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#include <TEncBinCoderCABACCounter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TEncBinCABACCounter ()
virtual ~TEncBinCABACCounter ()
Void finish ()
UInt getNumWrittenBits ()
Void encodeBin (UInt binValue, ContextModel &rcCtxModel)
 Encode bin. More...
Void encodeBinEP (UInt binValue)
 Encode equiprobable bin. More...
Void encodeBinsEP (UInt binValues, Int numBins)
 Encode equiprobable bins. More...
Void encodeBinTrm (UInt binValue)
 Encode terminating bin. More...
Void align ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TEncBinCABAC
const TEncBinCABACgetTEncBinCABAC () const
Void setBinsCoded (UInt uiVal)
UInt getBinsCoded ()
Void setBinCountingEnableFlag (Bool bFlag)
Bool getBinCountingEnableFlag ()
 TEncBinCABAC ()
virtual ~TEncBinCABAC ()
Void init (TComBitIf *pcTComBitIf)
Void uninit ()
Void start ()
Void copyState (const TEncBinIf *pcTEncBinIf)
Void flush ()
Void resetBac ()
Void encodePCMAlignBits ()
Void xWritePCMCode (UInt uiCode, UInt uiLength)
Void resetBits ()
Void encodeAlignedBinsEP (UInt binValues, Int numBins)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TEncBinIf
virtual ~TEncBinIf ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TEncBinCABAC
Void testAndWriteOut ()
Void writeOut ()
 Move bits from register into bitstream. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from TEncBinCABAC
UInt m_uiLow
UInt m_uiRange
UInt m_bufferedByte
Int m_numBufferedBytes
Int m_bitsLeft
UInt m_uiBinsCoded
Int m_binCountIncrement
UInt64 m_fracBits

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file TEncBinCoderCABACCounter.h.

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