Apr 28, 2015:

2:26 AM Ticket #1393 (Unnecessary condition checking when handling no output of prior picture) created by fhendry
There is the following checking within function checkNoOutputPriorPics …

Apr 23, 2015:

3:00 PM Ticket #1389 (possible memory issue) closed by karlsharman
worksforme: There does not appear to be a bug in this part of the code, except …

Apr 21, 2015:

8:00 PM Milestone HM-16.5 completed

Apr 20, 2015:

2:51 PM Ticket #1392 (ARM cross-compilation issues with g++/Linux) created by ksuehring
The following code has been added to address issue #206 […] It …
1:30 PM Ticket #1391 (cabac_bypass_alignment_enabled_flag: escapeDataPresent is initialised ...) created by dominik.wojt
HM-reference software resets the escapeDataPresent flag more often …

Apr 16, 2015:

3:39 PM Ticket #1390 (Duplicated lines in created by bordesp
In the section Reference sample substitution process for …
2:35 PM WikiStart edited by ksuehring
draft -> standard (diff)

Apr 14, 2015:

3:35 PM Ticket #1389 (possible memory issue) created by kolya
It seems (I am not sure) that in TDecCU::create (TDecCu.cpp line 82) …
6:25 AM Ticket #1388 (SCC text error of act qp offset addition process in 8.6.1 and 8.6.2.) created by kchono
Act qp offset in JCTVC-T0140 was adopted in the last meeting. It …

Apr 13, 2015:

12:22 PM Ticket #1387 (documentation of bWriteMode parameter to TVideoIOYuv::open() is incorrect) closed by ksuehring
fixed: The issue has been fixed in r4432

Apr 10, 2015:

3:08 AM Ticket #1387 (documentation of bWriteMode parameter to TVideoIOYuv::open() is incorrect) created by dthoang
In the documentation of TVideoIOYuv::open(), […] should be […]

Apr 3, 2015:

4:08 PM Ticket #1386 (typo in spec) created by kolya
There is around (7-76) equation in the JCTVC-R1013_v6 …

Apr 2, 2015:

4:40 PM Ticket #1265 (Access Unit delimiter and filler data should be parsed) closed by ksuehring
fixed: fixed in r4429
1:32 PM Ticket #1289 (cbr_flag set by encoder) closed by ksuehring
fixed: The flag has been disabled in the HRD parameters in r4428
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