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#237 When GOPSize=1, Decode mistake after IDR defect critical HM-5.1 HM
#225 SliceMode 2 does not work in HM-4.1 defect major HM-4.1 HM
#248 Decoder assertion failure with LoopFilterDisable=0 defect major HM
#311 missing definition of "cu_qp_delta_enabled_flag" in the lateset WD, JCTVC-G1103_d9 bbross defect major Text
#497 Memory Leaks in HM-6.1 decoder defect major HM
#798 algorithm of deciding block availability doesn't work well if in a dependent slice defect major HM-9.0 HM
#1089 Encoder crashes when using fixed rate and fixed slice length defect major HM-10.1 HM
#1121 HighestTid should be used instead of t_id for bumping defect major HM
#1473 HM Encoder allows Intra Block Copy MVs cross tile boundaries defect major HM SCC
#57 Excessive memory allocation enhancement minor HM
#114 Encoder decoder mismatch when GBP = 0 defect minor HM
#262 Decoder crash in low QP test defect minor HM
#291 Use of FL binarization for “Decode Bypass” syntax elements bbross defect minor Text
#358 on SP bbross defect minor Text
#409 scaling_list_enable_flag bbross defect minor Text
#418 refernce picture list construction bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#422 QP adaptation fails when max CU size is not 64x64 defect minor HM
#441 Missing definition of Chroma QP bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#463 Text / HM mismatch for derivation of QP in deblocking processes bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#465 Typos in equations (8-262), (8-264), and one under the (8-264). bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#494 Specification of Intra_Angular (2..9, 11..25, 27..34) prediction mode bbross defect minor Text
#538 typo in bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#542 cb_qp_offset and cr_qp_offset ranges missing in text bbross enhancement minor Text
#552 HM 7.0 crashes with tiles enabled defect minor HM-7.1 HM
#562 tc & beta offsets for deblocking defect minor HM
#578 IDR period of 24 results in negative POCVal defect minor HM
#584 Mismatch between HM and Text for inter_pred_idc in the binarization and initialization process bbross defect minor Text
#587 Transform specification in Subclause bbross enhancement minor D7 Text
#628 IDR decoding crashes on reference picture handling defect minor HM
#660 In subclause, one sentence to set boundary strength equal to 1 is missing bbross defect minor D8 Text
#669 HM-8.0: Enabling dependent slices causes encoder/decoder mismatch. defect minor HM-8.1 HM
#701 Potential issue in HM8.0 regarding interPred defect minor HM
#707 entropy_coding_sync_enabled_flag and tiles_enabled_flag issue bbross defect minor D10 Text
#740 8.6.1 : qPy_prev derivation when entropy_coding_sync_enalbed_flag = 1 is incorrect bbross enhancement minor D10 Text
#761 Return type of getColRefIdx defect minor HM
#787 Scaling lists undefined when scaling_list_enable_flag = 1 and sps_scaling_list_data_presetnt_flag = 0 bbross defect minor Text
#788 compile problem of HTM 5.1 under CentOS defect minor HM
#807 Missing clip after reconstruction bbross defect minor Text
#816 : wrong index for dcVal calculation bbross defect minor Text
#818 Multiple SPS with same ID defect minor HM-9.1 HM
#831 spatial MVP scaling for mvLXA in AMVP list derivation does not match HM software bbross defect minor D9 Text
#836 Clip1 of recSamples (Section 8.6.5, Equation 8-270) bbross defect minor Text
#838 About vps_sub_layer_ordering_info_present_flag related syntax bbross defect minor Text
#880 Clumsy syntax for vps_sub_layer_ordering_info_present_flag bbross enhancement minor Text
#933 Bug in collocated motion vector prediction bbross defect minor Text
#1051 Error when decoding sequences with multiple sequence parameter sets defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1076 Encoder generates a non-conforming bitstream by encoding a coefficient level of +32768 when sign hiding is enabled defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1099 Repeating the active SPS leaves a dangling pointer in previously decoded pictures defect minor HM
#1114 Question about log2_max_mv_length_horizontal enhancement minor v5 Text
#1116 Some conditions from section 8.3.1 missing in POC decoding routine defect minor HM
#1204 Inconsistent coordinates for access of explicit_rdpcm_flag and transform_skip_flag defect minor RExt D5 RExt text
#1227 The HM decoder doesn't check the validity of {vps,sps}_num_reorder_pics defect minor HM
#1242 Issues due to strict compile checking - HM11.0 N Vijay Anand defect minor HM
#1266 C++ istream EOF exception not thrown on OS X 10.9 defect minor HM-13.0 HM
#1279 Frame level PSNR for interlaced sequence. ksuehring defect minor HM-16.2 HM
#1313 intra_smoothing_disabled_flag use in the decoder defect minor HM
#1488 rangeTabLps defect minor Text
#227 MAX_CU_DEPTH is 7 enhancement trivial HM
#481 RefPicListX is not a function, is it? bbross defect trivial WD6 Text
#704 combIdx is not initialized bbross enhancement trivial D8 Text
#748 m_fracBits is not reset when entering a new tile defect trivial HM
#886 TComSlice::m_bCheckLDC not computed for P slices defect trivial HM-9.1 HM
#1360 no syntax reading in code defect trivial HM-16.3 HM
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