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TComPrediction.cpp File Reference

prediction class More...

#include <memory.h>
#include "TComPrediction.h"
#include "TComPic.h"
#include "TComTU.h"
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Void getRefPUPartPos (TComDataCU *pcCU, TComMv &cMv, Int uiPartIdx, Int &ruiPredXLeft, Int &ruiPredYTop, Int &ruiPredXRight, Int &ruiPredYBottom, Int iWidth, Int iHeight)
Bool checkMVPRange (TComMv &cMv, UInt ctuLength, UInt tileXPosInCtus, UInt tileYPosInCtus, UInt tileWidthtInCtus, UInt tileHeightInCtus, Int PredXLeft, Int PredXRight, Int PredYTop, Int PredYBottom, ChromaFormat chromaFormat)

Detailed Description

prediction class

Definition in file TComPrediction.cpp.

Function Documentation

Bool checkMVPRange ( TComMv cMv,
UInt  ctuLength,
UInt  tileXPosInCtus,
UInt  tileYPosInCtus,
UInt  tileWidthtInCtus,
UInt  tileHeightInCtus,
Int  PredXLeft,
Int  PredXRight,
Int  PredYTop,
Int  PredYBottom,
ChromaFormat  chromaFormat 

Definition at line 954 of file TComPrediction.cpp.

Void getRefPUPartPos ( TComDataCU pcCU,
TComMv cMv,
Int  uiPartIdx,
Int ruiPredXLeft,
Int ruiPredYTop,
Int ruiPredXRight,
Int ruiPredYBottom,
Int  iWidth,
Int  iHeight 

Definition at line 829 of file TComPrediction.cpp.