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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#415 Meeting information for HEVC text spec draft 6 (WD: doc# H1003 dk) incorrect bbross defect minor Text
#416 Duplicate equations in bbross defect minor D7 Text
#417 Subclause 8.4 wording, typos, formatting bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#418 refernce picture list construction bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#419 transformSubdivFlag signaled when Log2CbSize=6 and Log2MaxTrafoSize=4 and implicit split defect minor HM-13.0 HM
#420 NAL losses causes the decoder to crash enhancement minor HM-6.1 HM
#421 Not possible to encode sequences shorter than 2 x GOPSize defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#422 QP adaptation fails when max CU size is not 64x64 defect minor HM
#423 Syntax Elements ctxIdxTable is inconsistent with Syntax in Tablular form bbross defect minor D7 Text
#424 The position of DF vertical edge is incorrect in bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#425 m_iNumColumnsMinus1 and m_iNumRowsMinus1 uninitialed, decoder will crash in debug mode defect minor HM
#426 order of tile related SPS syntax elements defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#427 uniform_spacing_flag related code needs to be cleaned up defect minor HM-8.1 HM
#428 PPS/SPS parsing dependency on tiles_or_entropy_coding_sync_idc bbross technical change blocker D7 Text
#429 Encoder creates a different bitstream each time when using wavefront option with 2 substreams defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#430 SliceMode = 2 bug defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#431 Missing initial value for candIntraPredModeB and candIntraPredModeA bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#432 Maximum number of slices bbross defect minor Text
#433 Subclause 8.5 bugs, wording, typos, cross references bbross defect minor D7 Text
#434 Some editorial items in Subclause 7.4 bbross defect minor D7 Text
#435 Terminology: Usage of 'location' vs usage of 'position'. bbross defect minor D10 Text
#436 context initValue undefined for split_transform_flag when depth is equal to zero defect minor HM
#437 Split flag conditions bbross enhancement minor Text
#438 Text / HM mismatch for NAL unit header syntax defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#439 Initialization of m_bLMvdL1Zero defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#440 Text / HM mismatch: NAL_UNIT_APS has incorrect value defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#441 Missing definition of Chroma QP bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#442 Spurious extra variable "shift3" bbross defect trivial Text
#443 Minor text errors at SPS and derived SPS variables bbross defect minor D7 Text
#444 Lambda modifier is only initialised for layer 0 to 3 defect minor HM-7.1 HM
#445 Equation (7-59) and (7-60) for RPS derivation do not match HM6.0 bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#446 Typos in reference picture list combination bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#447 parameter set extension flags missing defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#448 combined_inter_pred_ref_idx does not exist anymore. bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#449 APS writing needs cleanup defect minor HM-8.0 HM
#450 context initValue undefined for the third context of Part Size in P and B slices defect minor HM-13.0 HM
#451 use_delta_flag[ j ] is not decoded when used_by_curr_pic_flag[ j ] is 1. bbross enhancement minor WD6 Text
#452 Wrong 'else if...' for 'if (skip_flag)' in CU syntax bbross defect major Text
#453 PPS: entropy_coding_mode_flag draft/software mismatch defect minor HM-6.3 HM
#454 PPS: num_ref_idx_lX_default_active_minus1 draft/software mismatch defect minor HM-6.2 HM
#455 SPS: VUI not implemented defect minor HM-8.1 HM
#456 Slice header: SAO and ALF flag positions wrong defect minor HM-7.2 HM
#457 Potential Bug in HM6.0 tung.nguyen defect minor HM
#458 log2TrafoWidth1 and log2TrafoHeight1 calculation for NSQT bbross defect minor Text
#459 RQT issues and cleanup bbross defect minor Text
#460 text mismatch in check wether log2TrafoSize == Log2MinTrafoSize defect minor HM
#461 Position of Subclause 8.3.5 bbross enhancement minor WD6 Text
#462 Incorrect cross reference in section 9.2.2 Binarization process bbross defect trivial D7 Text
