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#1306 ScalingFactor for chroma 32x32 mismatch with reference code new defect major HM-15.0
#1305 Decoding process for chroma residual blocks, inconsistent for 444 new davidf defect minor HM-15.0
#1319 Superfluous condition on residualDpcm in intra blocks new defect minor RExt D7
#1363 Log2MaxTrafoSize is not defined new defect minor
#1424 nCS1L is not defined but used new defect minor
#1425 refIdxL10zeroCandm and mvL10zeroCandm has typo new defect minor
#1426 split_cu_flag specifies whether a coding quadtree is split into coding quadtrees. new defect minor
#1427 (8-155) and (8-157) do not seem to be used new defect minor
#1428 there seems to be a typo about anticlockwise_rotation new defect minor
#1302 WP unnecessary condition for log2Wd < 1 new enhancement trivial
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