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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#106 Bug on mapping intra direction (from 34 to 9 case) defect minor HM
#165 Bug in update of Golomb-Rice parameter in TComTrQuant::xRateDistOptQuant function defect minor HM-3.1 HM
#51 Bug in edge based prediction for low complexity fbossen defect minor HM
#239 Bug in derivation of valMps in ContextModel::init(...) defect minor HM-5.0 HM
#317 Bug in construction of mvp candidates defect minor HM
#933 Bug in collocated motion vector prediction bbross defect minor Text
#821 Bug in HM8.2 defect major HM-9.0 HM
#192 Bug in HM3.3: fine slice granularity + ALF + loop filter across slices = 0 defect major HM
#146 Bug in HM3.0 in the implementation of spatial mvp scaling. defect minor HM-3.1 HM
#1326 Bug in Encode Parameter check ksuehring defect minor HM-16.2 HM
#216 Bug in Alpha bits of chroma from luma mode defect minor HM
#110 Bug in AMVP defect minor HM
#26 Bug fixes for IMVP fbossen defect major HM
#548 Bug fixed for intra transform skipping (I0408) to support other LUC sizes defect minor HM
#1030 Buffer size in HM decoder defect minor HM-11.0 HM
#1087 Buffer allocation for substream with wpp defect minor HM-11.0 HM
#22 Boolean SymbolMode variable in TComTrQuant.h defect minor HM
#941 Blank cell in table 9-37 bbross defect trivial Text
#1187 Bitstream conformance problem for IRAP pictures in HEVC version 1 defect minor Text
#159 Bitrate calculation: Byte count mismatch davidf defect minor HM-3.1 HM
#645 Bit count for slice header with RPS_COUNTER defect minor HM
#969 Binarization of coeff_abs_level_remaining bbross enhancement minor Text
#1203 Binarisation for log2_res_scale_abs_plus1 and cu_chroma_qp_adjustment_idc defect minor RExt D5 RExt text
#953 Best motion not stored during uni-directional search in list1 in certain case defect minor HM-16.3 HM
#234 BelowLeft LCU availability check when TileBoundaryIndependenceIdc = 0 defect minor HM
#95 Bad encoder estimation for PU based merging. defect minor HM
#1207 Bad copyToPic partition implementation in encoder defect minor HM
#792 Authorized Best Resume Services defect minor HM
#131 Assertion failure with MRG=0 defect minor HM
#241 Assertion failure with --FramesToBeEncoded=1 on configurations with a GOP length > 1 defect minor HM-5.1 HM
#196 Assertion failure in TEncAdaptiveLoopFilter::gnsSolveByChol() defect blocker HM-4.0 HM
#1288 Assertion failed: (uiTemp), function xWriteUvlc... defect minor HM-16.2 HM
#141 Annoying C4819 warnings when compiled with MS Visual C++ fbossen defect minor HM
#1370 Annex G indexed as Annex F defect minor Text
#557 Annex C: reference to sub-clauses bbross defect minor D7 Text
#690 Annex A: trivial ditorial issues bbross defect trivial D8 Text
#708 An error in WD for ctxIdxInc for the syntax element significant_coeff_flag bbross defect minor Text
#374 An editing error about update mechanism of saoRun bbross defect minor D7 Text
#1402 Ambiguous semantic for constrained_intra_prediction_flag defect minor SCC text
#903 Ambiguity in binarization of coeff_abs_level_remaining bbross enhancement minor D10 Text
#315 Alignment of WD description and software about QP wrapping defect minor HM-6.0 HM
#135 AlfCtrlFlag Ctx model uses the skip flag initialization defect trivial HM
#1037 Additional ScanOrder required when Log2MinTrafoSize==3 bbross defect minor D10 Text
#84 Adding load balancing to MultiPIPE Frank Bossen enhancement major HM
#895 Add new header files & source files defect minor HM
#1362 Add check for NumPicTotalCurr maximum value defect minor HM-16.3 HM
#193 Add SAO encoder parameters into HM config file task minor HM-3.3 HM
#1345 AdaptiveQp activity calculation error defect minor HM
#91 Adaptive scanning and decoder speed defect major HM
#1065 Accessing unallocated memory when looking at colocated CUs karlsharman defect minor HM-16.5 HM