#463 Text / HM mismatch for derivation of QP in deblocking processes bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#464 Definition of quantization parameter bbross enhancement minor Text
#465 Typos in equations (8-262), (8-264), and one under the (8-264). bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#466 ALF SliceQPy range error in Table 8-14 bbross defect minor D7 Text
#467 Typo and editorial enhancemend in Field indication SEI bbross defect minor Text
#468 Memory leak in HM6.1 decoder defect minor HM-6.2 HM
#469 chroma_format_idc has no need for a default value bbross enhancement minor Text
#470 Shortcoming of lossless functionality bbross technical change minor Text
#471 Improved text for pcm_flag and num_subsequent_pcm semantics bbross enhancement minor Text
#472 Lossless mode integration in deblocking filter defect minor HM
#473 outdated initValue tables in WD following JCTVC-H0535 bbross defect minor D7 Text
#474 Missing initialization of I_PCM transform index defect minor HM-6.2 HM
#475 Text/HM mismatch in alf_nb_pred_luma_flag defect minor HM
#476 Missing text regarding bypassing deblock filter process in lossless coding bbross defect minor D7 Text
#477 Semantics of vui_parameters_present_flag missing bbross defect minor Text
#478 2nd & 4th "If" statement in combine list initialization is vague and not precise. bbross defect minor D7 Text
#479 We do not have SP pictures / text copied from AVC is not updated. bbross enhancement minor D7 Text
#480 Editorial Spelling and spaces bbross enhancement trivial D7 Text
#481 RefPicListX is not a function, is it? bbross defect trivial WD6 Text
#482 References to StCurr0/1 should be changed StCurrBefore/After bbross defect minor D7 Text
#483 Redundant deblocking process in inner regions of I_PCM bbross defect minor D7 Text
#484 Text bug on reference index derivation for temporal merging candidate bbross defect minor D7 Text
#485 HM software does not cope with different values of tc / beta across slices defect minor HM-9.1 HM
#486 Clarification needed for obtaining tc / beta values when deblocking accross slice bbross defect minor D7 Text
#487 Possible typo in a comment defect trivial HM
#488 Unclarity and verboseness in long-term reference pictures marking process bbross defect minor Text
#489 assert() for scalingListType enhancement minor HM-13.0 HM
#490 Redundant RBSP trailing bits at the end of slice defect minor HM
#491 Subclauses and, cross reference bbross defect minor D7 Text
#492 Text cleanup of QP prediction / derivation bbross defect major Text
#493 Derivation process error for luma intra prediction mode bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#494 Specification of Intra_Angular (2..9, 11..25, 27..34) prediction mode bbross defect minor Text
#495 Mismatch between HM and CD in ALF filter output calculation defect minor HM
#496 Long-term picture variable PocLtCurr is set incorrectly when delta_poc_msb_present_flag==1 rickard defect major D7 Text
#497 Memory Leaks in HM-6.1 decoder defect major HM
#498 Encoder can create invalid bitstream if Frame0 has non-zero temporal_id defect minor HM-6.2 HM
#499 Decoding transform subdiv flag at depth 0 uses CNU context defect major HM-6.2 HM
#500 Redundant cbf_cb and cbf_cr flags when log2MaxTrafoSize is set to two bbross defect minor Text
#501 Decoding part_mode with inter_4x4 can use CNU context enhancement minor HM-7.1 HM
#502 HM Encoder crash with divide by 0 error in deblocking for min transform size = 32 defect minor HM
#503 encoder crash when ASR is enabled defect minor HM-6.2 HM
#504 SAO process issues bbross defect major D7 Text
#505 NSQT InterTUSplitDirection wrong for chroma blocks bbross defect critical Text
#506 Derivation depending on InterTUSplitDirection bbross defect major Text
#507 POC cycle not taken into account for long-term reference pictures defect minor HM-6.2 HM
#508 Typo in slice_granurality bbross defect trivial D7 Text
#509 Subclause reference error in 8.1 bbross defect minor D7 Text
#510 nal_ref_idc should be replaced by nal_ref_flag bbross defect minor D7 Text
#511 mismatch between the WD text and the HM software in slice header on entropy_slice_flag, ref_pic_list_combiation() and mvd_l1_zero_flag defect minor HM-8.1 HM
#512 issue on lists_modification_present_flag and ref_pic_list_combination() bbross defect minor D7 Text
#513 SAO Interleaving: Merge-up flag missing if above CU is first in the slice. defect minor HM
#514 CropUnitX and CropUnitY factors are missing from picture cropping. ksuehring defect minor HM-6.3 HM
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