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#107 fixed Missing derivation on OlsIdxToLsIdx[] tech Tomohiro Ikai

According the verion 2 spec, the OlsIdxToLsIdx[] is derived as "OlsIdxToLsIdx[ i ] = ( i < NumLayerSets ) ? i : ( layer_set_idx_for_ols_minus1[ i ] + 1 )".

However, in the HTM, the derivation is missing when layer_set_idx_for_ols_minus1 is not present. The inference of layer_set_idx_for_ols_minus1 is also missing ("When not present, the value of layer_set_idx_for_ols_minus1[ i ] is inferred to be equal to 0"). In the current HTM, the OlsIdxToLsIdx[] seems not affect decoding/encoding process but it should be fixed to avoid future confusion.

A patch is attached.

#69 fixed Missing of DcVal process and unclear DcOffset usage tech Tomohiro Ikai

In I. (I. Segmental depth intra coding process) in 3D-HEVC Draft Text 4 (H1001_v2), dcPred is derived but not used. It seems dcPred related process for recSamples is missing.

The fix is not clear but the attached H1001_v2_opt1 may help.

To me, the DcOffset usage is not clear in the following points. So the editorial improvement and some fix is to be desired.

(1) In SDC, DcOffset is not added to predSamples in I. but it is added in I. The reason why we should have two DcOffset related subclause is not clear to me. If we uses I. in both cases, the text can be much clear (See H1001_v2_opt2)

(2) In SDC, the variable DcVal is derived and used. But the derivation of DcVal is not clear. Specifically, When SDC is on, dcOffsetAvailFlag is false. Then DcOffset is not used both in DLT on case and in DLT off case. But when DLT is on, possibly we should add DcOffset before Idx2DepthValue[] (dcOffsetAvail should be true in this part?).

(3) DLT handling is separately specified in I. and I. That is difficult to understand so it should be specified either in I. or in I.

(4) If predModeIntra is not equal to INTRA_DMM_WFULL or INTRA_DMM_CPREDTEX, dcPred[0] is derived. But it is unclear whther DcOffset should be added in this case.

#44 fixed Missing of splitFlag definition for DoNBDV and VSP tech Tomohiro Ikai

The process "H.8.5.4 Derivation process for disparity vectors" uses splitFlag. But the input definition of splitFlag seems missing and DoNBDV and VSP process doesn't set the value of splitFlag on calling H.8.5.4.

Fixed WD is attached(same change as WD of JCT3V-E0207).

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