Void setRwpSEIProjPictureWidth (Int value)
Int getRwpSEIProjPictureWidth ()
Void setRwpSEIProjPictureHeight (Int value)
Int getRwpSEIProjPictureHeight ()
Void setRwpSEIPackedPictureWidth (Int value)
Int getRwpSEIPackedPictureWidth ()
Void setRwpSEIPackedPictureHeight (Int value)
Int getRwpSEIPackedPictureHeight ()
Void setRwpSEIRwpTransformType (const std::vector< UChar > &rwpTransformType)
UChar getRwpSEIRwpTransformType (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIRwpGuardBandFlag (const std::vector< Bool > &rwpGuardBandFlag)
Bool getRwpSEIRwpGuardBandFlag (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIProjRegionWidth (const std::vector< UInt > &projRegionWidth)
UInt getRwpSEIProjRegionWidth (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIProjRegionHeight (const std::vector< UInt > &projRegionHeight)
UInt getRwpSEIProjRegionHeight (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIRwpSEIProjRegionTop (const std::vector< UInt > &projRegionTop)
UInt getRwpSEIRwpSEIProjRegionTop (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIProjRegionLeft (const std::vector< UInt > &projRegionLeft)
UInt getRwpSEIProjRegionLeft (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIPackedRegionWidth (const std::vector< UShort > &packedRegionWidth)
UShort getRwpSEIPackedRegionWidth (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIPackedRegionHeight (const std::vector< UShort > &packedRegionHeight)
UShort getRwpSEIPackedRegionHeight (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIPackedRegionTop (const std::vector< UShort > &packedRegionTop)
UShort getRwpSEIPackedRegionTop (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIPackedRegionLeft (const std::vector< UShort > &packedRegionLeft)
UShort getRwpSEIPackedRegionLeft (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIRwpLeftGuardBandWidth (const std::vector< UChar > &rwpLeftGuardBandWidth)
UChar getRwpSEIRwpLeftGuardBandWidth (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIRwpRightGuardBandWidth (const std::vector< UChar > &rwpRightGuardBandWidth)
UChar getRwpSEIRwpRightGuardBandWidth (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIRwpTopGuardBandHeight (const std::vector< UChar > &rwpTopGuardBandHeight)
UChar getRwpSEIRwpTopGuardBandHeight (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIRwpBottomGuardBandHeight (const std::vector< UChar > &rwpBottomGuardBandHeight)
UChar getRwpSEIRwpBottomGuardBandHeight (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIRwpGuardBandNotUsedForPredFlag (const std::vector< Bool > &rwpGuardBandNotUsedForPredFlag)
Bool getRwpSEIRwpGuardBandNotUsedForPredFlag (UInt idx) const
Void setRwpSEIRwpGuardBandType (const std::vector< UChar > &rwpGuardBandType)
UChar getRwpSEIRwpGuardBandType (UInt idx) const
Void setColourRemapInfoSEIFileRoot (const std::string &s)
const std::string & getColourRemapInfoSEIFileRoot () const
Void setMasteringDisplaySEI (const TComSEIMasteringDisplay &src)
Void setSEIAlternativeTransferCharacteristicsSEIEnable (Bool b)
Bool getSEIAlternativeTransferCharacteristicsSEIEnable () const
Void setSEIPreferredTransferCharacteristics (UChar v)
UChar getSEIPreferredTransferCharacteristics () const
Void setSEIGreenMetadataInfoSEIEnable (Bool b)
Bool getSEIGreenMetadataInfoSEIEnable () const
Void setSEIGreenMetadataType (UChar v)
UChar getSEIGreenMetadataType () const
Void setSEIXSDMetricType (UChar v)
UChar getSEIXSDMetricType () const
Void setRegionalNestingSEIFileRoot (const std::string &s)
const std::string & getRegionalNestingSEIFileRoot () const
const TComSEIMasteringDisplaygetMasteringDisplaySEI () const
Void setUseWP (Bool b)
Void setWPBiPred (Bool b)
Bool getUseWP ()
Bool getWPBiPred ()
Void setLog2ParallelMergeLevelMinus2 (UInt u)
UInt getLog2ParallelMergeLevelMinus2 ()
Void setMaxNumMergeCand (UInt u)
UInt getMaxNumMergeCand ()
Void setUseScalingListId (ScalingListMode u)
ScalingListMode getUseScalingListId ()
Void setScalingListFileName (const std::string &s)
const std::string & getScalingListFileName () const
Void setTMVPModeId (Int u)
Int getTMVPModeId ()
WeightedPredictionMethod getWeightedPredictionMethod () const
Void setWeightedPredictionMethod (WeightedPredictionMethod m)
Void setSignDataHidingEnabledFlag (Bool b)
Bool getSignDataHidingEnabledFlag ()
Bool getUseRateCtrl ()
Void setUseRateCtrl (Bool b)
Int getTargetBitrate ()
Void setTargetBitrate (Int bitrate)
Int getKeepHierBit ()
Void setKeepHierBit (Int i)
Bool getLCULevelRC ()
Void setLCULevelRC (Bool b)
Bool getUseLCUSeparateModel ()
Void setUseLCUSeparateModel (Bool b)
Int getInitialQP ()
Void setInitialQP (Int QP)
Bool getForceIntraQP ()
