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TDecConformanceCheck Class Reference

#include <TDecConformance.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TDecConformanceCheck ()
Void checkSliceActivation (const TComSlice &, const InputNALUnit &, const TComPic &, const Bool, const Bool, const Bool)
Void checkCtuDecoding (const UInt numUsedBits)
Void enableTMctsCheck (Bool enabled)
Bool getTMctsCheck () const
Void flagTMctsError (const char *error)

Static Public Member Functions

static Bool doChecking ()
static UInt getMinLog2CtbSize (const TComPTL &ptl, UInt layerPlus1=0)
static UInt getMaxLog2CtbSize (const TComPTL &ptl, UInt layerPlus1=0)
static std::ostream & getStream ()
static Void finishWarningReport ()
template<class T >
static Void checkRange (const T &, const TChar *, const T &, const T &)

Private Attributes

Bool m_tmctsCheckEnabled
ProfileLevelTierFeatures m_activatedFeatures

Detailed Description

Definition at line 158 of file TDecConformance.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TDecConformanceCheck::TDecConformanceCheck ( )

Definition at line 74 of file TDecConformance.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Void TDecConformanceCheck::checkCtuDecoding ( const UInt  numUsedBits)

Definition at line 239 of file TDecConformance.h.

template<class T >
static Void TDecConformanceCheck::checkRange ( const T &  ,
const TChar ,
const T &  ,
const T &   

Definition at line 189 of file TDecConformance.h.

Void TDecConformanceCheck::checkSliceActivation ( const TComSlice ,
const InputNALUnit ,
const TComPic ,
const Bool  ,
const Bool  ,
const Bool   

Definition at line 231 of file TDecConformance.h.

static Bool TDecConformanceCheck::doChecking ( )

Definition at line 174 of file TDecConformance.h.

Void TDecConformanceCheck::enableTMctsCheck ( Bool  enabled)

Definition at line 254 of file TDecConformance.h.

static Void TDecConformanceCheck::finishWarningReport ( )

Definition at line 186 of file TDecConformance.h.

Void TDecConformanceCheck::flagTMctsError ( const char *  error)

Definition at line 256 of file TDecConformance.h.

UInt TDecConformanceCheck::getMaxLog2CtbSize ( const TComPTL ptl,
UInt  layerPlus1 = 0 

Definition at line 67 of file TDecConformance.cpp.

UInt TDecConformanceCheck::getMinLog2CtbSize ( const TComPTL ptl,
UInt  layerPlus1 = 0 

Definition at line 58 of file TDecConformance.cpp.

static std::ostream& TDecConformanceCheck::getStream ( )

Definition at line 184 of file TDecConformance.h.

Bool TDecConformanceCheck::getTMctsCheck ( ) const

Definition at line 255 of file TDecConformance.h.

Member Data Documentation

ProfileLevelTierFeatures TDecConformanceCheck::m_activatedFeatures

Definition at line 168 of file TDecConformance.h.

Bool TDecConformanceCheck::m_tmctsCheckEnabled

Definition at line 162 of file TDecConformance.h.

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