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#93 fixed encoder does not set vertical constraint flag tech bugdayci

The random access hierarchical B case (random access 3-view case, IBP cfg. MV-HEVC or MV-HEVC plus depth) is not encoded correctly. Vertical constraint that applies to the P view (for both texture and depth of this P view) is not set and the disparity vector search range is not checked accordingly.

#92 fixed cMax wedge_full_tab_idx tech tech

cMax for binarization of wedge_full_tab_idx represent the maximum number of bits and not the maximum value of wedge_full_tab_idx as it should be.

This can be editorially fixed by replacing wedgeFullTabIdxBits[ log2PbSize ] with NumWedgePattern[ log2PbSize ] − 1.

The semantics restriction

"The value of wedge_full_tab_idx[ x0 ][ y0 ] shall be in the range 0 to NumWedgePattern[ log2PbSize ] − 1, inclusive."

is then also implicitly given and can be removed.

#91 fixed misalingment between software and working draft tech lizhang

In the NBDV derivation process, the availability of left block is checked by invoking the following function:

pcTmpCU = getPULeft(uiIdx, uiPartIdxLB, true, false);

The last input parameter is set to false so that the availability check of the left block is done without considering the constraint of tiles.

However, in the WD and in 3D-HTM of MV prediciton process,the tile constraint is always considered. Therefore, it is suggested that using the same strategy for NBDV derivation by replacing the above line with: pcTmpCU = getPULeft(uiIdx, uiPartIdxLB);

In this case, there is no need to change the specification.

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