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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#345 CtbAddr update at slice data syntax bbross defect minor Text
#348 Log2MaxTrafoSize constraint bbross defect minor Text
#356 PCM semantics bbross defect minor Text
#357 on ref_idx_l0 bbross defect minor Text
#358 on SP bbross defect minor Text
#360 on IntraPredMode bbross defect minor Text
#361 decoding process of AMP bbross defect minor Text
#366 Derivation of intra luma mode predictors when neighbor is PCM coded. defect minor HM
#382 SAO: interpretation of array dimensions is overloaded enhancement minor HM
#390 "Derivation process for luma intra prediction mode" mistake between HM and Document defect minor HM
#393 Encoder crashes when allowing only 4x4 trafo size defect minor HM
#395 on the usage of iCombinedCount defect minor HM
#398 Text / HM mismatch for derivation of TMVP in AMVP of HM-6.0rc1 enhancement minor HM
#400 Encoder Bug in HM-6.0 on ALFMaxNumFilter defect minor HM
#403 non_square_quadtree_enabled_flag bbross defect minor Text
#404 Section (in H1003_dK version) bbross defect minor Text
#405 SVN r2113 bug defect minor HM
#409 scaling_list_enable_flag bbross defect minor Text
#410 Lossless coding is not guaranteed bbross defect major Text
#415 Meeting information for HEVC text spec draft 6 (WD: doc# H1003 dk) incorrect bbross defect minor Text
#422 QP adaptation fails when max CU size is not 64x64 defect minor HM
#425 m_iNumColumnsMinus1 and m_iNumRowsMinus1 uninitialed, decoder will crash in debug mode defect minor HM
#432 Maximum number of slices bbross defect minor Text
#436 context initValue undefined for split_transform_flag when depth is equal to zero defect minor HM
#437 Split flag conditions bbross enhancement minor Text
#442 Spurious extra variable "shift3" bbross defect trivial Text
#452 Wrong 'else if...' for 'if (skip_flag)' in CU syntax bbross defect major Text
#457 Potential Bug in HM6.0 tung.nguyen defect minor HM
#458 log2TrafoWidth1 and log2TrafoHeight1 calculation for NSQT bbross defect minor Text
#459 RQT issues and cleanup bbross defect minor Text
#460 text mismatch in check wether log2TrafoSize == Log2MinTrafoSize defect minor HM
#464 Definition of quantization parameter bbross enhancement minor Text
#467 Typo and editorial enhancemend in Field indication SEI bbross defect minor Text
#469 chroma_format_idc has no need for a default value bbross enhancement minor Text
#470 Shortcoming of lossless functionality bbross technical change minor Text
#471 Improved text for pcm_flag and num_subsequent_pcm semantics bbross enhancement minor Text
#472 Lossless mode integration in deblocking filter defect minor HM
#475 Text/HM mismatch in alf_nb_pred_luma_flag defect minor HM
#477 Semantics of vui_parameters_present_flag missing bbross defect minor Text
#487 Possible typo in a comment defect trivial HM
#488 Unclarity and verboseness in long-term reference pictures marking process bbross defect minor Text
#490 Redundant RBSP trailing bits at the end of slice defect minor HM
#492 Text cleanup of QP prediction / derivation bbross defect major Text
#494 Specification of Intra_Angular (2..9, 11..25, 27..34) prediction mode bbross defect minor Text
#495 Mismatch between HM and CD in ALF filter output calculation defect minor HM
#497 Memory Leaks in HM-6.1 decoder defect major HM
#500 Redundant cbf_cb and cbf_cr flags when log2MaxTrafoSize is set to two bbross defect minor Text
#502 HM Encoder crash with divide by 0 error in deblocking for min transform size = 32 defect minor HM
#505 NSQT InterTUSplitDirection wrong for chroma blocks bbross defect critical Text
#506 Derivation depending on InterTUSplitDirection bbross defect major Text
#513 SAO Interleaving: Merge-up flag missing if above CU is first in the slice. defect minor HM
#515 QP adaptation fails when minimum transform size is not 4x4 defect minor HM