Void setForceIntraQP (Bool b)
Bool getCpbSaturationEnabled ()
Void setCpbSaturationEnabled (Bool b)
UInt getCpbSize ()
Void setCpbSize (UInt ui)
Double getInitialCpbFullness ()
Void setInitialCpbFullness (Double f)
Bool getTransquantBypassEnabledFlag ()
Void setTransquantBypassEnabledFlag (Bool flag)
Bool getCUTransquantBypassFlagForceValue ()
Void setCUTransquantBypassFlagForceValue (Bool flag)
CostMode getCostMode () const
Void setCostMode (CostMode m)
Void setVPS (TComVPS *p)
TComVPSgetVPS ()
Void setUseRecalculateQPAccordingToLambda (Bool b)
Bool getUseRecalculateQPAccordingToLambda ()
Void setUseStrongIntraSmoothing (Bool b)
Bool getUseStrongIntraSmoothing ()
Void setEfficientFieldIRAPEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getEfficientFieldIRAPEnabled () const
Void setHarmonizeGopFirstFieldCoupleEnabled (Bool b)
Bool getHarmonizeGopFirstFieldCoupleEnabled () const
Void setActiveParameterSetsSEIEnabled (Int b)
Int getActiveParameterSetsSEIEnabled ()
Bool getVuiParametersPresentFlag ()
Void setVuiParametersPresentFlag (Bool i)
Bool getAspectRatioInfoPresentFlag ()
Void setAspectRatioInfoPresentFlag (Bool i)
Int getAspectRatioIdc ()
Void setAspectRatioIdc (Int i)
Int getSarWidth ()
Void setSarWidth (Int i)
Int getSarHeight ()
Void setSarHeight (Int i)
Bool getOverscanInfoPresentFlag ()
Void setOverscanInfoPresentFlag (Bool i)
Bool getOverscanAppropriateFlag ()
Void setOverscanAppropriateFlag (Bool i)
Bool getVideoSignalTypePresentFlag ()
Void setVideoSignalTypePresentFlag (Bool i)
Int getVideoFormat ()
Void setVideoFormat (Int i)
Bool getVideoFullRangeFlag ()
Void setVideoFullRangeFlag (Bool i)
Bool getColourDescriptionPresentFlag ()
Void setColourDescriptionPresentFlag (Bool i)
Int getColourPrimaries ()
Void setColourPrimaries (Int i)
Int getTransferCharacteristics ()
Void setTransferCharacteristics (Int i)
Int getMatrixCoefficients ()
Void setMatrixCoefficients (Int i)
Bool getChromaLocInfoPresentFlag ()
Void setChromaLocInfoPresentFlag (Bool i)
Int getChromaSampleLocTypeTopField ()
Void setChromaSampleLocTypeTopField (Int i)
Int getChromaSampleLocTypeBottomField ()
Void setChromaSampleLocTypeBottomField (Int i)
Bool getNeutralChromaIndicationFlag ()
Void setNeutralChromaIndicationFlag (Bool i)
WindowgetDefaultDisplayWindow ()
Void setDefaultDisplayWindow (Int offsetLeft, Int offsetRight, Int offsetTop, Int offsetBottom)
Bool getFrameFieldInfoPresentFlag ()
Void setFrameFieldInfoPresentFlag (Bool i)
Bool getPocProportionalToTimingFlag ()
Void setPocProportionalToTimingFlag (Bool x)
Int getNumTicksPocDiffOneMinus1 ()
Void setNumTicksPocDiffOneMinus1 (Int x)
Bool getBitstreamRestrictionFlag ()
Void setBitstreamRestrictionFlag (Bool i)
Bool getTilesFixedStructureFlag ()
Void setTilesFixedStructureFlag (Bool i)
Bool getMotionVectorsOverPicBoundariesFlag ()
Void setMotionVectorsOverPicBoundariesFlag (Bool i)
Int getMinSpatialSegmentationIdc ()
Void setMinSpatialSegmentationIdc (Int i)
Int getMaxBytesPerPicDenom ()
Void setMaxBytesPerPicDenom (Int i)
Int getMaxBitsPerMinCuDenom ()
Void setMaxBitsPerMinCuDenom (Int i)
Int getLog2MaxMvLengthHorizontal ()
Void setLog2MaxMvLengthHorizontal (Int i)
Int getLog2MaxMvLengthVertical ()
Void setLog2MaxMvLengthVertical (Int i)
Bool getProgressiveSourceFlag () const
Void setProgressiveSourceFlag (Bool b)
Bool getInterlacedSourceFlag () const
Void setInterlacedSourceFlag (Bool b)
Bool getNonPackedConstraintFlag () const
Void setNonPackedConstraintFlag (Bool b)
Bool getFrameOnlyConstraintFlag () const
Void setFrameOnlyConstraintFlag (Bool b)
UInt getBitDepthConstraintValue () const
Void setBitDepthConstraintValue (UInt v)
ChromaFormat getChromaFormatConstraintValue () const
Void setChromaFormatConstraintValue (ChromaFormat v)
Bool getIntraConstraintFlag () const
Void setIntraConstraintFlag (Bool b)
Bool getOnePictureOnlyConstraintFlag () const
Void setOnePictureOnlyConstraintFlag (Bool b)
Bool getLowerBitRateConstraintFlag () const
Void setLowerBitRateConstraintFlag (Bool b)
Bool getChromaResamplingFilterHintEnabled ()
Void setChromaResamplingFilterHintEnabled (Bool i)
Int getChromaResamplingHorFilterIdc ()
Void setChromaResamplingHorFilterIdc (Int i)
Int getChromaResamplingVerFilterIdc ()
Void setChromaResamplingVerFilterIdc (Int i)
Void setSummaryOutFilename (const std::string &s)
const std::string & getSummaryOutFilename () const
Void setSummaryPicFilenameBase (const std::string &s)
const std::string & getSummaryPicFilenameBase () const
Void setSummaryVerboseness (UInt v)
UInt getSummaryVerboseness () const
Int getQPForPicture (const UInt gopIndex, const TComSlice *pSlice) const
Void xCheckGSParameters ()

