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CAVLC decoder class. More...

#include <TDecCAVLC.h>

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Public Member Functions

Void resetEntropy (TComSlice *)
 rest entropy coder by intial QP and IDC in CABAC More...
Void setBitstream (TComInputBitstream *p)
Void parseSEI (SEIMessages &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SyntaxElementParser
Void setBitstream (TComInputBitstream *p)
TComInputBitstreamgetBitstream ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TDecEntropyIf
virtual ~TDecEntropyIf ()
 TDecCavlc ()
virtual ~TDecCavlc ()
Void parseTransformSubdivFlag (UInt &ruiSubdivFlag, UInt uiLog2TransformBlockSize)
Void parseQtCbf (class TComTU &rTu, const ComponentID compID, const Bool lowestLevel)
Void parseQtRootCbf (UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt &uiQtRootCbf)
Void parseVPS (TComVPS *pcVPS)
Void parseSPS (TComSPS *pcSPS)
Void parsePPS (TComPPS *pcPPS)
Void parseVUI (TComVUI *pcVUI, TComSPS *pcSPS)
Void parsePTL (TComPTL *rpcPTL, Bool profilePresentFlag, Int maxNumSubLayersMinus1)
Void parseProfileTier (ProfileTierLevel *ptl, const Bool bIsSubLayer)
Void parseHrdParameters (TComHRD *hrd, Bool cprms_present_flag, UInt tempLevelHigh)
Void parseSliceHeader (TComSlice *pcSlice, ParameterSetManager *parameterSetManager, const Int prevTid0POC)
Void parseTerminatingBit (UInt &ruiBit)
Void parseRemainingBytes (Bool noTrailingBytesExpected)
Void parseMVPIdx (Int &riMVPIdx)
Void parseSkipFlag (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth)
Void parseCUTransquantBypassFlag (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth)
Void parseMergeFlag (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth, UInt uiPUIdx)
Void parseMergeIndex (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt &ruiMergeIndex)
Void parseSplitFlag (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth)
Void parsePartSize (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth)
Void parsePredMode (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth)
Void parseIntraDirLumaAng (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth)
Void parseIntraDirChroma (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth)
Void parseInterDir (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt &ruiInterDir, UInt uiAbsPartIdx)
Void parseRefFrmIdx (TComDataCU *pcCU, Int &riRefFrmIdx, RefPicList eRefList)
Void parseMvd (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartAddr, UInt uiPartIdx, UInt uiDepth, RefPicList eRefList)
Void parseCrossComponentPrediction (class TComTU &rTu, ComponentID compID)
Void parseDeltaQP (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth)
Void parseChromaQpAdjustment (TComDataCU *cu, UInt absPartIdx, UInt depth)
Void parseCoeffNxN (class TComTU &rTu, ComponentID compID)
Void parseTransformSkipFlags (class TComTU &rTu, ComponentID component)
Void parseIPCMInfo (TComDataCU *pcCU, UInt uiAbsPartIdx, UInt uiDepth)
Void xParsePredWeightTable (TComSlice *pcSlice, const TComSPS *sps)
 parse explicit wp tables More...
Void parseScalingList (TComScalingList *scalingList)
Void xDecodeScalingList (TComScalingList *scalingList, UInt sizeId, UInt listId)
Void parseExplicitRdpcmMode (TComTU &rTu, ComponentID compID)
Void parseShortTermRefPicSet (TComSPS *pcSPS, TComReferencePictureSet *pcRPS, Int idx)
Bool xMoreRbspData ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SyntaxElementParser
 SyntaxElementParser ()
virtual ~SyntaxElementParser ()
Void xReadSCode (UInt length, Int &val)
Void xReadCode (UInt length, UInt &val)
Void xReadUvlc (UInt &val)
Void xReadSvlc (Int &val)
Void xReadFlag (UInt &val)
Void xReadRbspTrailingBits ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from SyntaxElementParser

Detailed Description

CAVLC decoder class.

Definition at line 56 of file TDecCAVLC.h.

Member Function Documentation

Void TDecCavlc::parseSEI ( SEIMessages )
Void TDecCavlc::resetEntropy ( TComSlice )

rest entropy coder by intial QP and IDC in CABAC

Implements TDecEntropyIf.

Definition at line 69 of file TDecCAVLC.h.

Void TDecCavlc::setBitstream ( TComInputBitstream p)

Implements TDecEntropyIf.

Definition at line 70 of file TDecCAVLC.h.

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