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#1472 Diff between specification and HM on palette coding new defect major
#1484 HM crashes when a NALU with zero payload size new defect major
#1485 HM cannot handle multiple appearance of current frame in the reference list new defect major
#1486 Incorrect warning message new defect major
#1487 Last decoded frame is not being outputted correctly new defect major
#1508 Shift-warnings with 64bit version of HM16.21 with high-bitdepth support when compiling with VS2019 new defect major
#1437 typo in the spec in new defect minor
#1516 Typo in writing ContentColourVolume SEI new defect minor
#1518 windows build of HM crashes during encoding new defect minor
#1520 Some smaller errors in the multiview spec new defect minor
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