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#247 APS does not use the header trace file functionality enhancement minor HM-5.0 wontfix
#268 some memory handling issues davidf defect minor HM-5.0 fixed
#449 APS writing needs cleanup defect minor HM-6.0 wontfix
#554 Encoding/Decoding of tile_idx_minus_1 defect minor HM-7.0 wontfix
#623 LCU based SAO parameters still stored in APS structure defect minor HM-7.1 fixed
#626 Text/HM mismatch of aps_id in slice header defect minor HM-7.1 wontfix
#651 Mismatch with text: cu_transquant_bypass_flag is decoded for PCM blocks defect minor HM-7.1 fixed
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