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#352 on num_ref_idx_active_override_flag bbross defect minor D7 Text
#357 on ref_idx_l0 bbross defect minor Text
#351 on shared_pps_info_enabled_flag bbross defect minor D7 Text
#355 on skip_flag bbross defect minor D7 Text
#395 on the usage of iCombinedCount defect minor HM
#396 on usage of combCnt bbross defect minor D7 Text
#426 order of tile related SPS syntax elements defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#1444 orphaned line enhancement minor HM-16.14 HM
#1384 orphaned symbol in the spec enhancement minor v5 Text
#1414 orphaned variables enhancement minor HM-16.7 HM
#473 outdated initValue tables in WD following JCTVC-H0535 bbross defect minor D7 Text
#596 overflow in RDOQ for 14-bit coding defect minor HM
#716 overriding IntraPeriod causes encoder crash when used with encoder_intra_main.cfg defect minor HM-8.2 HM
#872 overwrite SPS parameters when different id SPS is decoded defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1396 palette_transpose_flag inference to 0 is missed defect minor SCC text
#42 parallel V2V (SymbolMode==3) broken in 0.7 defect minor 0.6 HM
#414 parameter name mismatch defect trivial HM-6.1 HM
#447 parameter set extension flags missing defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#1035 parentheses needed in equation for firstByte[k] Equation 7-40 bbross defect minor D10 Text
#1050 parse end_of_sub_stream_one_bit in WPP enhancement minor HM-11.0 HM
#1296 parsing parseProfileTier not conformant with Table A 2 – Bitstream indications for conformance to format range extensions profiles defect major HM+RExt-8.0 HM RExt
#641 part_mode PART_2NxN bin string issue bbross defect minor Text
#349 part_mode parsing bbross defect minor D8 Text
#741 pic_order_lsb --> pic_order_cnt_lsb bbross defect minor D8 Text
#1122 pic_output_flag and no_output_of_prior_pics_flag have no effect on the reference decoder defect trivial HM-14.0 HM
#999 possible bug in use of sps_max_latency_increase for bumping bbross defect minor Text
#793 possible infinite loop in bbross defect minor D8 Text
#1389 possible memory issue defect minor HM-16.6 HM
#1358 pps_extension_flag misleading syntax defect minor HM-16.3 HM
#1431 pred_weight_table incorrectly uses RefPicList0 to decode luma_weight_l1_flag defect minor SCC text
#1243 preestChromaPredMode is never called enhancement minor HM-16.3 HM
#695 prefix of firstGreater1ScanPos bbross enhancement minor D8 Text
#624 prev_intra_pred_flag should be prev_intra_luma_pred_flag bbross defect trivial D8 Text
#803 programming style defect minor HM
#370 purpose of tile_control_present_flag bbross enhancement minor D7 Text
#11 r19 doesn't build with PLANAR_INTRA 1 and no deblocking filter davidf defect minor HM
#869 r3089 broken system of checksum SEI adarsh defect critical HM
#1488 rangeTabLps defect minor Text
#1489 rangeTabLps error? technical change critical v5 Text
#600 recovery_frame_cnt bbross defect minor D7 Text
#162 redundant code in slice header parsing in HM3.0 enhancement trivial HM
#96 redundant coding of RQT-root flag enhancement minor HM
#1251 redundant function defect minor HM-14.0 HM
#1241 redundant verification code defect minor HM-14.0 HM
#1425 refIdxL10zeroCandm and mvL10zeroCandm has typo defect minor RExt text
#1231 refMatrixId can become negative defect minor RExt D6 RExt text
#418 refernce picture list construction bbross defect minor WD6 Text
#293 refernce picture list modification semantics bbross defect minor Text
#814 relative pixel location in edge filtering process calculated from absolute pixel location bbross defect minor Text
#746 removal of HHI_AMP_OFF macro and extraneous syntax in SPS defect major HM
#214 remove transform reordering for 0.5Nx2N transform defect major HM
#797 resSamples is not defined to be 0 when skip_flag is equal to 1 bbross defect minor D10 Text
