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Subclause 8.4 wording, typos, formatting

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Priority: minor Milestone: WD6
Component: Text Version: D6 (H1003) dI/dJ/dK
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Wording: "Output of this process is" --> "Output of this process are", if more than one thing is output (like samples)

Subclause 8.4.1:

  • p.99: 0,1,2,..,35 --> 0..35
  • Figure 8-1: The directions do not match the directions in Figure 8-2. Harmonize, merge the figures?
  • p.101: in step 6.2)i.: "IntraPredMode[ xB ][ yB ] = rem_intra_luma_pred_mode" --> "IntraPredMode[ xB ][ yB ] = rem_intra_luma_pred_mode[ xB ][ yB ]"

Subclause 8.4.2:

  • Syntax elements are available and do not need to be input to the process (intra_chroma_pred_mode, chroma_pred_from_luma_enabled_flag), intra_chroma_pred_mode --> intra_chroma_pred_mode[ xB ][ yB ]
  • Table 8-2: "LM" is not specified, supposedly mode 35, Intra_FromLuma

Subclause Notation "2x" --> "2*x", for y accordingly.


  • The specified threshold intraHorVerDistThresh[nS]=10 for nS=4 and nS=64 implies that minDistVerHor is never larger than the threshold. Rephrase step 3 to make this evident?


  • "with x, y = 0..nS−1" is obsolete in eq. (8-41)
  • Eqs.(8-42)-(8-44): "1*" could be removed for clarity.
  • Figure 8-2 misses the numbering of the prediction modes.


  • The prediction is specified with refMain at the top of the current block. The presentation would be clearer if the text for horizontal and vertical directions would be separated around eqs(8-55,56). This would make the swapping operation at the end obsolete. (The variable name 'refMain' seems to be left over from the proposal, rename?)
  • Table 8-5: horizontal double line between 2nd and 3rd row to make content more clear. Make formatting of numbers consistent.
  • Table 8-6: horizontal double line between 2nd and 3rd row to make content more clear. Make formatting of numbers consistent with Table 8-5.
  • Text before eq.(8-50): "Otherwise" --> "- Otherwise"
  • Text before eq.(8-53): "by the following procedures" --> "by the following ordered steps"
  • If the swapping operation is kept in the text, it should be specified more precisely and start with a "when" instead of an "if".


  • "This intra prediction mode is invoked when intraPredMode is equal to 34." --> the mode number is 0.
  • Text around eq.(8-57): "x, y = 0..nS−1" is doubled, the one after the equation should be deleted, spec of variable k put to text above.


  • Notation "2x" --> "2*x", for y accordingly.
  • Notation of variables p* with italics in eqs (8-62)-(8-65), non-italics elsewhere.

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Fixed in JCTVC-I1003_d9.

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