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#9 fixed Test of ViewId missing in AMVP tech tech

Related to JCT3V-C0116 In derivation process for motion vector predictor candidates a test of different view ids seems to be missing (also in software). Needs cross-check.

#10 fixed Texture merge cand although ref picture might not be in list tech tech

Related to JCT3V-C0137 Derivation process for texture merging candidate: refIdx from texture can be inherited although it is not verified that a picture with refIdx exists in the RefPicList of the depth or belongs to the same time instant. Might be a problem for non-ctc.

#54 fixed Timing on clipping vectors tech shimizu.shinya

In the current HTM, motion/disparity vectors are clipped before storing them in some cases although they should be clipped before generating prediction signals. In other words, motion/disparity vectors in the motion storage should not be clipped.

At least, I found such wrong clippings in TComDataCU::xAddVspCand, TComDataCU::xAddIvMRGCand, TComDataCU::xGetInterMergeCandidates (6 places), TComDataCU::getDisMvpCandNBDV (2 places), TComDataCU::estimateDVFromDM, TComDataCU::xCheckSpatialNBDV, TComDataCU::getInterViewMergeCands (3 places). After removing these clipping, it becomes necessary to add clipping in TComPrediction::xPredInterUniARP since NBDV becomes a non-clipped vector.

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