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#1049 TEncCu problems defect critical HM-10.1 HM
#1098 wrong POC referencing while building combined bi-predictive merging candidates defect critical HM-10.1 Text
#1489 rangeTabLps error? technical change critical v5 Text
#589 Seeing a discrepancy in SAO bandTable updation in JCTVC-I1003_d4.doc Chaitanya defect major WD6 Text
#940 When strong_intra_smoothing_enable_flag=1, wrong neighboring samples are used. defect major HM-9.2 HM
#1011 byte_alignment() was not implemented after decoding of end_of_sub_stream_one_hot defect major HM
#1013 missing read_bits(1) when pcm_flag is decoded as 1 defect major Text
#1152 TZ algorithm tests MVs outside the search range defect major HM-12.1 HM
#1223 No CABAC contexts reset in WPP when slice segments starts on a new row defect major HM
#1366 Cross component prediction should be done only in 4:4:4 chroma defect major HM
#86 fWeight in TEncSearch::xMotionEstimation (TMuC 0.7) enhancement minor HM
#124 Finding Natural Tips on how to To Give Up Smoking defect minor HM
#185 Improper TU size for NxN PU when max RQT depth = 1 defect minor HM
#228 input arguments -o and -b seems not work for encoder defect minor HM
#282 Strange behaviour observed in the HM-5.0 with quantization matrix defect minor HM
#390 "Derivation process for luma intra prediction mode" mistake between HM and Document defect minor HM
#457 Potential Bug in HM6.0 tung.nguyen defect minor HM
#533 Incorrect derivation of ColumnWidth and RowHeight with uniform_spacing_flag bbross defect minor Text
#564 ALF slice filter flag does not look at APS flag defect minor HM-7.1 HM
#573 skip_flag context derivation issue defect minor HM-7.0 HM
#614 "mvd_l1_zero_flag" is used without definition bbross defect minor Text
#618 Reference picture list size incorrect bbross defect minor Text
#641 part_mode PART_2NxN bin string issue bbross defect minor Text
#648 Incorrect derivation process of ctxIdxInc for the syntax element significnat_coeff_flag bbross defect minor Text
#650 test bbross defect minor Encoder Description
#664 ctxIdxMap table is missing an entry bbross defect minor D8 Text
#676 Bulding HM8 in lynux task minor D8 HM
#710 Typo in the section Derivation process for spatial merging candidates bbross defect minor Text
#724 Loop in RasterScan to TileScan lacks an early exit bbross defect minor D8 Text
#745 edgeIdx=4 for SaoTypeIdx=2 bbross defect minor Text
#754 Table 7-3 possibly incorrect entry bbross defect minor Text
#780 Profile, tier and level syntax bbross defect minor D8 Text
#782 compile problem of HTM 5.1 under CentOS defect minor HM
#792 Authorized Best Resume Services defect minor HM
#803 programming style defect minor HM
#820 User defined tile structure causes encoder crash defect minor HM
#828 collocated_from_l0_flag is not used properly in temporal MV process defect minor HM-9.1 HM
#866 Order of operations in SEI writing enhancement minor HM-9.2 HM
#884 DBF issue for multi slice defect minor HM
#895 Add new header files & source files defect minor HM
#911 AMVP process might overwrite candidate A bbross defect minor D9 Text
#939 low_delay_hrd_flag[i] present even when fixed_pic_rate_within_cvs_flag[i] == 1 bbross enhancement minor Text
#942 HM 9.1 entry_point_offset issue defect minor HM
#1018 Specification sometimes produces an extra alignment byte when using tiles bbross defect minor Text
#1024 QP prediction may be not aligned with the spec when diff_cu_qp_delta_depth > 0 defect minor HM
#1041 Undefined behaviour if num_ref_idx_l0_active_minus1 >= NumPocTotalCurr and ref_pic_list_modification_flag_l0==0 enhancement minor D10 Text
#1047 condition of split_transform_flag defect minor D10 Text
#1065 Accessing unallocated memory when looking at colocated CUs karlsharman defect minor HM-16.5 HM
#1066 How to define tiles with wavefront defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1073 for testing defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1077 Log2MinIpcmCbSizeY range issue when MinCbLog2SizeY = 6 defect minor D10 Text
#1085 Insufficient bits for the result of luma quarter pel interpolation in HM code. defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1094 Incorrect decode at bitdepth 14 defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1095 Undefined behaviour when choosing longterm reference pictures. defect minor HM-10.1 Text
#1097 Incorrect long term reference POC calculation in reference decoder defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1100 Calculation for PicWidthInCtbsY doesn't seem to match the spec defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1103 there is no intra pred ref sample check David Flynn defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1104 Filtering process of neighbouring samples is missing in our code David Flynn defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1105 colPb location hadn't be correct David Flynn defect minor HM-11.0 HM
#1117 ljj defect minor HM
#1154 something about about sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1 task minor HM-12.1 HM
#1156 Temporal motion vector prediction siva sree defect minor HM-12.1 HM
#1165 something about the inter prediction for spatial merging candidates task minor HM-12.1 HM
#1196 HM Release mode defect minor HM-12.1 HM
#1199 May a mismatch between HEVC spec and HM on clip of qPiCb defect minor HM
#1210 Mismatch between HM and Spec on clipping interpolated BiDir samples defect minor HM-13.0 HM
#1211 HEVC parallel jimmy defect minor HM-12.1 HM
#1220 GOP Structure defect minor HM
#1222 adding temporal scalability to random access configuration results in an assert error defect minor HM-13.0 HM
#1232 Compatibility for all intra HM-11.0 bitstreams (wrong POC number) defect minor HM-14.0 HM
#1248 HM encoder crashes after encoding a few frames of 4K content (3840x2160) defect minor HM-14.0 HM
#1250 misleading loop limit defect minor HM-14.0 HM
#1251 redundant function defect minor HM-14.0 HM
#1285 HEVC encoder crashes after finishing first GOP task minor HM
#1292 Test Sequences defect minor HM-15.0 HM
#1309 Potential for reference pictures to be reactivated across a CVS boundary defect minor D10 Text
#1318 Residual modification process doesn't match the spec defect minor HM+RExt-8.0 HM RExt
#1353 HM vs WD mismatch defect minor HM
#1356 duplicate reading of the same syntax defect minor HM-16.3 HM RExt
#1370 Annex G indexed as Annex F defect minor Text
#1374 bit depth check condition is invalid defect minor HM
#1386 typo in spec defect minor Text
#1404 Input samples to INTRA_PLANAR (JCTVC_R1013_v6) defect minor Text
#1497 bugs on handling tile parameters in parseCfg() defect minor HM-next HM
#1509 mismatches in PCM alignment syntax defect minor HM
#442 Spurious extra variable "shift3" bbross defect trivial Text
#1191 Difference between the binaries obtained from release mode and debug mode. task trivial HM-12.1 HM
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