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    initial v2  
    1 Four 4x4 luma TBs have two corresponding 4x4 chroma TBs for 4:2:2.
    2 Only the top chroma TB's CBFs in this case are coded.
     2In both 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 the transform tree syntax doesn't provide for non non-zero TBs.
     4(Reminder), For 4:2:0, an 8x8 TU that is split to four 4x4 TUs will have a single 4x4 chroma TB coded.  The chroma CBF for this single 4x4 TB is that from the level above (ie 8x8).
     7In the case of 4:2:2, which follows the 4:2:0 design, there are two 'leaf' 4x4 chroma TBs.  The current spec has the issue that both chroma TBs inherit the CBF from the level above, requiring both to contain sig coefs.
     10In the case of 4:4:4, which allows the equal splitting of luma and chroma blocks (ie an 8x8CU can be split into four 4x4 luma TBs and four 4x4 Cb TBs), all 4x4 chroma TBs will inherit the CBF from the level above.

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