Private Attributes

Int m_iPOCLast
 time index (POC) More...
Int m_iNumPicRcvd
 number of received pictures More...
UInt m_uiNumAllPicCoded
 number of coded pictures More...
TComList< TComPic * > m_cListPic
 dynamic list of pictures More...
TEncSearch m_cSearch
 encoder search class More...
 CAVLC encoder. More...
TComTrQuant m_cTrQuant
 transform & quantization class More...
TComLoopFilter m_cLoopFilter
 deblocking filter class More...
TEncSampleAdaptiveOffset m_cEncSAO
 sample adaptive offset class More...
TEncEntropy m_cEntropyCoder
 entropy encoder More...
TEncCavlc m_cCavlcCoder
 CAVLC encoder. More...
TEncSbac m_cSbacCoder
 SBAC encoder. More...
 bin coder CABAC More...
TEncGOP m_cGOPEncoder
 GOP encoder. More...
TEncSlice m_cSliceEncoder
 slice encoder More...
TEncCu m_cCuEncoder
 CU encoder. More...
ParameterSetMap< TComSPSm_spsMap
 SPS. This is the base value. This is copied to TComPicSym. More...
ParameterSetMap< TComPPSm_ppsMap
 PPS. This is the base value. This is copied to TComPicSym. More...
TComRdCost m_cRdCost
 RD cost computation class. More...
TEncSbac *** m_pppcRDSbacCoder
 temporal storage for RD computation More...
TEncSbac m_cRDGoOnSbacCoder
 going on SBAC model for RD stage More...
TEncBinCABACCounter *** m_pppcBinCoderCABAC
 temporal CABAC state storage for RD computation More...
TEncBinCABACCounter m_cRDGoOnBinCoderCABAC
 going on bin coder CABAC for RD stage More...
TEncPreanalyzer m_cPreanalyzer
 image characteristics analyzer for TM5-step3-like adaptive QP More...
TEncRateCtrl m_cRateCtrl
 Rate control class. More...
Void xGetNewPicBuffer (TComPic *&rpcPic, Int ppsId)
 get picture buffer which will be processed. If ppsId<0, then the ppsMap will be queried for the first match. More...
Void xInitVPS (TComVPS &vps, const TComSPS &sps)
 initialize VPS from encoder options More...
Void xInitSPS (TComSPS &sps)
 initialize SPS from encoder options More...
Void xInitPPS (TComPPS &pps, const TComSPS &sps)
 initialize PPS from encoder options More...
Void xInitScalingLists (TComSPS &sps, TComPPS &pps)
 initialize scaling lists More...
Void xInitHrdParameters (TComSPS &sps)
 initialize HRD parameters More...
Void xInitPPSforTiles (TComPPS &pps)
Void xInitRPS (TComSPS &sps, Bool isFieldCoding)
 initialize PPS from encoder options More...
 TEncTop ()
virtual ~TEncTop ()
Void create ()
Void destroy ()
Void init (Bool isFieldCoding)
Void deletePicBuffer ()
Void selectReferencePictureSet (TComSlice *slice, Int POCCurr, Int GOPid)
Int getReferencePictureSetIdxForSOP (Int POCCurr, Int GOPid)
Void setParamSetChanged (Int spsId, Int ppsId)
Bool PPSNeedsWriting (Int ppsId)
Bool SPSNeedsWriting (Int spsId)
Void encode (Bool bEos, TComPicYuv *pcPicYuvOrg, TComPicYuv *pcPicYuvTrueOrg, const InputColourSpaceConversion snrCSC, TComList< TComPicYuv * > &rcListPicYuvRecOut, std::list< AccessUnit > &accessUnitsOut, Int &iNumEncoded)
 encode several number of pictures until end-of-sequence More...
Void encode (Bool bEos, TComPicYuv *pcPicYuvOrg, TComPicYuv *pcPicYuvTrueOrg, const InputColourSpaceConversion snrCSC, TComList< TComPicYuv * > &rcListPicYuvRecOut, std::list< AccessUnit > &accessUnitsOut, Int &iNumEncoded, Bool isTff)
 encode several number of pictures until end-of-sequence More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TEncCfg
Int getBaseQP () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from TEncCfg
Int m_iFrameRate
Int m_FrameSkip
UInt m_temporalSubsampleRatio
Int m_iSourceWidth
Int m_iSourceHeight
Window m_conformanceWindow
Int m_framesToBeEncoded
Double m_adLambdaModifier [MAX_TLAYER]
std::vector< Doublem_adIntraLambdaModifier
Double m_dIntraQpFactor
 Intra Q Factor. If negative, use a default equation: 0.57*(1.0 - Clip3( 0.0, 0.5, 0.05*(Double)(isField ? (GopSize-1)/2 : GopSize-1) )) More...
Bool m_printMSEBasedSequencePSNR
Bool m_printFrameMSE
Bool m_printSequenceMSE
Bool m_printMSSSIM
Bool m_cabacZeroWordPaddingEnabled
Profile::Name m_profile
Level::Tier m_levelTier
Level::Name m_level
Bool m_progressiveSourceFlag
Bool m_interlacedSourceFlag
Bool m_nonPackedConstraintFlag
Bool m_frameOnlyConstraintFlag
UInt m_bitDepthConstraintValue
ChromaFormat m_chromaFormatConstraintValue
Bool m_intraConstraintFlag
Bool m_onePictureOnlyConstraintFlag
Bool m_lowerBitRateConstraintFlag
UInt m_uiIntraPeriod
UInt m_uiDecodingRefreshType
 the type of decoding refresh employed for the random access. More...
Bool m_bReWriteParamSetsFlag
Int m_iGOPSize
GOPEntry m_GOPList [MAX_GOP]
