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#87 fixed Memory leak tech tech

For some reasons

m_pbUseDDD = (Bool* ) xMalloc( Bool, uiNumPartition);

is not freed at the decoder, although

if ( m_pbUseDDD ) { xFree(m_pbUseDDD); m_pbUseDDD = NULL; }

is present in code.

#68 fixed MV clipping bug in the sub-PU MPI default MV generation tech jicheng

In HTM11, there is a MV clipping operation in the sub-PU MPI default MV generation, which is obviously a bug and should be removed to align with the WD. (This kind of bug was previously solved by NTT_BUG_FIX_TK54, but here it is introduced again by MPI_SUBPU_DEFAULT_MV_H0077_H0099_H0111_H0133.)

In TComDataCU.cpp, line 4499, the following coded should be removed:

clipMv( cMv );
#111 fixed Log2MpiSubPbSizeMinus3 should be 0 in baseCfg_2view+depth.cfg tech Tomohiro Ikai

About a 3D-HEVC cfg file, tags/HTM-15.1/cfg/3D-HEVC/baseCfg_2view+depth.cfg:

To use MPI as default in 2 view case, we should replace the value: Log2MpiSubPbSizeMinus3 : 3 with Log2MpiSubPbSizeMinus3 : 0

Note: 3 view case(baseCfg_3view+depth.cfg) or other cfg files seems correct.

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