Oct 12, 2010:

10:24 PM Ticket #103 (-fs (--FrameSkip) command-line option does not work for TAppEncoderStatic) created by pimthurn
Run the following two commands and observe that the frames extracted …

Oct 11, 2010:

11:14 AM Ticket #102 (Terminating bit should not be coded for LCEC) created by fbossen
For each CU one binary flag is used to indicate whether it is the last …

Oct 9, 2010:

10:47 AM Ticket #101 (Function getPartIndexAndSize() cannot be used at the decoder) created by nsprljan
At the encoder CUs are split into smaller CUs and then the upper left …
3:00 AM Ticket #100 (Bug with the selection of MVs for L1 references when AMVP is used) created by nsprljan
In the function predInterSearch() for some cases motion estimation is …

Oct 1, 2010:

1:22 AM Ticket #99 (Incompatibility betwenn PU based Merging and PBIC) created by helle
with the recently integrated Fixes for PU based Merging, compatibility …

Sep 30, 2010:

8:51 PM Ticket #98 (restricted Predictor List for skip/direct modes when Merge is active) created by helle
When skip/direct modes are active together with Merge, …
8:44 PM Ticket #97 (coding of merge-flags in PU based Merging) created by helle
In PU-based Merging, all merge-flag configurations inside a CU …
8:35 PM Ticket #96 (redundant coding of RQT-root flag) created by helle
RQT-root flag does not have to be coded in Direct mode with InterDir=3.

Sep 29, 2010:

3:39 PM Ticket #95 (Bad encoder estimation for PU based merging.) created by helle
For PU based merging, the encoder now compares the Merge and ME …
2:39 PM Ticket #94 (AIS and UDI incompatibilities) created by bbross
For ADI, always enabling smoothing while AIS is disabled (AIS : 0, …

Sep 16, 2010:

11:34 PM Ticket #87 (Harmonize macros DCM_PBIC and HHI_MRG_PU) closed by sandeepkanumuri

Sep 15, 2010:

3:46 AM Ticket #93 (Encoder/decoder mismatch when MaxCUsize=8) created by j.takiue
When Maximum CU size is set to 8 as follows, encoder/decoder mismatch …

Sep 14, 2010:

11:42 PM Ticket #92 (Encoder Speed for SIFO) created by rahul
While running TE12 tests it is noticed that SIFO is slower compared to …
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