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TAppDecoder - Decoder application


class  TAppDecCfg
 Decoder configuration class. More...
class  TAppDecTop
 decoder application class More...
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
Bool TAppDecCfg::parseCfg (Int argc, TChar *argv[])
 initialize option class from configuration More...
 TAppDecTop::TAppDecTop ()
Void TAppDecTop::create ()
 create internal members More...
Void TAppDecTop::destroy ()
 destroy internal members More...
Void TAppDecTop::decode ()
 main decoding function More...
Void TAppDecTop::xCreateDecLib ()
 create internal classes More...
Void TAppDecTop::xDestroyDecLib ()
 destroy internal classes More...
Void TAppDecTop::xInitDecLib ()
 initialize decoder class More...
Void TAppDecTop::xWriteOutput (TComList< TComPic * > *pcListPic, UInt tId)
 write YUV to file More...
Void TAppDecTop::xFlushOutput (TComList< TComPic * > *pcListPic)
 flush all remaining decoded pictures to file More...
Bool TAppDecTop::isNaluWithinTargetDecLayerIdSet (InputNALUnit *nalu)
 check whether given Nalu is within targetDecLayerIdSet More...
Void TAppDecTop::applyColourRemapping (const TComPicYuv &pic, SEIColourRemappingInfo &pCriSEI, const TComSPS &activeSPS)
Void TAppDecTop::xOutputColourRemapPic (TComPic *pcPic)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

Void TAppDecTop::applyColourRemapping ( const TComPicYuv pic,
SEIColourRemappingInfo pCriSEI,
const TComSPS activeSPS 

Definition at line 838 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Void TAppDecTop::create ( )

create internal members

Definition at line 64 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Void TAppDecTop::decode ( )

main decoding function

  • create internal class
  • initialize internal class
  • until the end of the bitstream, call decoding function in TDecTop class
  • delete allocated buffers
  • destroy internal class

Definition at line 86 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Void TAppDecTop::destroy ( )

destroy internal members

Definition at line 68 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Bool TAppDecTop::isNaluWithinTargetDecLayerIdSet ( InputNALUnit nalu)

check whether given Nalu is within targetDecLayerIdSet

naluInput nalu to check whether its LayerId is within targetDecLayerIdSet

Definition at line 621 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Definition at line 50 of file decmain.cpp.

Bool TAppDecCfg::parseCfg ( Int  argc,
TChar argv[] 

initialize option class from configuration

argcnumber of arguments
argvarray of arguments

Definition at line 61 of file TAppDecCfg.cpp.

TAppDecTop::TAppDecTop ( )

Definition at line 58 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Void TAppDecTop::xCreateDecLib ( )

create internal classes

Definition at line 266 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Void TAppDecTop::xDestroyDecLib ( )

destroy internal classes

Definition at line 272 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Void TAppDecTop::xFlushOutput ( TComList< TComPic * > *  pcListPic)

flush all remaining decoded pictures to file

pcListPiclist of pictures to be written to file

Definition at line 491 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Void TAppDecTop::xInitDecLib ( )

initialize decoder class

Definition at line 289 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Void TAppDecTop::xOutputColourRemapPic ( TComPic pcPic)

Definition at line 637 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Void TAppDecTop::xWriteOutput ( TComList< TComPic * > *  pcListPic,
UInt  tId 

write YUV to file

pcListPiclist of pictures to be written to file
tIdtemporal sub-layer ID

Definition at line 315 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.