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#834 Decoder hangs @ TAppDecTop::destroy() defect major HM HM-9.0
#867 Problem with SEI message reading defect major HM HM-9.0
#17 MS VS2010 Solution ksuehring enhancement minor HM HM-9.2
#229 LFCrossSliceBoundaryFlag mistake between cfg_file and code defect minor HM HM-4.1
#485 HM software does not cope with different values of tc / beta across slices defect minor HM HM-9.0
#571 wrong ME algorithm name given in configuration files defect minor HM HM-7.0
#640 Fix of deltaU calculation when ADAPTIVE_QP_SELECTION is 0 defect minor HM HM-7.1
#700 Derivation process of chroma offset in WP when an input bit depth is beyond 8bit defect minor HM HM-8.0
#785 Error in de-blocking defect minor HM HM-8.0
#790 Leftover disable_deblocking_filter_flag value used during slice header parsing. defect minor HM HM-9.0
#818 Multiple SPS with same ID defect minor HM HM-8.1
#828 collocated_from_l0_flag is not used properly in temporal MV process defect minor HM HM-9.0
#829 Handling of unknown SEI payload types defect minor HM HM-9.0
#830 mismatch between WD and HM for inferring significant_coeff_flag at last position in TU bbross defect minor Text D9 (K1003) v4
#832 CRC calculation incorrect for bit depths greater than 8 defect minor HM HM-9.0
#833 Chroma QP offsets cause encoder / decoder mismatch defect minor HM HM-9.0
#835 Invalid SPS pointer used during picture output ksuehring defect minor HM HM-9.0
#837 MaxNumMergeCand in dependent slices defect minor HM HM-9.0
#840 Slices incorrectly encoded when wavefront is enabled defect minor HM HM-9.0
#844 Deblocking filter typos bbross defect minor Text D9 (K1003) v9
#847 Residual semantic bugs bbross defect minor Text D9 (K1003) v9
#849 Entropy coding typos bbross defect minor Text D9 (K1003) v9
#852 Typo of slice illustration bbross defect minor Text D9 (K1003) v9
#868 Incorrect cross reference in Table 9 37 "Assignment of ctxIdxInc to syntax elements with context coded bins" bbross defect minor Text D9 (K1003) v10
#871 Code related to zig-zag and NSQT scans in HM9.0 enhancement minor HM HM-9.0
#873 ctDepth[ xL ][ yL ] is used in Table 9-38 although not defined as global array bbross defect minor Text D9 (K1003) v10
#877 HM-9.1rc1 lowdelay_P cfg incorrect defect minor HM HM-9.0
#886 TComSlice::m_bCheckLDC not computed for P slices defect trivial HM HM-9.0
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