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#1452 HEVC SCC Text transform unit syntax for chroma_qp_offset call is missing chromaCbf and !cu_transquant_bypass conditions new defect critical
#1433 Missing CABAC information. new defect major
#1449 Incorrect offset derivation in Eq 8-10x from chroma format for CPR new defect major
#1469 Typo in the Equation (8-100) new defect major
#1472 Diff between specification and HM on palette coding new defect major
#1484 HM crashes when a NALU with zero payload size new defect major
#1485 HM cannot handle multiple appearance of current frame in the reference list new defect major
#1486 Incorrect warning message new defect major
#1487 Last decoded frame is not being outputted correctly new defect major
#1321 Overflow in cross component prediction assigned rajan_joshi defect minor
#1372 IntraPredModeY is not set to be DC for palette and IntraBC mode assigned rajan_joshi defect minor
#1396 palette_transpose_flag inference to 0 is missed new defect minor
#1402 Ambiguous semantic for constrained_intra_prediction_flag new defect minor
#1416 Two SEI messages missing in table D.1 new defect minor
#1431 pred_weight_table incorrectly uses RefPicList0 to decode luma_weight_l1_flag new defect minor
#1432 Error in Truncated Binary binarisation process. new defect minor
#1434 Contradictions in spec, and typos. assigned rajan_joshi defect minor
#1435 Inconsistent naming: residual_adaptive_colour_transform_flag assigned rajan_joshi defect minor
#1437 typo in the spec in new defect minor
#1440 Wavefront+tiles new defect minor
#1441 Typos. new defect minor
#1456 Clarification on note related to repetition of SPS new defect minor
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