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Integrated following MV-HEVC HLS 7 items:

H_MV_HLS7_GEN Stub for further integrations (not tested)
Output layer sets, various

(VPS/P0300/alt output layer flag) #27 Change alt output layer flag to be signalled within the loop of output layer sets, from JCTVC-P0300-v2. Decision: Adopt.
(VPS/P0156/Num of output_layer_flag) #10 Proposal 3: The output_layer_flag[ i ][ j ] is signalled for j equal to 0 to NumLayersInIdList[ lsIdx ] inclusive. It was remarked that we might be able to just assume that the top layer is always output; however, this was not entirely clear , so the safe thing to do may be to also send the flag for this layer.
(VPS/P0295/Default output layer sets) #5 Discussion from (P0110). Decision: Three-state approach (text in P0295, decoder shall allow 3 to be present and shall treat 3 the same as the value 2).

H_MV_HLS_7_HRD_P0156_7 (HRD/P0156/MaxSubLayersInLayerSetMinus1) #7 Proposal 1: signal, in the VPS extension, the DPB parameters for an output layer set for sub-DPBs only up to the maximum temporal sub-layers in the corresponding layer set
(VPS/P0048/profile_ref_minus1 rem) #14 Remove profile_ref_minus1 from the VPS extension, from JCTVC-P0048
H_MV_HLS_7_VPS_P0076_15 (VPS/P0076/video signal info move) #15 Move video signal information syntax structure earlier in the VPS VUI.
(SPS/P0155/sps_sub_layer_ordering_info) #16, #32 Not signal the sps_max_num_reorder_pics[], sps_max_latency_increase_plus1[], and sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1[] syntax elements in the SPS when nuh_layer_id > 0.
H_MV_HLS_7_GEN_P0166_PPS_EXTENSION (GEN/P0166/pps_extension) #17 Add PPS extension type flags for conditional presence of syntax extensions per extension type, aligned with the SPS extension type flags, from JCTVC-P0166. Further align the SPS extension type flags syntax between RExt and MV-HEVC/SHVC
Fix derivation dpb size parameters

(SPS/P0312/SHVC reserved flag) The flag will be used for the syntax vert_phase_position_enable_flag in SHVC draft
(VPS/O0215/SHVC reserved flag): this flag will be used for the syntax cross_layer_phase_alignment_flag in SHVC draft.
(VPS VUI/O0199,P0312/SHVC reserved flags) the 3 reserved bits will be used for the syntaxes single_layer_for_non_irap_flag, higher_layer_irap_skip_flag and vert_phase_position_not_in_use_flag in SHVC draft.

H_MV_FIX_VPS_LAYER_ID_NOT_EQUAL_ZERO Discard VPS with nuh_layer_Id > 0
(MISC/P0130/EOS NAL layer id) #19 Require that end of bitstream NAL unit shall have nuh_layer_id equal to 0, from JCTVC-P0130. Decoders shall allow an end of bitstream NAL unit with nuh_layer_id > 0 to be present, and shall ignore the NAL unit.
H_MV_HLS_7_MISC_P0182_13 (MISC/P0182/BL PS Compatibility flag) #13 Define the flag (in VPS VUI) with the proposed semantics, without specifying an associated extraction process. Editors to select the position in the VPS VUI.
(MISC/P0068/all irap idr flag) #21 Add flag in VUI to indicate that all IRAP pictures are IDRs and that all layer pictures in an AU are IDR aligned, from JCTVC-P0068 proposal 1.
H_MV_HLS_7_FIX_INFER_CROSS_LAYER_IRAP_ALIGNED_FLAG Fix inference of cross_layer_irap_aligned_flag
(MISC/P0079/NumActiveRefLayerPics) #18 Modification of derivation of variable NumActiveRefLayerPics.

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