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TEncEntropy Class Reference

entropy encoder class More...

#include <TEncEntropy.h>

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Public Member Functions

Void setBitstream (TComBitIf *p)
Void resetBits ()
UInt getNumberOfWrittenBits ()
Void resetEntropy (const TComSlice *pSlice)
SliceType determineCabacInitIdx (const TComSlice *pSlice)
Void encodeSAOBlkParam (SAOBlkParam &saoBlkParam, const BitDepths &bitDepths, Bool *sliceEnabled, Bool leftMergeAvail, Bool aboveMergeAvail)

Public Attributes

Void setEntropyCoder (TEncEntropyIf *e)
Void encodeSliceHeader (TComSlice *pcSlice)
Void encodeTilesWPPEntryPoint (TComSlice *pSlice)
Void encodeTerminatingBit (UInt uiIsLast)
Void encodeSliceFinish ()
Void encodeVPS (const TComVPS *pcVPS)
Void encodeSPS (const TComSPS *pcSPS)
Void encodePPS (const TComPPS *pcPPS)
Void encodeSplitFlag (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth, Bool bRD=false)
 encode split flag More...
Void encodeCUTransquantBypassFlag (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, Bool bRD=false)
Void encodeSkipFlag (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, Bool bRD=false)
Void encodePUWise (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx)
 encode motion information for every PU block More...
Void encodeInterDirPU (TComDataCU *pcSubCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx)
Void encodeRefFrmIdxPU (TComDataCU *pcSubCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, RefPicList eRefList)
 encode reference frame index for a PU block More...
Void encodeMvdPU (TComDataCU *pcSubCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, RefPicList eRefList)
 encode motion vector difference for a PU block More...
Void encodeMVPIdxPU (TComDataCU *pcSubCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, RefPicList eRefList)
Void encodeMergeFlag (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx)
 encode merge flag More...
Void encodeMergeIndex (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, Bool bRD=false)
 encode merge index More...
Void encodePredMode (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, Bool bRD=false)
 encode prediction mode More...
Void encodePartSize (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth, Bool bRD=false)
 encode partition size More...
Void encodeIPCMInfo (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, Bool bRD=false)
Void encodePredInfo (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx)
Void encodeIntraDirModeLuma (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt absPartIdx, Bool isMultiplePU=false)
 encode intra direction for luma More...
Void encodeIntraDirModeChroma (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx)
 encode intra direction for chroma More...
Void encodeTransformSubdivFlag (UInt uiSymbol, UInt uiCtx)
Void encodeQtCbf (TComTU &rTu, const ComponentID compID, const Bool lowestLevel)
Void encodeQtCbfZero (TComTU &rTu, const ChannelType chType)
Void encodeQtRootCbfZero ()
Void encodeQtRootCbf (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx)
Void encodeQP (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, Bool bRD=false)
Void encodeChromaQpAdjustment (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, Bool bRD=false)
 encode chroma qp adjustment More...
Void encodeCrossComponentPrediction (TComTU &rTu, ComponentID compID)
Void encodeCoeff (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth, Bool &bCodeDQP, Bool &codeChromaQpAdj)
 encode coefficients More...
Void encodeCoeffNxN (TComTU &rTu, TCoeff *pcCoef, const ComponentID compID)
Void estimateBit (estBitsSbacStruct *pcEstBitsSbac, Int width, Int height, ChannelType chType, COEFF_SCAN_TYPE scanType)
Void xEncodeTransform (Bool &bCodeDQP, Bool &codeChromaQpAdj, TComTU &rTu)
static Int countNonZeroCoeffs (TCoeff *pcCoef, UInt uiSize)

Detailed Description

entropy encoder class

Definition at line 116 of file TEncEntropy.h.

Member Function Documentation

SliceType TEncEntropy::determineCabacInitIdx ( const TComSlice pSlice)

Definition at line 124 of file TEncEntropy.h.

Void TEncEntropy::encodeSAOBlkParam ( SAOBlkParam saoBlkParam,
const BitDepths bitDepths,
Bool sliceEnabled,
Bool  leftMergeAvail,
Bool  aboveMergeAvail 

Definition at line 176 of file TEncEntropy.h.

UInt TEncEntropy::getNumberOfWrittenBits ( )

Definition at line 122 of file TEncEntropy.h.

Void TEncEntropy::resetBits ( )

Definition at line 121 of file TEncEntropy.h.

Void TEncEntropy::resetEntropy ( const TComSlice pSlice)

Definition at line 123 of file TEncEntropy.h.

Void TEncEntropy::setBitstream ( TComBitIf p)

Definition at line 120 of file TEncEntropy.h.

Member Data Documentation

TEncEntropyIf* TEncEntropy::m_pcEntropyCoderIf

Definition at line 130 of file TEncEntropy.h.

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