#1265 Access Unit delimiter and filler data should be parsed defect minor HM-16.5 HM
#656 Access Invalid index of MinTbAddrZS bbross defect minor Text
#838 About vps_sub_layer_ordering_info_present_flag related syntax bbross defect minor Text
#1392 ARM cross-compilation issues with g++/Linux defect minor HM-16.7 HM
#449 APS writing needs cleanup defect minor HM-8.0 HM
#247 APS does not use the header trace file functionality enhancement minor HM-8.0 HM
#81 AMVRES unification with GPB enhancement major HM
#69 AMVRES 1/8th 6-tap DCT-IF bug defect minor HM
#64 AMVRES 1/8th 12-tap DCT-IF bug (QC_AMVRES_LOW_COMPLEXTY=0 case) defect minor HM
#399 AMVP spatial scaling candidate in HM-6.0rc1 enhancement minor HM-13.0 HM
#911 AMVP process might overwrite candidate A bbross defect minor D9 Text
#117 AMVP bug in rectangular (2NxN and Nx2N) partition mode defect minor HM
#327 AMP allowed at incorrect CU depths defect minor HM
#373 ALF: alfRun, luma filter index derivation, and chroma filtering process bbross defect minor D7 Text
#574 ALF: addition and subtraction swapped for coef[2] and coef[4] defect minor HM-7.1 HM
#220 ALF variable is not correctly assign when STAR_CROSS_SHAPES_LUMA is defined (encoder issue) defect minor HM
#564 ALF slice filter flag does not look at APS flag defect minor HM-7.1 HM
#466 ALF SliceQPy range error in Table 8-14 bbross defect minor D7 Text
#337 ALF Filter Snowflake cofficient assignment incorrect in HM5 Encoder Description bbross defect minor Encoder Description
#94 AIS and UDI incompatibilities defect minor HM
#1240 ADAPTIVE_QP_SELECTION 0 gives build error defect minor HM-14.0 HM
#1020 A.4.1 Reference to MinCr being in Table A-1 bbross defect minor Text
#1131 A typo in vui_num_ticks_poc_diff_one_minus1 semantics defect minor Text
#1151 A typo in max_bits_per_min_cu_denom semantics defect minor Text
#211 A mismatch between WD and HM about ALF slice boundary padding defect minor HM
#1164 A close bracket in Equation (C-11) defect minor Text
#119 A bug in chroma deblocking Andrey Norkin defect minor HM
#335 A bug in HM5.2 when using --PAD and FrameSkip together ksuehring defect minor HM-6.1 HM
#980 add end_of_sub_stream_one_bit case bbross defect minor Text
#967 : redundant condition for codIOffset and codIRange bbross enhancement minor Text
#1014 : insufficient condition for the invocation of the process bbross defect minor Text
#39 9 intra prediction mode fbossen enhancement minor HM
#773 wrong chroma location index for pcm_flag bbross defect minor Text
#774 typo bbross defect minor Text
#744 Filtering process for chroma block edge bbross defect minor Text
#732 Derivation process of boundary filtering strength bbross defect minor D7 Text
#652 8.7.1. General in In-loop filter bbross defect trivial Text
#1137 8.6.2 Normalisation of transform skip coefficients for blocksizes > 4x4 technical change minor RExt D5 RExt text
#721 8.6.1 tiles_or_entry_coding_sync_idc used bbross defect minor D8 Text
#1019 8.6.1 ctbAddr calculation in derivation of quantisation parameter bbross defect minor Text
#740 8.6.1 : qPy_prev derivation when entropy_coding_sync_enalbed_flag = 1 is incorrect bbross enhancement minor D10 Text
#742 8.6.1 : incoherence in quantization group definition bbross defect minor Text
#910 Wrong operand direction when using DiffPicOrderCnt() bbross defect minor Text
#924 missing bottom picture boundary check bbross defect minor Text
#757 unvalued refIdxCol and listCol used bbross defect minor D9 Text
#875 : singleMCLFlag = 1 leads to the same vector for every PB of the CB bbross defect minor D10 Text
#842 8.5.3 minor editorial fix bbross defect minor Text
#722 : Collocated derivation, Confusing reference to "every" reference picture list. bbross defect minor D8 Text
#733 : Behavior when collocated PB cross right picture boundary. bbross defect minor D8 Text
#702 confusing phantom equations bbross defect minor D8 Text
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