Int m_extraRPSs
Int m_maxDecPicBuffering [MAX_TLAYER]
Int m_numReorderPics [MAX_TLAYER]
Int m_iQP
Int m_intraQPOffset
 QP offset for intra slice (integer) More...
Int m_lambdaFromQPEnable
 enable lambda derivation from QP More...
Int m_aiPad [2]
Bool m_AccessUnitDelimiter
 add Access Unit Delimiter NAL units More...
Int m_iMaxRefPicNum
 this is used to mimic the sliding mechanism used by the decoder More...
Int m_maxTempLayer
 Max temporal layer. More...
Bool m_useAMP
UInt m_maxCUWidth
UInt m_maxCUHeight
UInt m_maxTotalCUDepth
UInt m_log2DiffMaxMinCodingBlockSize
UInt m_uiQuadtreeTULog2MaxSize
UInt m_uiQuadtreeTULog2MinSize
UInt m_uiQuadtreeTUMaxDepthInter
UInt m_uiQuadtreeTUMaxDepthIntra
Bool m_bLoopFilterDisable
Bool m_loopFilterOffsetInPPS
Int m_loopFilterBetaOffsetDiv2
Int m_loopFilterTcOffsetDiv2
Int m_deblockingFilterMetric
Bool m_bUseSAO
Bool m_bTestSAODisableAtPictureLevel
Double m_saoEncodingRate
Double m_saoEncodingRateChroma
Int m_maxNumOffsetsPerPic
Bool m_saoCtuBoundary
Bool m_saoResetEncoderStateAfterIRAP
Bool m_bDisableIntraPUsInInterSlices
MESearchMethod m_motionEstimationSearchMethod
Int m_iSearchRange
Int m_bipredSearchRange
Bool m_bClipForBiPredMeEnabled
Bool m_bFastMEAssumingSmootherMVEnabled
Int m_minSearchWindow
Bool m_bRestrictMESampling
Int m_iMaxDeltaQP
Int m_iMaxCuDQPDepth
Int m_diffCuChromaQpOffsetDepth
 If negative, then do not apply chroma qp offsets. More...
Int m_chromaCbQpOffset
Int m_chromaCrQpOffset
WCGChromaQPControl m_wcgChromaQpControl
 Wide-colour-gamut chroma QP control. More...
UInt m_sliceChromaQpOffsetPeriodicity
 Used in conjunction with Slice Cb/Cr QpOffsetIntraOrPeriodic. Use 0 (default) to disable periodic nature. More...
Int m_sliceChromaQpOffsetIntraOrPeriodic [2]
 Chroma Cb QP Offset at slice level for I slice or for periodic inter slices as defined by SliceChromaQPOffsetPeriodicity. Replaces offset in the GOP table. More...
ChromaFormat m_chromaFormatIDC
Bool m_bUseAdaptQpSelect
Bool m_extendedPrecisionProcessingFlag
Bool m_highPrecisionOffsetsEnabledFlag
Bool m_bUseAdaptiveQP
Int m_iQPAdaptationRange
Bool m_bUseASR
Bool m_bUseHADME
Bool m_useRDOQ
Bool m_useRDOQTS
Bool m_useSelectiveRDOQ
UInt m_rdPenalty
FastInterSearchMode m_fastInterSearchMode
Bool m_bUseEarlyCU
Bool m_useFastDecisionForMerge
Bool m_bUseCbfFastMode
Bool m_useEarlySkipDetection
Bool m_crossComponentPredictionEnabledFlag
Bool m_reconBasedCrossCPredictionEstimate
UInt m_log2SaoOffsetScale [MAX_NUM_CHANNEL_TYPE]
Bool m_useTransformSkip
Bool m_useTransformSkipFast
UInt m_log2MaxTransformSkipBlockSize
Bool m_transformSkipRotationEnabledFlag
Bool m_transformSkipContextEnabledFlag
Bool m_persistentRiceAdaptationEnabledFlag
Bool m_cabacBypassAlignmentEnabledFlag
LumaLevelToDeltaQPMapping m_lumaLevelToDeltaQPMapping
 mapping from luma level to delta QP. More...
UInt m_uiDeltaQpRD
Bool m_bFastDeltaQP
Bool m_bUseConstrainedIntraPred
Bool m_bFastUDIUseMPMEnabled
Bool m_bFastMEForGenBLowDelayEnabled
Bool m_bUseBLambdaForNonKeyLowDelayPictures
Bool m_usePCM
UInt m_pcmLog2MaxSize
UInt m_uiPCMLog2MinSize
SliceConstraint m_sliceMode
Int m_sliceArgument
SliceConstraint m_sliceSegmentMode
Int m_sliceSegmentArgument
Bool m_bLFCrossSliceBoundaryFlag
Bool m_bPCMInputBitDepthFlag
Bool m_bPCMFilterDisableFlag
Bool m_intraSmoothingDisabledFlag
Bool m_loopFilterAcrossTilesEnabledFlag
Bool m_tileUniformSpacingFlag
Int m_iNumColumnsMinus1
Int m_iNumRowsMinus1
std::vector< Intm_tileColumnWidth
std::vector< Intm_tileRowHeight
Bool m_entropyCodingSyncEnabledFlag
HashType m_decodedPictureHashSEIType
Bool m_bufferingPeriodSEIEnabled
Bool m_pictureTimingSEIEnabled
Bool m_recoveryPointSEIEnabled
Bool m_toneMappingInfoSEIEnabled
Int m_toneMapId
Bool m_toneMapCancelFlag
Bool m_toneMapPersistenceFlag
Int m_codedDataBitDepth
Int m_targetBitDepth
Int m_modelId
Int m_minValue
Int m_maxValue
Int m_sigmoidMidpoint
Int m_sigmoidWidth
Int m_numPivots
Int m_cameraIsoSpeedIdc
Int m_cameraIsoSpeedValue
Int m_exposureIndexIdc
Int m_exposureIndexValue
Bool m_exposureCompensationValueSignFlag
Int m_exposureCompensationValueNumerator
Int m_exposureCompensationValueDenomIdc
Int m_refScreenLuminanceWhite
Int m_extendedRangeWhiteLevel
Int m_nominalBlackLevelLumaCodeValue
Int m_nominalWhiteLevelLumaCodeValue
Int m_extendedWhiteLevelLumaCodeValue
Bool m_framePackingSEIEnabled
Int m_framePackingSEIType
Int m_framePackingSEIId
Int m_framePackingSEIQuincunx
Int m_framePackingSEIInterpretation
