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TAppDecTop.cpp File Reference

Decoder application class. More...

#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include "TAppDecTop.h"
#include "TLibDecoder/AnnexBread.h"
#include "TLibDecoder/NALread.h"
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static Int
return YUVMat
static Void
 matrixOffset [1] = offset1
static std::vector< IntinitColourRemappingInfoLut (const Int bitDepth_in, const Int nbDecimalValues, const std::vector< SEIColourRemappingInfo::CRIlut > &lut, const Int maxValue, const Int lutOffset)
static Void initColourRemappingInfoLuts (std::vector< Int >(&preLut)[3], std::vector< Int >(&postLut)[3], SEIColourRemappingInfo &pCriSEI, const Int maxBitDepth)
static Int applyColourRemappingInfoLut1D (Int inVal, const std::vector< Int > &lut, const Int inValPrecisionBits)
static Void setColourRemappingInfoMatrixOffsets (Int(&matrixInputOffset)[3], Int(&matrixOutputOffset)[3], const Int bitDepth, const Bool crInputFullRangeFlag, const Int crInputMatrixCoefficients, const Bool crFullRangeFlag, const Int crMatrixCoefficients)

Detailed Description

Decoder application class.

Definition in file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Function Documentation

static Int applyColourRemappingInfoLut1D ( Int  inVal,
const std::vector< Int > &  lut,
const Int  inValPrecisionBits 

Definition at line 755 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

static std::vector<Int> initColourRemappingInfoLut ( const Int  bitDepth_in,
const Int  nbDecimalValues,
const std::vector< SEIColourRemappingInfo::CRIlut > &  lut,
const Int  maxValue,
const Int  lutOffset 

Definition at line 676 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

static Void initColourRemappingInfoLuts ( std::vector< Int >(&)  preLut[3],
std::vector< Int >(&)  postLut[3],
SEIColourRemappingInfo pCriSEI,
const Int  maxBitDepth 

Definition at line 736 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

static Void setColourRemappingInfoMatrixOffsets ( Int(&)  matrixInputOffset[3],
Int(&)  matrixOutputOffset[3],
const Int  bitDepth,
const Bool  crInputFullRangeFlag,
const Int  crInputMatrixCoefficients,
const Bool  crFullRangeFlag,
const Int  crMatrixCoefficients 

Definition at line 782 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
Int YUVMat = (colourRemapCoeffs[0]* p0 + colourRemapCoeffs[1]* p1 + colourRemapCoeffs[2]* p2 + offset) >> postOffsetShift
int Int
Definition: TypeDef.h:211
return YUVMat
Definition: TAppDecTop.cpp:770

Definition at line 768 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

matrixOffset[2] = offset1

Definition at line 777 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

Initial value:
matrixOffset[0] = offset0
Definition: TAppDecTop.cpp:777

Definition at line 775 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.

return YUVMat

Definition at line 770 of file TAppDecTop.cpp.