#1170 reserved value in Table E-4 defect minor Text
#1371 reserved_zero_43bits[32..42] written using 12 bits instead of 11 bits defect major HM-16.3 HM
#98 restricted Predictor List for skip/direct modes when Merge is active enhancement minor HM
#1354 right syntax elements naming in reference software enhancement minor HM-16.3 HM
#367 sao_type_idx binarization bbross defect minor D7 Text
#567 sao_type_idx is never decoded bbross defect minor D7 Text
#674 sao_type_idx typo bbross defect trivial Text
#408 scaling_list_dc_coef_minus8 bbross defect minor D7 Text
#679 scaling_list_dc_coef_minus8 has no default value bbross defect minor Text
#388 scaling_list_dc_pred_mode_flag bbross defect minor D7 Text
#409 scaling_list_enable_flag bbross defect minor Text
#407 scaling_list_present_flag bbross defect minor D7 Text
#376 section 6.5.1 raster order to tile scan order bbross defect minor D7 Text
#1209 segmentation fault with custom GOP structure defect major HM-13.0 HM
#621 semantics of aps_extension_flag bbross defect minor D7 Text
#601 semantics of temporal_id bbross defect minor D7 Text
#191 setting FULL_NBIT macro to 1 breaks the encoder defect minor HM
#194 significance bit estimation in RDOQ (PCP_SIGMAP_SIMPLE_LAST defined) defect minor HM
#609 significant_coeff_group_flag for 2x8 and 8x2 CGs bbross defect minor Text
#380 single frame sequence decoding fails to write YUV file defect minor HM-6.0 HM
#573 skip_flag context derivation issue defect minor HM-7.0 HM
#881 slice_disable_deblocking_filter_flag in in-loop filter process bbross enhancement trivial D10 Text
#971 slice_segment_address value range should starts from 0 bbross defect minor D10 Text
#268 some memory handling issues davidf defect minor HM-8.0 HM
#1341 some variables with Flag suffix declared as other than Bool defect trivial HM-16.3 HM
#1162 something about about delta_poc_s0_minus1 defect minor HM-12.1 HM
#1154 something about about sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1 task minor HM-12.1 HM
#1165 something about the inter prediction for spatial merging candidates task minor HM-12.1 HM
#161 source/Lib/TLibCommon/TComBitStream.cpp:203: Void TComInputBitstream::read(UInt, UInt&): Assertion `m_fifo_idx + num_bytes_to_load < m_fifo->size()' failed defect critical HM-3.1 HM
#831 spatial MVP scaling for mvLXA in AMVP list derivation does not match HM software bbross defect minor D9 Text
#960 specification of "pps_scaling_list_data_present_flag equal to 0" bbross defect minor Text
#1426 split_cu_flag specifies whether a coding quadtree is split into coding quadtrees. defect minor Text
#864 sps_reserved_zero_bit still exists bbross defect minor Text
#1377 strange code enhancement trivial HM
#952 syntax function mvd_coding arguments are not used bbross defect minor D9 Text
#1193 syntax ordering in buffering period SEI defect minor HM-13.0 HM
#1408 tautology enhancement trivial HM-16.7 HM
#562 tc & beta offsets for deblocking defect minor HM
#406 terminology sample vs. pixel bbross enhancement minor D7 Text
#650 test bbross defect minor Encoder Description
#460 text mismatch in check wether log2TrafoSize == Log2MinTrafoSize defect minor HM
#1103 there is no intra pred ref sample check David Flynn defect minor HM-10.1 HM
#1428 there seems to be a typo about anticlockwise_rotation defect minor v5 RExt text
#524 transform issues bbross defect major D8 Text
#419 transformSubdivFlag signaled when Log2CbSize=6 and Log2MaxTrafoSize=4 and implicit split defect minor HM-13.0 HM
#630 transform_tree xBase and yBase should be previous x0C and y0C bbross defect minor D8 Text
#1235 transform_unit() reads incorrect chroma cbf for 4:2:2 subsamples defect minor RExt D6 RExt text
#1415 tsShift calculation with extended_precision_processing_flag defect minor v5 RExt text
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