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#89 fixed ARP refIdx and refcheck tech Tomohiro Ikai

At the strasburg meeting, ARP mismatch between text and software was reported. The issues are mainly related to F0105, F0123 and I0051. This ticket reports the details and a suggested fix (relative to HTM-12.2 and J1001_v3). The suggested fix doesn't affect coding results in CTC. The suggested patch includes the four macros (FIX_TICKET_89_REFIDX, FIX_TICKET_89_REFCHECK, FIX_TICKET_89_REFCLEAN, and FIX_TICKET_89_REFCLEAN2).

Issues: (1)Software issue(FIX_TICKET_89_REFIDX):

  • typos in arpIdx selection

(2)Software and text issue(FIX_TICKET_89_REFCHECK):

  • wrong or missing availablity checks in inter-view ARP

Specifically, in inter-view ARP, the ARP reference list X is replaced to Z as proposed in F0123 and I0051, so the software and text should be modified to check the Z rather than X. That's the reasonable harmonization with F0105.

Additionally, a software clean up is provided (FIX_TICKET_89_CLEAN and FIX_TICKET_89_CLEAN2).

Note: FIX_TICKET_89_CLEAN removes unnecessary conditions (2Nx2N check and depth chech are processed before ARP function in text and software, so we can remove them) and removes non-used variable (pNewMvFiled). FIX_TICKET_89_CLEAN2 merges uni-prediction part and bi-prediction part into one part as text specifies. The CLEAN2 changes can be large but it really helps cleanup.

#91 fixed misalingment between software and working draft tech lizhang

In the NBDV derivation process, the availability of left block is checked by invoking the following function:

pcTmpCU = getPULeft(uiIdx, uiPartIdxLB, true, false);

The last input parameter is set to false so that the availability check of the left block is done without considering the constraint of tiles.

However, in the WD and in 3D-HTM of MV prediciton process,the tile constraint is always considered. Therefore, it is suggested that using the same strategy for NBDV derivation by replacing the above line with: pcTmpCU = getPULeft(uiIdx, uiPartIdxLB);

In this case, there is no need to change the specification.

#92 fixed cMax wedge_full_tab_idx tech tech

cMax for binarization of wedge_full_tab_idx represent the maximum number of bits and not the maximum value of wedge_full_tab_idx as it should be.

This can be editorially fixed by replacing wedgeFullTabIdxBits[ log2PbSize ] with NumWedgePattern[ log2PbSize ] − 1.

The semantics restriction

"The value of wedge_full_tab_idx[ x0 ][ y0 ] shall be in the range 0 to NumWedgePattern[ log2PbSize ] − 1, inclusive."

is then also implicitly given and can be removed.

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