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#1169 HM-12.0-RExt-4.1 encoder bug when enabling large-TU transformSkip and RDPCM defect major RExt-4.1 (HM-12.0) fixed
#1262 Reference decoder discards chroma CBFs when decoding 4:2:2 with log2_min_transform_block_size_minus2>0 defect major RExt-4.1 (HM-12.0) fixed
#1167 TransformSkipFast needs to be disabled when transformSkipLog2MaxSize != 2 defect minor RExt-4.0 (HM-12.0) wontfix
#1218 Redundant inverse transform in Intra blocks defect minor RExt-4.1 (HM-12.0) fixed
#1257 Chroma subsampling directions are transposed in weighted prediction defect minor RExt-4.1 (HM-12.0) fixed
#1259 Segmentation fault when using 4:2:2 subsampling defect minor RExt-4.1 (HM-12.0) fixed
#1260 Filtering process for chroma block edges doesn't match spec defect minor RExt-4.1 (HM-12.0) fixed
#1269 initValues for cu_chroma_qp_adjustment_flag and cu_chroma_qp_adjustment_idc differ from spec defect minor RExt D6 (P1005) v1 fixed
#1270 Chroma QP adjustment parameters are not set over the correct area defect minor RExt-4.1 (HM-12.0) fixed
#1271 Inference of slice_chroma_qp_adjustment_enabled_flag is not correctly implemented defect minor RExt-4.1 (HM-12.0) fixed
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