Bool m_segmentedRectFramePackingSEIEnabled
Bool m_segmentedRectFramePackingSEICancel
Int m_segmentedRectFramePackingSEIType
Bool m_segmentedRectFramePackingSEIPersistence
Int m_displayOrientationSEIAngle
Bool m_temporalLevel0IndexSEIEnabled
Bool m_gradualDecodingRefreshInfoEnabled
Int m_noDisplaySEITLayer
Bool m_decodingUnitInfoSEIEnabled
Bool m_SOPDescriptionSEIEnabled
Bool m_scalableNestingSEIEnabled
Bool m_tmctsSEIEnabled
Bool m_tmctsSEITileConstraint
Bool m_timeCodeSEIEnabled
Int m_timeCodeSEINumTs
Bool m_kneeSEIEnabled
TEncSEIKneeFunctionInformation m_kneeFunctionInformationSEI
std::string m_colourRemapSEIFileRoot
 SEI Colour Remapping File (initialized from external file) More...
TComSEIMasteringDisplay m_masteringDisplay
Bool m_alternativeTransferCharacteristicsSEIEnabled
UChar m_preferredTransferCharacteristics
Bool m_greenMetadataInfoSEIEnabled
UChar m_greenMetadataType
UChar m_xsdMetricType
Bool m_ccvSEIEnabled
Bool m_ccvSEICancelFlag
Bool m_ccvSEIPersistenceFlag
Bool m_ccvSEIPrimariesPresentFlag
Bool m_ccvSEIMinLuminanceValuePresentFlag
Bool m_ccvSEIMaxLuminanceValuePresentFlag
Bool m_ccvSEIAvgLuminanceValuePresentFlag
Double m_ccvSEIPrimariesX [MAX_NUM_COMPONENT]
Double m_ccvSEIPrimariesY [MAX_NUM_COMPONENT]
Double m_ccvSEIMinLuminanceValue
Double m_ccvSEIMaxLuminanceValue
Double m_ccvSEIAvgLuminanceValue
Bool m_erpSEIEnabled
Bool m_erpSEICancelFlag
Bool m_erpSEIPersistenceFlag
Bool m_erpSEIGuardBandFlag
UInt m_erpSEIGuardBandType
UInt m_erpSEILeftGuardBandWidth
UInt m_erpSEIRightGuardBandWidth
Bool m_sphereRotationSEIEnabled
Bool m_sphereRotationSEICancelFlag
Bool m_sphereRotationSEIPersistenceFlag
Int m_sphereRotationSEIYaw
Int m_sphereRotationSEIPitch
Int m_sphereRotationSEIRoll
Bool m_omniViewportSEIEnabled
UInt m_omniViewportSEIId
Bool m_omniViewportSEICancelFlag
Bool m_omniViewportSEIPersistenceFlag
UInt m_omniViewportSEICntMinus1
std::vector< Intm_omniViewportSEIAzimuthCentre
std::vector< Intm_omniViewportSEIElevationCentre
std::vector< Intm_omniViewportSEITiltCentre
std::vector< UIntm_omniViewportSEIHorRange
std::vector< UIntm_omniViewportSEIVerRange
Bool m_cmpSEIEnabled
Bool m_cmpSEICmpCancelFlag
Bool m_cmpSEICmpPersistenceFlag
Bool m_rwpSEIEnabled
Bool m_rwpSEIRwpCancelFlag
Bool m_rwpSEIRwpPersistenceFlag
Bool m_rwpSEIConstituentPictureMatchingFlag
Int m_rwpSEINumPackedRegions
Int m_rwpSEIProjPictureWidth
Int m_rwpSEIProjPictureHeight
Int m_rwpSEIPackedPictureWidth
Int m_rwpSEIPackedPictureHeight
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpTransformType
std::vector< Boolm_rwpSEIRwpGuardBandFlag
std::vector< UIntm_rwpSEIProjRegionWidth
std::vector< UIntm_rwpSEIProjRegionHeight
std::vector< UIntm_rwpSEIRwpSEIProjRegionTop
std::vector< UIntm_rwpSEIProjRegionLeft
std::vector< UShortm_rwpSEIPackedRegionWidth
std::vector< UShortm_rwpSEIPackedRegionHeight
std::vector< UShortm_rwpSEIPackedRegionTop
std::vector< UShortm_rwpSEIPackedRegionLeft
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpLeftGuardBandWidth
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpRightGuardBandWidth
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpTopGuardBandHeight
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpBottomGuardBandHeight
std::vector< Boolm_rwpSEIRwpGuardBandNotUsedForPredFlag
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpGuardBandType
std::string m_regionalNestingSEIFileRoot
Bool m_useWeightedPred
Bool m_useWeightedBiPred
WeightedPredictionMethod m_weightedPredictionMethod
UInt m_log2ParallelMergeLevelMinus2
 Parallel merge estimation region. More...
UInt m_maxNumMergeCand
 Maximum number of merge candidates. More...
ScalingListMode m_useScalingListId
 Using quantization matrix i.e. 0=off, 1=default, 2=file. More...
std::string m_scalingListFileName
 quantization matrix file name More...
Int m_TMVPModeId
Bool m_SignDataHidingEnabledFlag
Bool m_RCEnableRateControl
Int m_RCTargetBitrate
Int m_RCKeepHierarchicalBit
Bool m_RCLCULevelRC
Bool m_RCUseLCUSeparateModel
Int m_RCInitialQP
Bool m_RCForceIntraQP
Bool m_RCCpbSaturationEnabled
UInt m_RCCpbSize
Double m_RCInitialCpbFullness
Bool m_TransquantBypassEnabledFlag
 transquant_bypass_enabled_flag setting in PPS. More...
Bool m_CUTransquantBypassFlagForce
 if transquant_bypass_enabled_flag, then, if true, all CU transquant bypass flags will be set to true. More...
CostMode m_costMode
 The cost function to use, primarily when considering lossless coding. More...
Bool m_recalculateQPAccordingToLambda