#516 Setting weighted_bipred_idc=0 disables weighted prediction in P-slices. defect minor HM
#522 The description of DPB size for temporal layer is unclear. bbross defect major Text
#523 There is inconsistency in the naming of "max_dec_pic_buffering". bbross defect major Text
#525 The size of chroma component in pcm_samle() is different from HM software. bbross defect minor Text
#526 Cr sample location in pcm_sample_chroma in eq. 8-18 is wrong bbross defect minor Text
#527 Typo in derivation of MinCbAddrZS bbross defect minor Text
#533 Incorrect derivation of ColumnWidth and RowHeight with uniform_spacing_flag bbross defect minor Text
#542 cb_qp_offset and cr_qp_offset ranges missing in text bbross enhancement minor Text
#547 Periodic I frames in Low Delay Configuration defect minor HM
#548 Bug fixed for intra transform skipping (I0408) to support other LUC sizes defect minor HM
#549 dQP fails when Tile is enabled defect minor HM
#556 Substream offset using one too many bits defect minor HM
#559 log2_min_coding_block_size_minus3 and log2_diff_max_min_coding_block_size range and semantic bbross defect minor Text
#561 Typo in slice_sao_interleaving_flag semantic bbross defect minor Text
#562 tc & beta offsets for deblocking defect minor HM
#566 Uninitialized LambdaModifier is used for large GOP sizes defect minor HM
#575 Resolution check is wrong when CroppingMode = 1 defect minor HM
#578 IDR period of 24 results in negative POCVal defect minor HM
#579 Decoder memory leak when decoding slices preventing 32-bit decodes of 1500 byte slices defect minor HM
#581 Derivation pocess for luma intra prediction mode : undefined variable : candIntraPreModeN bbross defect minor Text
#582 Removal of now unused code related to old WPP FLUSH_ALIGN task minor HM
#584 Mismatch between HM and Text for inter_pred_idc in the binarization and initialization process bbross defect minor Text
#590 SAO code clean-up defect minor HM
#595 14-bit offset issues defect major HM
#596 overflow in RDOQ for 14-bit coding defect minor HM
#597 encoder-only fix for rdFactor calculation for HE10 settings defect major HM
#604 Release and debug mismatch in HM-7.1 defect minor HM
#607 Decoder crashes on entropy slices defect minor HM
#609 significant_coeff_group_flag for 2x8 and 8x2 CGs bbross defect minor Text
#611 Fix for dependent slices required defect minor HM
#612 Confusion in "6.4.5 Up-right diagonal scanning array initialization process" bbross defect minor Text
#613 Description for transform_skip_enabled_flag is not present bbross defect minor Text
#614 "mvd_l1_zero_flag" is used without definition bbross defect minor Text
#615 Description of the routine alf_param() is missing bbross defect minor Text
#617 Significance flag semantics for 8x2 / 2x8 coefficient groups bbross defect minor Text
#618 Reference picture list size incorrect bbross defect minor Text
#619 ctxIdxInc for cbf_cb and cbf_cr may overflow bbross defect minor Text
#620 decoder memory leak defect minor HM
#622 Typo in 8.3.2 Decoding process for reference picture set bbross defect minor Text
#628 IDR decoding crashes on reference picture handling defect minor HM
#637 Typos in 9.3 CABAC parsing process for slice bbross task minor Text
#639 Vertical and horizontal modes in bbross defect minor Text
#641 part_mode PART_2NxN bin string issue bbross defect minor Text
#642 entropy_coding_reset_flag undefined bbross defect minor Text
#643 PUs are considered not available if in a different dependent slice (HM-7.2) defect minor HM
#645 Bit count for slice header with RPS_COUNTER defect minor HM
#647 Condition on LongTermRefPic missing in spatial mvp derivation bbross defect trivial Text
#648 Incorrect derivation process of ctxIdxInc for the syntax element significnat_coeff_flag bbross defect minor Text
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