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#161 source/Lib/TLibCommon/TComBitStream.cpp:203: Void TComInputBitstream::read(UInt, UInt&): Assertion `m_fifo_idx + num_bytes_to_load < m_fifo->size()' failed defect critical HM HM-3.0
#166 Encoder/Decoder Crash defect critical HM HM-3.0
#143 (E049) When ALF off and SAO on, setUseNonCrossAlf(flag) is not set before calling ALF process defect major HM HM-3.0
#109 One potential bug may lead to mismatch defect minor HM
#144 decoder crashes on empty input file davidf defect minor HM HM-3.0
#146 Bug in HM3.0 in the implementation of spatial mvp scaling. defect minor HM HM-3.0
#147 bug related to UNIFY_INTER_TABLE defect minor HM HM-3.0
#148 Fix RBSP emulation davidf defect minor HM HM-3.0
#149 Warning in E-243 Matrix Multiplication davidf defect minor HM HM-3.0
#152 When the macro MTK_TMVP_H_MRG is disabled, “iRefIdx = iRefIdxSkip[1];” is not set before calling xGetCenterCol() process. defect minor HM HM-3.0rc2
#154 CHANGE_GET_MERGE_CANDIDATE macro used inconsistently defect minor HM HM-3.0
#156 luma-based chroma intra prediction with CIP, reference_pixel_padding consideration defect minor HM HM-3.0
#158 build failure with -DDCM_SKIP_DECODING_FRAMES=0 defect minor HM HM-3.0
#159 Bitrate calculation: Byte count mismatch davidf defect minor HM HM-3.0
#160 (E049) SAO bug in SAO_EO_2 boundary defect minor HM HM-3.0
#165 Bug in update of Golomb-Rice parameter in TComTrQuant::xRateDistOptQuant function defect minor HM HM-3.0
#167 JCTVC-E049 bugs about pixel maximum value of SAO output and the memory allocation of CABAC encoder defect minor HM HM-3.0
#168 JCTVC-E049 bug about the CABAC memory allocation for SAO defect minor HM HM-3.0
#153 Strange code in TDecTop::executeDeblockAndAlf() davidf defect trivial HM HM-3.0
#164 Violations of style guide section 3.2.2 (opening brace) defect trivial HM HM-3.0
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