 recalculate QP value according to the lambda value More...
Int m_activeParameterSetsSEIEnabled
 enable active parameter set SEI message More...
Bool m_vuiParametersPresentFlag
 enable generation of VUI parameters More...
Bool m_aspectRatioInfoPresentFlag
 Signals whether aspect_ratio_idc is present. More...
Bool m_chromaResamplingFilterHintEnabled
 Signals whether chroma sampling filter hint data is present. More...
Int m_chromaResamplingHorFilterIdc
 Specifies the Index of filter to use. More...
Int m_chromaResamplingVerFilterIdc
 Specifies the Index of filter to use. More...
Int m_aspectRatioIdc
 aspect_ratio_idc More...
Int m_sarWidth
 horizontal size of the sample aspect ratio More...
Int m_sarHeight
 vertical size of the sample aspect ratio More...
Bool m_overscanInfoPresentFlag
 Signals whether overscan_appropriate_flag is present. More...
Bool m_overscanAppropriateFlag
 Indicates whether conformant decoded pictures are suitable for display using overscan. More...
Bool m_videoSignalTypePresentFlag
 Signals whether video_format, video_full_range_flag, and colour_description_present_flag are present. More...
Int m_videoFormat
 Indicates representation of pictures. More...
Bool m_videoFullRangeFlag
 Indicates the black level and range of luma and chroma signals. More...
Bool m_colourDescriptionPresentFlag
 Signals whether colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics and matrix_coefficients are present. More...
Int m_colourPrimaries
 Indicates chromaticity coordinates of the source primaries. More...
Int m_transferCharacteristics
 Indicates the opto-electronic transfer characteristics of the source. More...
Int m_matrixCoefficients
 Describes the matrix coefficients used in deriving luma and chroma from RGB primaries. More...
Bool m_chromaLocInfoPresentFlag
 Signals whether chroma_sample_loc_type_top_field and chroma_sample_loc_type_bottom_field are present. More...
Int m_chromaSampleLocTypeTopField
 Specifies the location of chroma samples for top field. More...
Int m_chromaSampleLocTypeBottomField
 Specifies the location of chroma samples for bottom field. More...
Bool m_neutralChromaIndicationFlag
 Indicates that the value of all decoded chroma samples is equal to 1<<(BitDepthCr-1) More...
Window m_defaultDisplayWindow
 Represents the default display window parameters. More...
Bool m_frameFieldInfoPresentFlag
 Indicates that pic_struct and other field coding related values are present in picture timing SEI messages. More...
Bool m_pocProportionalToTimingFlag
 Indicates that the POC value is proportional to the output time w.r.t. first picture in CVS. More...
Int m_numTicksPocDiffOneMinus1
 Number of ticks minus 1 that for a POC difference of one. More...
Bool m_bitstreamRestrictionFlag
 Signals whether bitstream restriction parameters are present. More...
Bool m_tilesFixedStructureFlag
 Indicates that each active picture parameter set has the same values of the syntax elements related to tiles. More...
Bool m_motionVectorsOverPicBoundariesFlag
 Indicates that no samples outside the picture boundaries are used for inter prediction. More...
Int m_minSpatialSegmentationIdc
 Indicates the maximum size of the spatial segments in the pictures in the coded video sequence. More...
Int m_maxBytesPerPicDenom
 Indicates a number of bytes not exceeded by the sum of the sizes of the VCL NAL units associated with any coded picture. More...
Int m_maxBitsPerMinCuDenom
 Indicates an upper bound for the number of bits of coding_unit() data. More...
Int m_log2MaxMvLengthHorizontal
 Indicate the maximum absolute value of a decoded horizontal MV component in quarter-pel luma units. More...
Int m_log2MaxMvLengthVertical
 Indicate the maximum absolute value of a decoded vertical MV component in quarter-pel luma units. More...
Bool m_useStrongIntraSmoothing
 enable the use of strong intra smoothing (bi_linear interpolation) for 32x32 blocks when reference samples are flat. More...
Bool m_bEfficientFieldIRAPEnabled
 enable to code fields in a specific, potentially more efficient, order. More...
Bool m_bHarmonizeGopFirstFieldCoupleEnabled
std::string m_summaryOutFilename
 filename to use for producing summary output file. More...
std::string m_summaryPicFilenameBase
 Base filename to use for producing summary picture output files. The actual filenames used will have I.txt, P.txt and B.txt appended. More...
UInt m_summaryVerboseness
 Specifies the level of the verboseness of the text output. More...

