HEVC Screen Content Coding Extension (SCC)


After finalization of the HEVC base specification, JCT-VC continued to work on extensions.

The Screen Content Coding (SCC) extensions will improve compression capability for video containing a significant portion of rendered (moving or static) graphics, text, or animation rather than (or in addition to) camera-captured video scenes. Example applications include wireless displays, remote computer desktop access, and real-time screen sharing for videoconferencing.

SCC will be included in the fourth version of HEVC, which is expected to be finalized in February 2016.


Reference software

The reference software for SCC is maintained in a separate branch of the main HEVC software repository.

The HM software is maintained in a Subversion repository. Please use a Subversion client to access the repository links directly or use the source browser for web browser access.

Bug reporting

Specification and software bugs related to SCC can be reported using the main HEVC bug tracker:

Overview Papers

JCT-VC chairs

  • Jens-Rainer Ohm
  • Gary J. Sullivan

SCC specification editors

  • Rajan Joshi
  • Jizheng Xu
  • Shan Liu
  • Gary J. Sullivan

SCM software coordinators

  • Krishna Rapaka
  • Bin Li
  • Robert Cohen
  • Xiaoyu Xiu
  • Tzu-Der Chuang
  • Meng Xu