Multiview High Efficiency Video Coding (MV-HEVC)


Already during the initial phase of HEVC, multi-layer extentions were planned and the proper hooks were included into the base specification.

The JCT-3V was established to work on multiview and 3D video coding extensions of HEVC and other video coding standards.

The multiview extension of HEVC (MV-HEVC) provides support for coding multiple views with inter-layer prediction. It is was designed as a high-level syntax only extension to allow reuse of existing decoder components.

MV-HEVC is included in the second version of HEVC, which was finalized in October 2014.


MV-HEVC and 3D-HEVC reference software

The reference software for MV- and 3D-HEVC is maintained in an own Subversion repository. Please use a Subversion client to access the repository links directly or use the source browser for web browser access.

Bug tracking

Specification and software bugs related to MV- and 3D-HEVC can be reported using the MV- and 3D-HEVC bug tracker:

Overview Papers

JCT-3V chairs

  • Jens-Rainer Ohm
  • Gary J. Sullivan

Specification editors

  • Gerhard Tech
  • Jill Boyce
  • Ying Chen
  • Miska M. Hannuksela
  • Jens-Rainer Ohm
  • Gary J. Sullivan

Software coordinator

  • Gerhard Tech