Detailed Description

encoder class

Definition at line 68 of file TEncTop.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TEncTop::~TEncTop ( )

Definition at line 79 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Void TEncTop::create ( )

Definition at line 89 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::deletePicBuffer ( )

Definition at line 301 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::destroy ( )

Definition at line 147 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::encode ( Bool  flush,
TComPicYuv pcPicYuvOrg,
TComPicYuv pcPicYuvTrueOrg,
const InputColourSpaceConversion  snrCSC,
TComList< TComPicYuv * > &  rcListPicYuvRecOut,
std::list< AccessUnit > &  accessUnitsOut,
Int iNumEncoded 

encode several number of pictures until end-of-sequence

  • Application has picture buffer list with size of GOP + 1
  • Picture buffer list acts like as ring buffer
  • End of the list has the latest picture
flushcause encoder to encode a partial GOP
pcPicYuvOrgoriginal YUV picture
Return values
rcListPicYuvRecOutlist of reconstruction YUV pictures
accessUnitsOutlist of output access units
iNumEncodednumber of encoded pictures

Definition at line 329 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::encode ( Bool  bEos,
TComPicYuv pcPicYuvOrg,
TComPicYuv pcPicYuvTrueOrg,
const InputColourSpaceConversion  snrCSC,
TComList< TComPicYuv * > &  rcListPicYuvRecOut,
std::list< AccessUnit > &  accessUnitsOut,
Int iNumEncoded,
Bool  isTff 

encode several number of pictures until end-of-sequence

Definition at line 402 of file TEncTop.cpp.

TEncBinCABAC* TEncTop::getBinCABAC ( )

Definition at line 150 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncCavlc* TEncTop::getCavlcCoder ( )

Definition at line 148 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncCu* TEncTop::getCuEncoder ( )

Definition at line 146 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncEntropy* TEncTop::getEntropyCoder ( )

Definition at line 147 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncGOP* TEncTop::getGOPEncoder ( )

Definition at line 144 of file TEncTop.h.

TComList<TComPic*>* TEncTop::getListPic ( )

Definition at line 138 of file TEncTop.h.

TComLoopFilter* TEncTop::getLoopFilter ( )

Definition at line 142 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncSearch* TEncTop::getPredSearch ( )

Definition at line 139 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncRateCtrl* TEncTop::getRateCtrl ( )

Definition at line 155 of file TEncTop.h.

TComRdCost* TEncTop::getRdCost ( )

Definition at line 152 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncSbac* TEncTop::getRDGoOnSbacCoder ( )

Definition at line 154 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncSbac*** TEncTop::getRDSbacCoder ( )

Definition at line 153 of file TEncTop.h.

Int TEncTop::getReferencePictureSetIdxForSOP ( Int  POCCurr,
Int  GOPid 

Definition at line 1271 of file TEncTop.cpp.

