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GOPEntry Struct Reference

#include <TEncCfg.h>

Public Member Functions

 GOPEntry ()

Public Attributes

Int m_POC
Int m_QPOffset
Double m_QPOffsetModelOffset
Double m_QPOffsetModelScale
Int m_CbQPoffset
Int m_CrQPoffset
Double m_QPFactor
Int m_tcOffsetDiv2
Int m_betaOffsetDiv2
Int m_temporalId
Bool m_refPic
Int m_numRefPicsActive
SChar m_sliceType
Int m_numRefPics
Int m_referencePics [MAX_NUM_REF_PICS]
Int m_usedByCurrPic [MAX_NUM_REF_PICS]
Int m_interRPSPrediction
Int m_deltaRPS
Int m_numRefIdc
Int m_refIdc [MAX_NUM_REF_PICS+1]
Bool m_isEncoded

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file TEncCfg.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GOPEntry::GOPEntry ( )

Definition at line 74 of file TEncCfg.h.

Member Data Documentation

Int GOPEntry::m_betaOffsetDiv2

Definition at line 61 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_CbQPoffset

Definition at line 57 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_CrQPoffset

Definition at line 58 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_deltaRPS

Definition at line 70 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_interRPSPrediction

Definition at line 69 of file TEncCfg.h.

Bool GOPEntry::m_isEncoded

Definition at line 73 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_numRefIdc

Definition at line 71 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_numRefPics

Definition at line 66 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_numRefPicsActive

Definition at line 64 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_POC

Definition at line 51 of file TEncCfg.h.

Double GOPEntry::m_QPFactor

Definition at line 59 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_QPOffset

Definition at line 52 of file TEncCfg.h.

Double GOPEntry::m_QPOffsetModelOffset

Definition at line 54 of file TEncCfg.h.

Double GOPEntry::m_QPOffsetModelScale

Definition at line 55 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_referencePics[MAX_NUM_REF_PICS]

Definition at line 67 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_refIdc[MAX_NUM_REF_PICS+1]

Definition at line 72 of file TEncCfg.h.

Bool GOPEntry::m_refPic

Definition at line 63 of file TEncCfg.h.

SChar GOPEntry::m_sliceType

Definition at line 65 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_tcOffsetDiv2

Definition at line 60 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_temporalId

Definition at line 62 of file TEncCfg.h.

Int GOPEntry::m_usedByCurrPic[MAX_NUM_REF_PICS]

Definition at line 68 of file TEncCfg.h.

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