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#245 Encoder results are compiler dependent defect major HM HM-5.0rc1
#246 Chroma ALF bug caused by ALF_DC_OFFSET_REMOVAL in HM-5.0rc1 ksuehring defect major HM HM-5.0rc1
#221 Macro is missing in last position coding defect minor HM HM-4.0
#223 Wrong derivation of deblocking filter boundary for non-square transform unit defect minor HM HM-4.0
#239 Bug in derivation of valMps in ContextModel::init(...) defect minor HM HM-4.1
#240 Uninitialized GOPEntry at startup defect minor HM HM-5.0rc1
#244 decoder crash for low QP defect minor HM HM-5.0rc1
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