TEncSampleAdaptiveOffset* TEncTop::getSAO ( )

Definition at line 143 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncSbac* TEncTop::getSbacCoder ( )

Definition at line 149 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncSlice* TEncTop::getSliceEncoder ( )

Definition at line 145 of file TEncTop.h.

TComTrQuant* TEncTop::getTrQuant ( )

Definition at line 141 of file TEncTop.h.

Void TEncTop::init ( Bool  isFieldCoding)

Definition at line 183 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Bool TEncTop::PPSNeedsWriting ( Int  ppsId)

Definition at line 1386 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::printSummary ( Bool  isField)

Definition at line 183 of file TEncTop.h.

Void TEncTop::selectReferencePictureSet ( TComSlice slice,
Int  POCCurr,
Int  GOPid 

Definition at line 1235 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::setParamSetChanged ( Int  spsId,
Int  ppsId 

Definition at line 1379 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Bool TEncTop::SPSNeedsWriting ( Int  spsId)

Definition at line 1393 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::xGetNewPicBuffer ( TComPic *&  rpcPic,
Int  ppsId 

get picture buffer which will be processed. If ppsId<0, then the ppsMap will be queried for the first match.

  • Application has picture buffer list with size of GOP + 1
  • Picture buffer list acts like as ring buffer
  • End of the list has the latest picture
Return values
rpcPicobtained picture buffer

Definition at line 496 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::xInitHrdParameters ( TComSPS sps)

initialize HRD parameters

check for possible PTL violations

Definition at line 774 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::xInitPPS ( TComPPS pps,
const TComSPS sps 

initialize PPS from encoder options

Definition at line 916 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::xInitPPSforTiles ( TComPPS pps)

Definition at line 1301 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::xInitRPS ( TComSPS sps,
Bool  isFieldCoding 

initialize PPS from encoder options

Definition at line 1084 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::xInitScalingLists ( TComSPS sps,
TComPPS pps 

initialize scaling lists

Definition at line 236 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::xInitSPS ( TComSPS sps)

initialize SPS from encoder options

Definition at line 598 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Void TEncTop::xInitVPS ( TComVPS vps,
const TComSPS sps 

initialize VPS from encoder options

Definition at line 580 of file TEncTop.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

TEncBinCABAC TEncTop::m_cBinCoderCABAC

bin coder CABAC

Definition at line 88 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncCavlc TEncTop::m_cCavlcCoder

CAVLC encoder.

Definition at line 86 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncCu TEncTop::m_cCuEncoder

CU encoder.

Definition at line 93 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncSampleAdaptiveOffset TEncTop::m_cEncSAO

sample adaptive offset class

Definition at line 84 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncEntropy TEncTop::m_cEntropyCoder

entropy encoder

Definition at line 85 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncGOP TEncTop::m_cGOPEncoder

GOP encoder.

Definition at line 91 of file TEncTop.h.

TComList<TComPic*> TEncTop::m_cListPic

dynamic list of pictures

Definition at line 75 of file TEncTop.h.

TComLoopFilter TEncTop::m_cLoopFilter

deblocking filter class

Definition at line 83 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncPreanalyzer TEncTop::m_cPreanalyzer

image characteristics analyzer for TM5-step3-like adaptive QP

Definition at line 110 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncRateCtrl TEncTop::m_cRateCtrl

Rate control class.

Definition at line 112 of file TEncTop.h.

TComRdCost TEncTop::m_cRdCost

RD cost computation class.

Definition at line 98 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncBinCABACCounter TEncTop::m_cRDGoOnBinCoderCABAC

going on bin coder CABAC for RD stage

Definition at line 103 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncSbac TEncTop::m_cRDGoOnSbacCoder

going on SBAC model for RD stage

Definition at line 100 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncSbac TEncTop::m_cSbacCoder

SBAC encoder.

Definition at line 87 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncSearch TEncTop::m_cSearch

encoder search class

Definition at line 78 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncSlice TEncTop::m_cSliceEncoder

slice encoder

Definition at line 92 of file TEncTop.h.

TComTrQuant TEncTop::m_cTrQuant

transform & quantization class

Definition at line 82 of file TEncTop.h.

Int TEncTop::m_iNumPicRcvd

number of received pictures

Definition at line 73 of file TEncTop.h.

Int TEncTop::m_iPOCLast

time index (POC)

Definition at line 72 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncCavlc* TEncTop::m_pcCavlcCoder

CAVLC encoder.

Definition at line 80 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncBinCABACCounter*** TEncTop::m_pppcBinCoderCABAC

temporal CABAC state storage for RD computation

Definition at line 102 of file TEncTop.h.

TEncSbac*** TEncTop::m_pppcRDSbacCoder

temporal storage for RD computation

Definition at line 99 of file TEncTop.h.

ParameterSetMap<TComPPS> TEncTop::m_ppsMap

PPS. This is the base value. This is copied to TComPicSym.

Definition at line 96 of file TEncTop.h.

ParameterSetMap<TComSPS> TEncTop::m_spsMap

SPS. This is the base value. This is copied to TComPicSym.

Definition at line 95 of file TEncTop.h.

UInt TEncTop::m_uiNumAllPicCoded

number of coded pictures

Definition at line 74 of file TEncTop.h.

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