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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#260 two corner case issues with r1686 SimonO defect minor HM-5.1 HM
#593 type mistake in decoder defect minor HM-8.1 HM
#705 typo for upCtbInSlice derivation in subclause7.3.7.1 (page42) bbross defect minor D8 Text
#538 typo in bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#725 typo in BaseSliceAddrRS definition bbross defect minor Text
#812 typo in HRD description hrd_parameters_sub_layer bbross defect minor Text
#386 typo in log2_diff_max_min_coding_block_size semantics bbross defect trivial D7 Text
#1386 typo in spec defect minor Text
#1168 typo in the name of the function defect trivial HM-12.1 HM
#883 typos and potential editorial changes in 8.7.2 Deblocking filter process bbross enhancement trivial D10 Text
#769 typos in Table 9-4 and section bbross defect minor Text
#170 uiPOC uninitialized defect trivial HM
#1403 un-used index in the loop in eq. (F-53) (JCTVC-R1013_v6) defect trivial v5 Text
#203 undefined memory access with SlideShow LP-LC QP=32 defect minor HM
#751 undefined reference in software-manual.tex defect minor HM
#427 uniform_spacing_flag related code needs to be cleaned up defect minor HM-8.1 HM
#1008 uniform_spacing_flag should be inferrable bbross defect minor Text
#580 unmatch over lossless coding defect critical HM-7.0 HM
#767 unnecessary condition for cbf_cb/cbf_cr in bbross defect minor Text
#945 unused xCheckBestMode function enhancement minor HM-9.2 HM
#451 use_delta_flag[ j ] is not decoded when used_by_curr_pic_flag[ j ] is 1. bbross enhancement minor WD6 Text
#249 valgrind error in ALF decoding: defect minor HM
#138 valgrind failures in HM-2.1, HM-2.2 and HM-3.0-dev davidf defect minor HM
#1369 validity check for cb_qp_offset_list [ i ] and cr_qp_offset_list[ i ] defect minor HM-16.3 HM
#371 variable SignalledAsChromaDC not used anymore bbross enhancement trivial D7 Text
#534 variable initialization defect minor HM-7.0 HM
#730 video_format incorrectly refers to Table E-2 bbross defect minor Text
#948 wavefront availableFlagT derivation when PicWidthInCtbsY is 2 and pic_width_in_luma_samples%CtbSizeY is not zero bbross defect minor Text
#261 wavefrontsynchro=1 causes decoder crashes defect minor HM-5.1 HM
#571 wrong ME algorithm name given in configuration files defect minor HM-9.1 HM
#1098 wrong POC referencing while building combined bi-predictive merging candidates defect critical HM-10.1 Text
#294 wrong chroma qp offset in intra loco configuration defect minor HM-5.1 HM
#1189 wrong cross-reference defect minor D10 Text
#1015 wrong flag in figure 9-4 bbross defect minor Text
#712 wrong initValue for split_transform_flag ctxIdx defect major HM-9.2 HM
#775 wrong subclause reference bbross defect minor Text
#890 wrong value of log2TrafoSize in transform unit syntax bbross defect major D9 Text
#1291 xCopyContextsFrom should also copy Go-Rice statistics defect minor HM-15.0 HM RExt
#52 xGetICost Undefined in tcomtrquant.cpp TLibCommon fbossen defect minor HM
#381 xParseSaoUnit() style issues defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#1214 §7.3.3, Missing array subscripts in sub layer constraint flag syntax davidf defect minor RExt D5 RExt text
#1213 §A.3.5, Main 4:2:2 10 profile constraint flag error defect minor RExt D5 RExt text
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