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#9 fixed Test of ViewId missing in AMVP tech tech

Related to JCT3V-C0116 In derivation process for motion vector predictor candidates a test of different view ids seems to be missing (also in software). Needs cross-check.

#10 fixed Texture merge cand although ref picture might not be in list tech tech

Related to JCT3V-C0137 Derivation process for texture merging candidate: refIdx from texture can be inherited although it is not verified that a picture with refIdx exists in the RefPicList of the depth or belongs to the same time instant. Might be a problem for non-ctc.

#11 fixed Availability of VSP coded blocks in AMVP and deblocking filter tech tech

Related to JCT3V-C0152:

In software there are several changes related to VSP regarding the availiaility of blocks in the deblocking filter and AMVP that are not reflected in the draft. Input by proponent is required.

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