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#1013 missing read_bits(1) when pcm_flag is decoded as 1 reopened defect major
#1153 Encoder crashes in field based coding with rate control new defect major
#1306 ScalingFactor for chroma 32x32 mismatch with reference code new defect HM-15.0 major
#1312 H.265 official spec, "Derivation process for collocated motion vectors", currPb instead of colPb. new defect major
#1314 HM Rate Control Bug new defect major
#1346 wrong STSA decision new defect major
#1348 Inconsistency in HEVC spec and between the spec and HM new defect major
#1391 cabac_bypass_alignment_enabled_flag: escapeDataPresent is initialised more often than in specification new rajan_joshi defect major
#1433 Missing CABAC information. new defect major
#1449 Incorrect offset derivation in Eq 8-10x from chroma format for CPR new defect major
#1461 Decoder need to check if the DPB is overflowed assigned yaohualibin@… defect major
#1469 Typo in the Equation (8-100) new defect major
#1472 Diff between specification and HM on palette coding new defect major
#1480 Data Overflow at Adaptive Color Transform HM Implementation new defect major
#1483 Missing initialization of lastPaletteSize[i] new defect major
#1484 HM crashes when a NALU with zero payload size new defect major
#1485 HM cannot handle multiple appearance of current frame in the reference list new defect major
#1486 Incorrect warning message new defect major
#1487 Last decoded frame is not being outputted correctly new defect major
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